2 New Beginning

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Alex stood in his room in disbelief and astonishment that he was back five years in time. He stands at the beginning where everything started; now, he has the chance to change his destiny and live a good life.

Alex can change his lousy future now he doesn't need to go through all the hardship of his previous life.

Alex, getting his thought together, step toward his room door. It was time to start a new life and leave my previous life behind.

Alex left his room to see his family; he walked downstairs to the first floor. Alex remembered memories after seeing his old house; he walked toward his Mother's room.

He got there, and his Mother and little sister were watching the news; seeing them chatting and enjoying their time, he promised never to let them face any problem.

Alex walked toward them and remembered all the hardship his family went through in his previous life; he put all these thoughts aside and walked next to them.

" What are you watching so seriously." Sophia was watching the news with Mother when she heard her brother's voice,

"Big brother Alex, you wake up early today, sit here and see what the news people are talking about, the games all the people are playing these days."

'Alex watching his sister talking carefree put a smile on Alex's face; it was a long time since he had seen his sister this cheerful ' Alex sat next to his Mother and sister and started watching the news.

The news anchor talked about how the world's biggest game ( Ancient World ) player base in the last three months has increased by four hundred million.

It all started in 2032; a new company called Earth Federation, established by the United States, created VR(Virtual Reality) and VR pods with 99% synchronization.

After the creation of VR, people's lives changed on a massive scale through everyday experimentation and technological breakthroughs. Everything was made possible by "Virtual Reality."

In 2038 After six long years (Earth Federation) created the world's first full dive VR game (MMORPG Ancient World), A world with only one law that people with strength are respected.

This creation was only possible by the world's greatest invention, "AI ZERO."

He can learn from his and every possible experience of humanity and evolve and become better than his past; with all the human knowledge and ability to think like an individual, ZERO created a World that far surpassed the scope of human imagination.

A Fantasy world filled with prehistoric animals that have gone extinct on Earth before human civilization. The creatures humans have only heard of in fairy tales and old stories, Monsters beyond the imagination of humans, roam the vast lands of the "Ancient World."

Ancient world A vast planet Multiple times the size of Earth Ruled by great empires, big organizations, and hidden shadowy associations.

A World filled with a myriad of life forms ranging from humans, Elf, dwarfs, Demi-human, Giants, Dragons, and many more intelligent life forms exist in this world.

The world was so beautiful and life-like that it was impossible to tell the difference between real life and virtual reality. "Ancient World." popularity has grown so much that everyone wants to play the game.

"Ancient World." become the second world to humanity.

Some People want to enjoy the game. Some wish to achieve greatness in the second world some want to experience the thrill. With no real death penalty, people can go wild in the second world.

"Ancient World." is so vast, with an uncountable number of Quest and other activities myriad of classes to choose from and develop in whichever direction the player wants. As a result, all players can be different after playing the game for some time with the freedom to do whatever they want.

The Ancient world provided people with new Opportunities, endless entertainment, and thrill to players. Everyone wants to play the game, but because the VR pods were expensive, only the Rich can afford them and enjoy the game.

Time goes by, and one year has passed; in one year, VR pods have become less expensive and more affordable more and more people are joining the game in just three years. As a result, the "Ancient World" total player base has grown to two hundred million.

In three years, "Ancient World" has become a source of entertainment; the giant companies are investing vast amounts of money to buy player services and sponsor guilds.

"Ancient World" has become so big many young people are playing professionally and earning SIX Figures yearly.

Movies have become a thing of the past, and now Dungeons and boss Raids are watched worldwide.

Guild has become a money-making machine. Famous players have become stars on Earth.

Everything was going smoothly.

On the day of the "Ancient World." three years completion ceremony (United States) released a piece of news that came like a sled hammer on people. Everything they thought was reality was a lie.

Earth Federation didn't create the super "AI ZERO." and today, they told the World "AI ZERO." and "Ancient World." technology was a gift from a very advanced intergalactic civilization. That has surpassed humanity in any way of life by an uncountable margin.

After the news came, people all over the world started to panic. Some thought its an alien attack or some random bullshit like all humanity would become slaves to the other civilization.

The United States released news to calm the world population; they explained that in 2032, they received the super AI, now known as AI ZERO.

ZERO created the virtual world and virtual pods with the help of human resources. Finally, on 17/May/2038, Zero completed the game servers, and one month after that, the game was released.

