7 Epic Fight

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A 15ft giant Gigantopithecus sitting with eyes closed, releasing bone-chilling pressure.

The monster looked like an extinct species of gorilla but way different it was like a mix of a Gigantopithecus and a Yeti with thick white fur covering his whole body, a crystal-like crown on his head, and a Great giant sword on his lap.

'Can I even kill this thing in my current state? Alex thought'

Alex's uneasiness was not baseless because a unique creature like this had never been discovered in a high-level dungeon, much less in a low-level beginner dungeon.

Monsters with two abnormalities like this are all above level 200 and are wandering World bosses with the greatest difficulty one can discover.

So seeing one in front of his eyes was like a miracle for Alex.

'If that guy can take it down and make a story of all he got was a peak epic sword, I don't believe that an abnormality like this will only reward a single epic weapon; he was hiding something.'

'I need to Kill it and see what a monster that should not exist will reward.'

'If this monster is only a brute and doesn't know how to use its power correctly, then I have a chance to kill it; if not, I can only try to kill it after I reach around level 40.'

Alex walked straight toward the beast to check how will it react to his presence, and that would determine.

What are the chances of Alex killing the beast or dying his first death in this world?

When Alex reached 10 meters near the beast, it opened its eyes, filled with madness. The beast released a thundering roar, gripped his sword in his right hand, and then he jumped high in the air using the (Skill: Frost Meteor).

Alex seeing the beast in an unstable state, was thrilled because, in his previous life, he had watched some raids on such a beast.

Those beasts have all one common trait they are not like other beasts; they don't act like savages.

Those beasts were more like humans with a perfect understanding of how to use their skills, when to fight hard, and when to retreat; they were like refined warriors and less like monsters.

That's why these beasts are one of the most challenging creatures to kill; they can plan and use all their advantages, and if the creature feels he can't win, he will run away.

'Why fight them and don't leave them as they are?'

Because those creatures are walking treasure troves, they give the best rewards one can get from a raid in the Ancient world.

"let's focus on the fight and kill this bastard and see what is so important to hide from the world."

Seeing the beast in the air, ready to crash on him, Alex didn't panic and waited for the beast's fall to start. The moment the beast moved, Alex used Dash's skill to jump out of harm's way.

The moment Alex left his position, the beast crashed into his previous location, covered in ice shaped like a big ball.


Right after the crash came the aftermath of the attack, and right after the impact, the beast came out of the dust, swinging its massive sword at Alex's head, ready to cleave him in half.

Even though he could dodge the attack by stepping a little out of range, Alex knew the impact of the sword would make him lose balance and ultimately get hammered by the creature's left fist.

Alex's brain was working in complete focus and thinking and eliminating strategies by predicting the beast's next moves.

The moment the creature's sword came, Alex stepped to the right and jumped high to avoid the impact.

In the air, Alex used a sword thrust to pierce the eye and used the beast's shoulder as a stepping stone to jump away; all that took was seconds to give the beast crippling damage.

After Alex landed on the ground, thinking he would hear the agonizing cries of the beast any time now, nothing happened.

When he turned around to check on the beast, he saw a maddened look on the beast's face as clod air gathered around the beast.

'This Fu*ker has some brain damage.' Alex yelled in his mind as he ran from beast attack range.

The moment Alex stepped some distance away from the beast, the cold, freezing wind came from behind him, and when Alex turned, he saw the creature in the middle with a bleeding eye, a creepy smile, and 10 meters of ground covered in frost.

The beast didn't stop at that; seeing his prey not frozen in ice, the beast aimed his sword at Alex taking a throwing stand with his arm muscles increasing in size, and then the beast threw his sword at Alex with incredible speed.

The Sword was coming straight at Alex, but he was not worried by the flying sword, but when the beast released the sword, he charged at Alex with the same momentum as the sword.

Now Alex must decide how to get as minor damage as possible from this inevitable conflict.

