8 Rewards

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[Congratulation Player Hidden one]

[Frost Gigantopithecus [Mutated Variant] is killed]

[EXP Gained]





[Title Gained]

[Title]:[Conqueror] (Evolvable]

Grade: First Rank

(Increase All Stats by 30% against opponents that are Ten Levels higher than the player)

Restriction: [Title Effect only works against First Rank Monster.][When certain conditions are fulfilled Title can be evolved]


"The beast is finally dead."

Alex thought as the beast crashed on its back while Alex was still on top of it with his arm struck in the dead beast's mouth.

Alex was physically and mentally exhausted and had no energy left, even to check the loot he got for killing the beast.

Alex removed his arm from the beast's mouth, which was only attached to the shoulder by bone, and even the bone was on the verge of getting crushed.

Alex walked away a little from the beast, crashed on his back, and closed his eyes to rest and recover his psychological and mental health.


After one hour, Alex was on full HP, still exhausted mentally but good to walk around.

Alex is now standing near the beast to check what he will get from killing such an abnormality.

Alex touched the dead beast, which shined and disintegrated into golden particles and left behind some Shining objects.

Alex was tremendously happy seeing more than just one object because, in Alex's previous life, the player that found the dungeon said that he only got a bloodline crystal.

In front of Alex, there were more things than just one bloodline crystal that proved his theory that the player was lying and hiding something and made a whole story to cover it.

Alex got some very, very good loot that included an Epic Sword, bloodline crystal, and an Epic armor set, and their stats were terrific.


Name: Frost Moon

Weapon Type: Great Sword

Quality: Epic(Peak Epic)

Rank: Mortal (Upgradable)

Effects: -Increase strength by 20%

-Increase critical hit chance by 15%

-Increase frost damage by 30%

Effect 2: 40% chance to do freeze damage

100% chance to freeze the enemy for 5 seconds when a critical hit is dealt.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm


1:[Frost tide] Freeze everything in a 10 meter radius (Cooldown 5 minutes)

2:[Frost Slash] When used, do 250% damage with guaranteed frost damage(Cooldown 10 minutes)

Description: Created by Orraek, a dwarven blacksmith master craftsman. He took the sword inspiration when he was on a frost peak on a clear full moon night.


The sword looked and felt amazing in Alex's hand, with perfect balance and sharp-edged.

The sword blade was made from unknown material that gave a chilling feel and looked like a starry night sky, with the sword handle made out of white marble that felt smooth to the touch but not slippery at all.

The sword's stats and appearance were simple, but giving the blade a final touch was the full white sheath with a carving of the frozen mountain range.

The sword was the same one Alex's last life player showed as the dungeon reward, and Alex was curious about what was so important that he needed to hide and not use it as his ticket to get into one of the top 100 guilds.

The next thing that Alex got was the five pieces epic armor set, and its stats were also excellent, not the best among the epic armor sets but definitely in the top 10%.


Name: YETI King Armor Set

Equipment: Five Pieces Armor Set

Quality: Epic(Peak Epic)

Rank: Mortal (Upgradable)

Effect 1: Increase frost damage by 25%

Increase Ice resistance by 30%

Effect 2: Increase Defense by 15%

Decrease ice base attack power by 20%

Effect 3: Increase strength by 25%

Increase Stamina by 30%

Increase Vitality by 30%


Two armor pieces set effect: Skill [Ice Meteor Crash] will be useable when two armor pieces are equipped.

Four armor pieces set effect: When Four armor pieces are equipped, Skill [Ice Sword frenzy] will be useable.

Five armor pieces set effect: Skill [BERSERK] will be useable when all set pieces are equipped.



1:[Ice Meteor Crash]: When used, the user will jump 15 meters in height and crash on target while covered in ice (Cooldown 5 minutes)

2:[Ice Sword frenzy]: When used, the user will go into Sword frenzy and do ice damage and linked unblockable sword strikes (Side effect: Use a lot of Stamina)(Cooldown 20 minutes)

3:[BERSERK]: In BERSERK state, all stats increased by 50% except Intelligence is decreased by 50%(Side effect: Use a lot of Stamina, and after use, the player will remain weakened for two hours)(Cooldown 6 hours)


The stat increase that the armor delivered was fantastic, and the armor set's skill was all valuable and deadly.