The United States explained its silence by saying they were forbidden from disclosing any information before humanity reached the goal of one hundred million level 100 players.

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Alex and many people speculated that they did this to control more resources, get ahead of the majority of humanity, and maintain their authority and power.lightsnovel

The United States released more detailed information about what humanity can get from the game. Still, the main thing was the newly opened galactic shop.

The galactic shop can be used to buy new and advanced technology that could make humanity more developed. Using the game world currency, humans could purchase new technology.

The US created new rules. Those who buy any technology from the galactic shop will get one-time compensation in the real world and some royalty every time their technology is used. Compensation can be in real-world money ( RWM ) or Game currency ( GC ).

To help speed up the process for people to join the game, most world governments started developing VR pods and giving them to people to begin their journey in humanity's second world; that is how the rush started.

Three months since the change occurred, many things have changed on Earth with the new modifications. The US has linked real-world money to game money.

This motivated people to leave their job and start playing Ancient World; the average player with few skills can earn more than they can in real life.

These significant changes have caused a shortage of people for work, and to resolve these issues, the developed Guild has bought technology for Earth and earned massive profits.

Guilds bought significant technologies such as Simple Artificial intelligence and robotics; these technologies will make substantial changes in the coming months.

Things will be different; many small businesses will close, and many will lose their jobs, including Alex's father.

Alex thought about how his family's fall would start in just a couple of months; everything would get messy, and his father would lose his job.

Then, my little sister got a brain disease, and in one year and six months, she was going to get bedridden, not dead or alive, struggling in between.

"it's time to change things and get to the top."

Alex Locked toward his Mother and said, " Mother, I am going to the nearby store to get myself a VR pod and Start playing the game and earning money through it."

'Alex's Mother heard her son say he would play the game. Surprised would be an understatement because he doesn't like games. Alex was good in school and a fantastic player in Football; he wants to become a professional player in Football; now he wants to play this game.'

Kathleen Crawford was a housewife and happy with a simple life; she didn't interfere in her children's lives and let them live the life they wanted.

Now her son wants to play the game that changed many people's lives; she has no problem with that, but she needs to confirm that he is not sacrificing his dream to earn money like all the other people.

"Alex, are you doing it for money? If it is, then you don't need to do that. We don't need money; your father earns good, and if you need something, you can ask us."

Alex hearing his Mother's response got teary eyes; he remembered his Mother; even in the most challenging times, she always thinks of her family; she sacrificed her happiness for us, but this time, Mother, you will get all the joy you deserve

Alex, after making his emotion stable." Mother, you don't need to worry. I am not doing it just for money by the speed people are joining the game; it has already become more important than any sport because they can do the same sports in-game on a much more significant scale than they can do on Earth. I will be trying my luck in the game."

"Well, if you think it's good for you, then do it, and if you need anything, you can tell me. I have seen in the news that game items cost a good amount of money," Kathleen said

"OK, Mom, I will be going then," Alex replied and started his journey to a new life.

Alex thought, 'Mom, money should be the last of my problem; after I start the game, I will earn equal to those big guilds.'

Alex left his home toward the nearby store to get a VR pod. 'I don't need any money to get a VR pod because the government is made of a bunch of crafty people; they created a scheme so everyone can play the game,'

The government made the VR pods free of cost; in exchange, you need to pay in-game currency that is one hundred percent more than the actual price of VR pods.

'I need to plan everything I need to do to achieve my goals, time to get the VR pod and be done with it, 'Alex thought While standing in front of a big mall.

Alex entered the mall and started walking toward the shop that sold the VR pods; after entering the shop, he walked toward the woman standing behind the counter; she had blond hair, a height of 5.6 feet with a professional salesperson smile. She looked at me and asked, "sir, how can I help you."

Alex seeing the pretty lady, thought, 'Did I have any girlfriend? Well, that reminds me of some bad memories; there was that girl I thought liked me, and she thought I was some wealthy tycoon; when she found out that I was a poor handsome dude, she ghosted me.'


'She is looking angry; what did I do?'

"Miss, I want to get the latest version VR pod."

"Sir, you need to sign it here and put your address so we can deliver it to your house." 'Weird rich people, they don't respect us, employees.'

Alex took the paper, wrote his address, signed it, and gave the form back to her. "anything else that I need to do."

" No sir, the pod will be delivered within 2 hours." the shop lady replied.

"Thanks for your time."Alex thanked the lady and left for his home. 'Now, let's play the game, earn money, and become rich.'