Alex knew he could easily dodge the sword with minimal effort, but the moment he escaped the sword, the beast would enter the attacking range, and he would not be able to avoid or dodge the next attack.


When Alex stepped away from the sword path, the beast came in front of Alex bending its giant body, and then swung his hammer-like fist into an uppercut.

Alex couldn't take such an attack head-on, so he jumped back and put his sword in front of him in defense; the beast's fist smashed into the blade with incredible force and sent Alex backward.lightsnovel

Alex did multiple back flips in the air to land safely on the ground with shaking arms due to the incredible force behind the attack.

'I need to make his other eye blind; that will make this a little easier for me to take him down.'

In normal cases, even when a beast of this level gets blind, it can use its ear and nose to find the target, but this monster was unstable and what Alex observed in the exchange until now was that the beast moves slower and its reaction time is not perfect.

Alex waited for the beast to attack again and to find the perfect opportunity to take his other eye out.

The gorilla seeing the puny creature still alive and standing, got even more rabid and charged on all four toward Alex with astonishing speed.

Alex didn't panic and waited with calm breathing, and the moment the beast came in his range, the beast swung both of his fists at Alex bringing them down akin to two giant hammers.

Alex stepped to the right as the beast expected; he swung his arm to the right but hit nothing.

The moment Alex stepped into the beast's blind spot, he jumped high and landed on its shoulder. Gripping his sword with both hands, he stabbed the working eye of the beast and used Dash to get away as fast as possible.

The beast started smashing things around; he tried to find Alex using his other senses, but with a delay in his moves, it was easy to dodge the attack.

Alex started attacking the beast and doing good damage, and with time, its HP started to go down slowly.








When the beast's HP got down to 50%, it used its massive defense boost skill [Steel body], but Alex didn't mind that and just waited for the skill time to Expire before he started his hit-and-run strategy.

When the beast's HP reached 10%, and Alex was so close to victory, the creature used its trump card [Berserk], increasing its strength by 100%.

Alex thought that it would be easy to handle because, in Berserk mode, it would lose its sanity, already having difficulty fighting with both blind eyes.

After going Berserk, the beast's senses got sharper, and he came swinging at Alex at full power.

Alex seeing the behavior change in the beast, knew that with the increase in strength, the beast's sense had gotten enhanced, and in Berserk form, the beast would move on instinct.

'I can do this; Berserk will only last for one minute, then I can kill it easily.' Alex thought as the raging gorilla fist came crashing down on him.

Alex stepped back and avoided the fist but right after came a straight leg on his chest that sent him flying back.

'I got careless,' Alex thought as he checked for damage, it was not a lot, but he lost 40% HP in one kick.

He was lucky. If Alex didn't put his sword between his chest and the beast's leg, he would have lost more than 40% hp.

The beast didn't wait for Alex to recover and came crashing down on him. Alex used Dash and dodge while making the distance between them.

Alex's goal was to waste the 1 minute and kill this Bastard. "There is always something that will go wrong," Alex thought.

Alex kept avoiding boss attacks and waiting for the Berserk state to end.

The gorilla sees the puny creature not dead even after all this, got even more mad and launched its final attack.

The enraged gorilla came at Alex with full power and swung his arm to kill him. Alex expecting it evaded it easily and waited for his other arm or leg to come at him, but this time boss used his giant mouth.

The boss caught Alex off guard, trying to munch on Alex's body. Not expecting it, Alex used his left arm to defend himself but got his arm eaten whole by the enraged beast.

While one arm was in the beast's mouth, Alex took out his longsword and pierced the beast's right eye; knowing he couldn't escape, he used every bit of energy to smash the giant gorilla brain and kill it.

After a short struggle, the Berserk state ended, and the beast weakened, giving Alex a chance to finish the Creature.

Alex left the sword in the boss eye socket and used his leg to push the blade deep in, piercing the brain and killing the beast.