12 Hidden Chamber

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Alex took the Clifford Forechester gravestone and started walking toward where all the servant's graves were present.

The mercenary group took a lot of time to find the sworn brother's grave because the servant's grave didn't have any name on them; they were all just white marble gravestones.

Alex has no problem finding the grave because he already knew what grave to choose to open the hidden chamber.

In Alex's previous life, The three hidden chambers were quite popular among players because the chambers could only be raided once, like all the secret dungeons, but they were present even after the raid.

After that, these chambers became empty, with no monsters and no other secret to be discovered.

Alex walked toward the servant's grave, finding the one he needed

Alex looked around to see if any player was near the graveyard area; not finding anyone, he took the servant's gravestone out and placed the Clifford gravestone in its place.

Placing the gravestone in its proper place, Alex stepped back a couple of feet, waiting for the hidden passage to appear.

A giant magic circle started manifesting on the ground, and within minutes, the surrounding grave began to crumble into the ground, with stairs leading underground appearing in that place.

'It looks the same as it did in the past, but I will take the benefits this time.'

Alex entered the hidden chamber; it was built like a corridor with light gems embedded in the ceiling that provided light for the dark chamber silence was present, giving the dark corridor a dangerous vibe.

Alex knew the map of the chamber because in his previous life, like every other player, Alex came down here to find some clue that would lead to something hidden.

The chamber has three underground floors, with the first two floors having their guardian, and the whole section is built like a maze with some tunnel leading to a dead end and only one leading to the floor Guardian room.

'I need to complete the Promotion quest within 20 hours to get the best result possible, and I have wasted 2 hours already. Now 18 are left.'

Alex started searching for the monsters to hunt and found one, an Elite undead walker.

It looks like a castle servant with no armor, razor-sharp teeth, and a body full of destroyed muscle and dead skin.

Undead Walker (Elite)

LVL: 27

HP: 3200

Description: A mindless undead with no conciseness died with regret and was corrupted by darkness.

'One of the weakest elite ones can find, but it is still an Elite.'

Alex didn't sneak attack or use any skill for such a weak monster; he walked straight up to the creature, didn't even take the sword out, and waited for the beast to rush at him.

The undead seeing a living being entering his vision screamed out loud and rushed at Alex with his jaws wide open.

When the undead came near Alex, he jumped at him to munch on his living flesh.

Alex sidestepped and delivered an uppercut at the undead, destroying chin and neck muscles, but Alex didn't stop there; he captured the undead face, smashed it on the ground, and stomped on it until it was utterly crushed and destroyed.


After killing the undead, Alex searched the first floor, killing any creature he came across with his superior skill; the mindless undead was walking Exp.

Hunting for 3 hours, Alex cleaned the whole floor from every undead, but he didn't find any Rare Elite monster, and other than Exp, the undead didn't drop any good loot.

Standing in front of the guardian room, Alex thought, 'Maybe I can clear this chamber faster than I expected. I hope it has enough monsters for me to clear my quest and meet the hidden condition.'

Alex entered the guardian room. The room was empty with a 90x90 feet area. The guardian was standing in the middle with full body armor and a great sword.

Undead knight(Rare Elite)

LEL: 30

HP: 6700

Skill: (knight Swordsmanship) (Ground Splitter) (Haste)

Description: A proud knight of Forechester castle and once a great warrior in the service Clifford Forechester died with the regret of not being able to protect his master now turned into an undead corrupted to the core yet still serving the purpose of protecting his master even after losing most of its sanity.


'This one will be a little challenge.'

Alex walked toward the undead knight. Seeing it not moving from its place, standing there like a statue, Alex knew the undead would only react after he entered his attacking range.

'I will give this mindless knight a great surprise.' Alex thought.

Alex used Dash to increase his speed by getting near the undead and swinging his sword at the creature he expected to be blocked.

Alex followed up with the skill Slash straight on the knight's chest, throwing him backward.lightsnovel

After getting the knight in a difficult position where he couldn't dodge the big attack, Alex used the Ice Meteor Crash skill jumping high in the air, getting covered in an ice circle, and crashing into the undead knight that was still recovering from the previous encounter.


Alex crashed into the undead knight throwing him back. The undead knight traveled through the air as a bullet slammed into the wall losing a big chunk of its Health.

'That was effortless.' Alex thought as he sprinted to finish the knight as he was down and trying to recover.

After a few minutes of absolutely demolishing the undead knight, Alex put the creature out of his suffering.

The undead knight didn't drop any good equipment, but it dropped a fascinating thing.


Condition: Bad

Description: Belong to the Knight Rowan

The diary was less of a journal and more like a burned piece of paper with some readable lines.

The important thing was not the burned diary but the readable lines; the lines told a story that changed Alex's understanding of the Forechester Castle Dungeon.

[Diary content]

"My name is Rowan, A knight of the Forechester castle. I am writing this in case something bad happens to me or the Forechester castle."

"In the castle, many strange things are happening maids have gone missing, and my fellow knight brothers go on a mission they will never return from."

"If I ask the captain, he answers by saying that monsters might kill them, or they might have run away."

"I know that my fellow brothers are strong-minded knights and only dream of serving the castle lord and being of any use they can be; They will never run away from their duty."

"Today, I followed the knight captain because I thought he may be hiding the truth from me, and I was right, but after learning the truth, I don't know what to do."

"When I followed the knight captain, he traveled outside the castle and met with the First young master; they talked about how the things had gone out of hand, and the Castle lord had been trying to make a deal he should not, and if the Castle lord keeps trying he will condemn all of them."


[Congratulation Player Hidden One]

[You have learned a part of the dark history that was buried with Forechester residence; finding more about the dark truth may lead to something big]

"Well, that was unexpected."

"just as I expected, things are not as simple as the raven mercenary made them be."

"The castle lord, what the hell was he doing?"

"I do have some theories."

"He may have made a deal with a high-Rank Dark shaman, or he did something he could not control, like trying to make a contract with a demon from the Demon Realm."

"Things are getting interesting the more I progress. Fate has some good adventures for me in this life."

Alex left for the second floor. After reaching there, he searched for the monsters there to hunt.

The second floor was bigger than the first one, close to double in size, and The floor was infested with common and Elite monsters with an average level of above 30.

The second floor had a variety of monsters with undead knights , archers and some ghouls roamed the floor.

Ghouls have pretty hard skin with sharp claws and razor-sharp teeth but with no ability to think they were just a little more robust than the undead knight.

Alex cleaned the whole floor with some effort in 5 hours; standing in front of the guardian chamber, he wondered if he would get any other clue about the castle's dark past.

Alex entered the guardian room; it was pretty big, with the guardian standing at the end of the room.

The guardian was a ghoul-type monster with a height of 8ft with hulking muscle covering his entire body, holding a great battle axe and radiating a bloodthirsty aura; the ghoul boss was strong.

Ghoul Brawler(Rare Elite)

LVL: 35

HP: 10200

Skills: (Savage Charge) (Skull Crusher) (Berserk) (Ground Pounder)

Description: A proud Knight that got corrupted with darkness through unimaginable pain turned into a monster that is not dead or alive