One must first understand how weapons and armor systems work to comprehend the value of the armor.

In the Ancient World, things work realistically as any armor or weapon with higher quality than Silver. The blacksmith can upgrade it to the player's current Rank, and players can not wield weapons and armor of a higher Rank.

The Weapon and armor rarity system work in this order.











There are some sub-categories for these weapons, for example, Sub-Legendary. A weapon that has more power than a peak Unique rank weapon but is not a match for a real low-rank legendary weapon.

It's common for players to use the same weapons they got in the early stages of the game when they get to a higher level because they become comfortable after using them for a long time.

The weapon and armor on a low level have not much difference; higher rank weapons only have some extra skill, but when you level up those weapons and armor, they show their actual value.

After every Rank up, the weapons get a significant boost and can be used for much longer times, and that's why players wait to change their weapons and armor until they get significantly better equipment.

All armors and weapons have the stats they provide, and there are percentage stats boosts that will only show their value on a higher level. Those percentage stats are worthless at the beginner level compared to a Gold grade armor set.


The armor and Sword will show their real value when upgraded to Rank 2 or Rank 3.

How did the rank system work in the Ancient world?

When the player reaches a certain level, they can go to any major city and get their new class or rank up their existing class and get a significant boost to their stats.

After every Rank promotion, a player gets double their stats, and they can also equip the same Rank weapon that will give them a tremendous boost to their stats.

Conditions to Rank up.

Level 20: First Rank up.

Level 100: Second Rank up.

Level 200: Third Rank up.

In the Ancient world, power leveling only worked up to rank 3; after that, only geniuses would advance, and 95% player's base would be left on Rank three, never meeting the conditions to reach Rank four.


After equipping the armor and the sword, Alex looked stunning; the armor was beautiful and deadly simultaneously, and with a full white great sword on his back, it completed the badass look.

The chest armor has a full angry Yeti face built into it, with the base of chest armor built with chain mail and on top of that made with packed ice Yeti hide with mighty fur lining the open areas.

The armor gloves have sharp claws built into them with intricate designs of strong metal and Yeti hide to make them a masterpiece.

All armor parts were built with the same quality and great focus on detail, making the armor a masterpiece.

Alex equipped the armor and got a significant boost to his stats.


Player Name: Hidden One

Class: Swordsman

Title: [Monkey Killer][Conqueror]

Legacy: None

LVL: 23

Rank: Mortal Warrior


AGI: 72. VIT: 112.

INT: 42. STA: 102.

STR: 167.

HP: 1120/1120

Unassigned stat points : 0

Hidden stats

Luck: ???

Charm: ???

Reputation: ???

condition: Exhausted

Equipment: YETI King armor set[LVL:20](Peak Epic)

Weapons: Frost Moon[LVL:20](Peak Epic)

Skills : [LVL 2 Slash][LVL 2 Dash][Ice Meteor Crash][Ice Sword frenzy][BERSERK][Frost tide][Frost Slash]



"All the stats got a significant boost, and after I return to the city, I can complete the Rank promotion Quest and get another good boost."

"let's see what this crystal is all about."

Alex picked the last red ruby-like crystal that looked like a crystalized bloodline gem that some monster dropped.

The red gem was a perfect sphere with deep red, and it had a volume of only 2 inches that felt like a little condensed marble in Alex's hand.

Alex opened the marble stat window to see all the mystery, giving him one of the biggest shocks on the same level as his traveling back in time.


Name: Ancient RED GEM(1/2)

Equipment: RED GEM

Quality: Common[ Mythical (+)]

Skill 1: SEALED(0/100)

Skill 2: SEALED(0/???)

Skill 3: SEALED(0/???)





[To Unseal the first skill player needs the essence of 100 different monsters]

Description: The most knowledgeable and wise Ancients that lived before the time of humans and other races. He was one of the first living beings in the Ancient world. In his long life, to expand his knowledge, he created many ancient artifacts, and THE RED GEM is part of his most remarkable works and one of his prized possession.