15 Truth

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Alex only needed seconds with the boss to kill him, and to get those moments, Alex used his quickest skill with the most damage on the Undead Knight Captain.

Alex sidestepped, lining the knight, and the skeleton used the Frost Slash on the undead knight sending him crashing into the skeleton warriors.

"Now you don't have your protector," Alex said to the boss with a broad smile.

"How are you still standing? I used curse magic on you." The boss asked in a panicking voice.

Alex didn't reply and just gave him a wide grin.

The curse worked and made Alex feel like his organs were on fire, but he had experienced countless times worse curses in his previous life; this little trick was not even a proper curse to him.

It only affected him momentarily because he was in a state of berserk trying to kill the boss as fast as possible with his intelligence stat turned in half and not in a focused condition.

Alex didn't waste any time and used the Ice Sword frenzy skill on the boss doing maximum damage due to the berserk boost.

The boss was just a sitting duck at this moment, half of his body frozen in ice, and with no defense and no skeleton to take damage for him, the boss's HP was going down at an alarming rate.

The boss was in no way a weak creature, with the knight captain taking damage and the assassin for sneak attacks and using the skeleton warriors to exhaust the enemy. Any player at level 35 will die.

The boss was on the verge of death, and seeing no hope of his undead captain saving him, he made a tempting offer to Alex.

"Human, I have an offer for you; it will benefit you immensely." The boss said with confidence in his voice, as he knew that Alex would accept his offer.

"What?" Alex asked

Alex stopped attacking the boss because he knew he could kill him any time if he tried to pull any tricks on him.

"Human, let me live, and I will grant you unimaginable power." The boss said.

Alex would reject the offer, seeing as the Knight had already recovered from the last attack and would be coming at him any second.

[Clifford Forechester Request] [S]

Reward: ?????

Accept: [YES / NO]


Seeing the system notification, Alex froze for a moment 'he is telling the truth.'

Alex was shocked for a moment because getting a quest from a monster was rare. Still, they all had one common ending the monster benefitted more than the player, and getting a dungeon monster quest was the worst, and (S) rank difficulty, it will be tough to complete the quest.

'My promotion quest is more important than a random (S) rank quest with no good rewards.'

After making his choice, Alex used Slash on the boss's neck, cutting it clean and killing him instantly.

"I Don't need your weak power."

Boss has a surprised expression on his face like he cannot believe that a greedy human didn't accept his offer.

After the boss died, all the summoned skeletons turned to dust, leaving only the injured captain looking at the dead boss with a stunned expression.

Alex didn't waste any time and rushed at the knight, taking advantage of the situation to kill him and clear his promotion quest before his berserk state ended.

[Named Boss[Clifford Forechester] is killed]


Alex was lying on his back near the knight's dead body. His berserk state has ended, and the knight didn't give him much challenge and was just a punching bag and died quickly.

'I completed the quest. Now I can rest.'

Alex was in a weakened state for the next two hours, so he decided to rest and recover his strength.


After Alex recovered his strength, he collected all the loot; he didn't find anything good other than the key to the second hidden chamber and a black metallic ball that he could not examine.


The black ball made Alex curious; he knew of such items that players needed particular methods to check.

'The easiest method is to inject mana into this ball and see if it gives any reaction.'

'Let's try it.'

Alex started injecting mana into the metallic ball. At first, it didn't react, but after a couple of minutes, magic circles appeared all over it, changing its appearance from black to gold.


After some time, the golden ball released some smoke that took the shape of a human boy.




'A human soul.'

"Greetings, My friend. My name is Clifford Forechester."

'Clifford Forechester? Didn't I kill him and didn't accept his offer.'

"What do you want, boy," Alex asked, not worried about anything because he knew that souls can't harm the living being.

"Well, it's for your good that you listen closely."

"The golden ball in your hand can give you unimaginable power, but if you want to use it, you need to do some things for me first." The boy said with a cheeky grin.

"I am not doing anything, and I already have this thing. I don't need your permission to use it, Idiot."


"What are you laughing at, boy," Alex asked, irritated by the child's shenanigans.

"At how stupid you are, adventurer. I have put a seal using my soul with the help of the (Watcher), and nobody can use it if they don't fill certain conditions."

'If he got help from (Watcher) in sealing this thing, there is no way I can use it.'

The watcher he was talking about was the Super AI ZERO, and if he put some particular conditions before someone could use this item, there was no way one could use it without completing them.

The NPC of the Ancient World recognize AI ZERO as (THE WATCHER) because he is powerful and can do anything he wants in this world, but he never interferes with the world's problem and only watches over them.

"I don't need it, as I told you before, so goodbye, kid." Alex

"Wait, Wait, hear me out first."

"What Now."

"Let me tell you a story, and even after hearing it, if you still don't want this power, then you can leave." The boy said while panicking.

'If it is not important, I am leaving. I need to check what hidden promotion quest rewards are.'

"Speak, kid. I don't have all day."

"It all started when my mother got a sickness that was not curable with ordinary means, and my father, who loved his wife more than anything, searched every kingdom for a cure and found that only the Elven-Life water would be able to cure her disease."

"He was happy and made his journey to the Elven Continent in search of the life water, but reality hit him hard when he found that only Elf Royalty are allowed to use life water."

"Even a Rank 5 warrior will not be given life water even if he becomes the elves' slave."

"My father was only a peak Rank 3 warrior; with his strength, he would be killed by Elves if he demanded life water from them. So disappointed, he continued searching for a cure for his beloved wife."

"My father searched every continent for any information that could help him find a cure and clue to a treatment he found in ruins of an old city in the giant's continent."

"He didn't find a cure, but he found a record of an advanced civilization of humans that lived One thousand years ago; they were so advanced that they built metal structures that could fly in the air and things that could kill even third Rank human without any problem that they giant killers."

"That kingdom was so advanced that they conquered every race of their time with the technology they built using magic and what they called Science."

'This is getting interesting.' Alex thought

"Their most significant breakthrough was that they became immortals."


"Now you are just making this up, kid. No one can become immortal," Alex said

"Well, they kind of become immortals."

"I was going to explain that before you rudely interrupted me."

"Continue with your story, kid."

"Stop calling me kid. I have a name Clifford Forechester." The kid said with anger

Alex didn't reply and gave him a blank face that said I don't care.

"Those humans with their technology build what they can (Soul Stones) that helps them become semi-immortal."

"The Soul Stones work like an accessory that one can have on him and will activate when its owner dies and store their souls."

"Those that die in battle will have souls safe in Soul Stone, and their comrades will put their soul stone in metal human that they build, and that's how they will come to life."

"Well, you need to destroy the soul stone to kill them. I don't think that the soul stones were indestructible." Alex said.

"Those humans also face this problem, so they do what they do best invent another crazy thing, the [Indestructible Bodies]."