5 ICE Gorilla Dungeon

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Alex was standing in front of the teleportation building with only three gold coins in his inventory. For teleportation, Alex needed 20 gold, or he could walk to the royal capital, which would waste a lot of time.

'I need to exchange some real money for gold; let's check my bank account and see how much I can afford,' Alex thought.

(Bank balance = 834$)

'Well, I am poor, really poor, but it will change in some time.'

Alex connected his bank to his game account and opened the website forum of Ancient world, where people could get anything related to the game.

Alex opened the forum and started finding a seller that sold gold coins at market price. In the Ancient world, you could not convert real-world money for game coins; only through in-game farming coins can one get them.

Players can buy from another player who wants to sell their gold coin.

In the Ancient world, currency worked in precious metal coins.



100 Coper == 1 Silver

100 Silver == 1 Gold

100 Gold == 1 White Flame Coin


Alex quickly found a seller selling on the average market price of 1 gold coin for 20 dollars and bought 40 gold. A big sacrifice for his bright future.

Alex got the coins, entered the teleportation building, and then walked straight toward the officer in charge.

"Adventurer, which city would you like to go to? The further the city from here, the more the fees will be, so consider thoughtfully." the officer said.

"I will be teleporting to the capital city Stormward" Alex replied.

"20 Gold coins," The officer asked, extending his hand toward Alex.

After Alex paid the money, the officer said, " step into the portal, and you will be in the capital city of ice kingdom. You may feel some dizziness, but that is typical for a mortal warrior."

Alex walked through the black portal and felt like the world was spinning, and after a moment, everything became normal. Alex felt dizzy for a few moments, and he quickly stabilized himself.

Alex was standing in a room full of dark portals. Many players came out of these portals. After stabilizing himself, Alex walked into the royal capital city through the teleportation building doors.

The royal capital is a massive city bustling with activity; many players were moving around the city, and new and old players were roaming the capital's streets.

New and old players have three years of gap between them; the Rankers have already surpassed the level 200 cap, the highest Ranked have already reached level 267, and more than 90% of players are just starting the game in this massive world.

New opportunities are every were, and many players will rise through the crowd and become new stars.

'If I want to be free in this life, I need to surpass the best of players; for that, I need a plan. My future knowledge can only give me better opportunities; using them will depend on me.'

"let's make a plan first."

After thinking for a while, Alex devised a plan to get the best opportunities to help him get the legacy as fast as possible.

'I need money to pay father's loan, and for that, I can sell dungeon information to (Frozen Flower) guild for reasonable money that will solve the immediate money problem, but for that, I need to prepare some things.'

'Let's start by getting some good epic equipment; there are two places where I can get equipment. One of them is the assassin cave. I need to be level 40 to get it. So that only leaves the bloodline crystal that I can find in ice gorilla dungeon.'

Ice gorilla dungeon is located near the capital. It's a level 20 dungeon. In my previous life, a newbie player noticed that the main boss was not the gorilla king but a gorilla general, so he started searching the floor for clues; after a month of search, he found the hidden boss, and after killing it, he got a bloodline crystal.

It took him another two months to find the bloodline crystal use. When searching for bloodline crystal information, he found an old man in the capital library who needed the crystal. In exchange, he got a peak rank epic sword, became famous on a video streaming platform through his find, and became a popular streamer on solving mysteries.

"This time, I will be taking these opportunities."

Alex, after making his plan started his journey to the dungeon. He was in the outer parts of the capital and needed to walk to the gates to leave for the dungeon. In the outer area of the capital city, there was no transportation here.

Alex left the capital and walked into the frozen forest straight toward the dungeon; it didn't take much time because the outer area of the forest was safe, and the dungeon was nearby.


After some time, Alex found the dungeon, A medium-sized ice cave with cold wind flowing from inside.

"let's get started," Alex said as he walked into the cave.

[You have entered the ice gorillas domain]

Alex entered the gorilla home; the plan was to kill them, get to level 20, solve the puzzle and then fight the hidden boss.

Alex was concerned that the player may not have published the truth, and he would not find any hidden boss and only waste his effort, but then again, I can level up to get the guaranteed loot from the assassin cave.

Alex put the thought at the back of his mind and walked through the dark frozen cave, searching for his prey.

The dungeon has three floors the first floor has only level 10 to 15 common gorillas, the second floor has some level 15 to 20 common and elite silverback gorillas, and the last floor has the boss.

Alex walked through the dark entrance to the first floor. The floor was covered in ice, with some greenery here and there. Alex saw three gorillas roaming some distance away from him in the woods.

He took his sword out and began circling them to sneak attack and took at least one of them out before engaging in a close fight.lightsnovel

Alex sneaked to the gorillas and hid behind the snow waiting for the gorilla to come near him.

Ice gorillas stand 6ft tall with a heavy muscular build, white fur covering all of their bodies, high defense, and power but slow speed. They are one of the most challenging monsters to hunt on low level.

[ICE Gorilla]

[Level: 15 ]

[HP: 1300]

'killing these brutes will not be easy, but they do give good exp,' Alex thought, watching the gorillas approach his position.

When one of the three gorillas was only a few feet away, Alex jumped from his hiding space and plunged his sword right into the gorilla's left eye.

Before the gorilla can register the attack, Alex uses his skill (SLASH) on the gorilla's face cutting a chunk of it in the process and delivering the finishing blow to the neck with a sword thrust killing the gorilla instantly.

Before the gorilla could think what had happened, one of them crashed face flat, creating a puddle of his blood. Gorillas understood that there was an intruder in their territory.

Alex had killed one of them, and gorillas were unhappy about that.

Seeing one of them dead, gorillas got enraged, and with a roar, they beat their chest and charged straight at the intruder. Alex seeing the gorilla charging at him, didn't back down and charged at them with a broad smile.

"let's get the massacre started." Alex roared back at the gorilla

Its been four hours since the fight against the gorillas started, and now the whole floor was empty of any life forms; they were all dead, leaving the ice-covered jungle with blood splattered around.

'It took me four hours to clean the whole floor, and with the exp I got, it was worth it; now I am level 14. I am already playing for 16 hours. I need to rest now. I will continue tomorrow.'

Alex thought, looking at his stats window while covered in the blood of gorillas. There were bodies littering the floor around Alex.

Player Name: Hidden One

Class: Swordsman

Title: [Monkey Killer]

Legacy: None

LVL: 14

Rank: Mortal Warrior


AGI: 70. VIT: 42.

INT: 21. STA: 46.

STR: 92

HP: 420/420

Unassigned stat points : 0

Hidden stats

Luck: ???

Charm: ???

Reputation: ???

condition: Healthy

Equipment : [frost glove(bronze)];[frost boots(bronze)]

[gorilla fur chest plate(bronze)];[ice fur Pants(bronze)]

Weapons: [hardened steel sword](Silver)

Skills : (Slash) ATK 130% ; (Dash) AGI 150%

"My new stats looks good; I should have no problem taking care of the Elite Silverback gorillas. But my armor!!, the look is not good; it looks borderline hideous."

"It provides good stats, which is the only thing that matters."

'I will continue tomorrow. I need to log out and rest.'

After that, Alex left the dungeon and hid in one of the nearby bushes because after he logged out, his body would remain, and anyone could kill him.

Players use a teleportation scroll to get into their guild house for safety and then log out. Still, I don't have any teleportation scrolls because they are expensive to buy or only be obtained by killing high-level monsters.

After making sure, he was well hidden, Alex logged out.