10 Promotion Quest

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After waking up and taking a shower to freshen up, Alex went back into the game.

'I need to complete the first Rank class promotion quest, upgrade my gear, and then start the search for the Assassin cave.'

'Let's start by eating and buying all the necessary potions before doing the Rank promotion quest.'

Alex left his hotel room, walked toward the dining room, and ordered meat and bread.

In the Ancient world, the players need to eat, or they will fall unconscious or feel extreme fatigue and hunger.

The game world is super realistic, and with the freedom to do whatever the player wants, there are also some natural things that the player doesn't like, including the player eating to play the game properly.

Players always find ways to get out of a situation they don't like, and for food problems, they found an easy one, the mana-infused bread that will deal with the food problem; it is quick to eat and doesn't take too much inventory space.

After eating his meal, Alex left the hotel toward the potion shop to buy health and stamina potions.


10 minutes later.

'I have bought the necessary potions and mana bread to last me for some days. Now I can take the Rank promotion quest.'

'Now, the actual decision time, what class am I going to choose?'

'I can choose the Knight to become a Knight swordsman or the Dual Swordsman. I need to select something that will help me get strong.'

'After choosing the legacy, It will not matter anyway.'

After thinking for some time, Alex got a great idea.

'Cronos, the NPC that sent me back in time, said I got one in a million talent for the darkness element. So I can try my luck with that!'

'But there is also the problem of the unknown if I choose the darkness-related class as my first Rank promotion and can't utilize it properly, it will create a lot of trouble for my plan to get the darkness legacy.'

Alex remembered his previous life mistake as he chose the swordsman class as the base and chose the Ice magician as the first Rank promotion class. Training and understanding both classes' pros and cons worked well for him.

He successfully started his journey on the path of the magic swordsman. But it all came crashing down on him after the second Rank promotion as he chose the fire magician this time.

After clearing the second trial and fulfilling the condition to get the magma mage as the second class, he happily selected it.

One decision of that day made his excellent start into a shitty one and made his game journey into a nightmare.

Alex thought he could quickly learn to control the magma magic as he did with the Ice magic and become a powerful Dual element swordsman. Still, what Alex thought was a gift became a curse, as no matter how much he struggled, he could never control the magma element.

After not being able to learn anything from the second Rank promotion and going into the third Rank, Alex was weaker than an average third Rank player.

With an already F**ked up foundation, Alex can only dream of reaching the fourth Rank because level-up alone can not cover the great chasm between the third and fourth Ranks.

Alex became a failure in his previous life and was not alone. Many players became like him, which is why only so few players choose Classes randomly, as one failure will make your career useless as a player.

In the Ancient world, players could only create the character one time. To reset one's progress and start from zero, only acquiring the higher rank class than the player already had would work anything other than that would be useless, so even getting a single lower Rank legacy would not work.

A Legacy is so rare that finding one is more challenging than getting a jackpot in a casino, and legacies are always in demand; buying one with Alex's wealth was not even possible in a dream.


'Now I have two choices that I can make. I can choose the Ice magician to Rank up or go the unknown path of darkness element.'

'I have already chosen the Ice magician path in my previous life, and it was a success. So I already know what to do and how to get stronger in the shortest time possible.'

'The other choice is the darkness element that I never used in my previous life; it is a total unknown, and if I fail to get strong after using it, it will cause problems for me.'

Alex thought hard about the choice he wanted to make; he knew that it would not matter in the long run, and after acquiring the legacy, he would start his new life for real and start playing the game to complete his dreams that he was never able to achieve in the previous life.

'I will go with the darkness element path. If I have that much talent for the darkness element, my chances of failure will be close to zero.'lightsnovel

Alex chose the darkness element because he could always reset his progress in the game and start with a clean slate, but after he acquired the darkness legacy, there was no going back because it was the highest Rank legacy one could get.

The reason for selecting the dark element was simple Alex wanted to see how quickly he could make progress with darkness element compared to the Ice element that he had chosen in his previous life.


'I don't want to make any mistakes and ruin the second golden chance that I have got. I have so much knowledge of the future and using my knowledge; I can become better than the 99% player base.'

'Now that I have chosen the element, I need to get the best benefits from it.'

In the Ancient world, players could get a standard class after the Rank promotion quest was cleared or an advanced version of the class. They can also get the variant version if they meet the hidden condition.

(for example ). If a fire mage meets the hidden requirement, he can become a Magma Mage.

The darkness magic class that a player can choose is Dark magician, and if the player meets the hidden condition, he can get the Shadow mage class, a superior version of the basic type.

The First Rank quest is the same for most of the classes. Players need to hunt a specific number of monsters in the given time to clear the quest.

The faster they kill the monsters, and depending on the rarity, the better skills they can get as additional rewards.

The requirement to clear the first Rank quest is!

1: 100 Common Monsters and 10 Elite Monsters (or)

2: 10 Rare Elite and 20 Elite Monsters,

To get the advanced version of the class, one needs to kill.

3: 20 Rare elite Monsters and one Epic Boss Monster.

These requirements are all tested in the last three years by the other player and are public knowledge for a new player to choose how they want to progress.

The players will have two days to complete the promotion quest, and the faster they complete the quest, the better the rewards the player will get.


After choosing the darkness element, Alex started his walk toward the Mage Tower, Where every player can get their element-related Class Rank promotion quest.

Alex reached a black tower that reached a height close to the real-life prominent skyscrapers.

Alex entered the building and walked straight toward the magic elevator; his destination was the 17th Floor of the magic tower, the Darkness floor.

The magic tower has nearly 100 floors, and only the lower 50 floors are accessible to ordinary players; all Floors represent a different element.

If one wants anything related to some element, including skill books or Rank promotion Quest, it can be obtained on that element floor.

After reaching the Dark element floor, Alex walked toward the floor reception and said to the older men sitting there, "I am here for the First Rank promotion quest."

"Rank promotion costs 20 gold coins," The old man said with a dry voice like he was ill and would die at any moment.

Alex gave the old man the gold coins and waited for the system notification.

"Money is not refundable if you fail to clear the promotion quest. Therefore, if you are not confident, I advise you to wait and gain some power before you challenge it, and I can give you some beneficial skills in exchange for the gold," The old man said in his creepy low voice.

Alex knew what this old man was up to. He wants him to wait and level up some more before he challenges the promotion quest.

It will not matter which level you challenge the promotion quest because players need to kill the same level or higher level monsters to clear the quest, and they cannot team up with other players.

The higher the level players reach. The more difficult it is to complete the quest in time, even after completing it, they will only get mediocre rewards.

"No sir, I will be challenging the promotion quest, "Alex replied with a deadpan expression.

"It's your loss, kid, I am telling you." the old man said with the same creepy voice and handed Alex a black token.

Right after that, Alex received the Rank Promotion quest notification.