20 One Shot

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Alex needs at least three more members before he can challenge the dungeon's hardest difficulty.

Arctic Wolves' dungeon was a team base dungeon and could only be challenged with minimum party members.

Many new players were present near the dungeon, and Alex's goal was to find any three random players, create a team, and clear his quest as fast as possible.

Alex started searching for three-member to make a raid team, and after searching for players that could fill the team numbers, he found a group of three players.

The three players' team has a Tank, an assassin, and a healer; these players will do an excellent job filling the team members and may even help clear the dungeon faster.

The team of three has two men and one woman.

Alex walked to them to introduce himself, "Hello there, my name is One."

The Tank that looked to their team leader answered Alex's greeting by asking his purpose for approaching them.

"My name is Badger, and these are my friends Anahit and Karyan."

"So, One! do you want something from us?."

'So the blonde hair pretty face guy is the boss with Tank as the class, and this beauty's name is Anahit, and the assassin's name is Karyan."

"I have a proposal for you guys. I want to clear the Nightmare difficulty of this dungeon, and I need three more players, so you guys want to participate."

The dungeon has five difficulties players can choose from, and with no death penalty, the players will constantly challenge higher difficulties for better rewards.

The dungeon difficulties are divided into these five categories.

•①: Normal

•②: Challenge

•③: Hardcore

•④: Heroic☠

•⑤: Nightmare☠☠☠

"You want us to join your team to challenge the nightmare difficulty? We are glad to join your raid team." Badger replied to Alex immediately after hearing the offer.

It was not surprising because Badger and his friends were only at level 26, and the dungeon had monsters between level 25 to level 30.

If they cleared the nightmare difficulty, they would level up many times, and these three were not even at First Rank yet; they likely came here to level up and then try the Rank promotion quest.

'I think He misunderstood me.' Alex thought, seeing his expression.

"We four will be challenging the nightmare difficulty, and you don't need to worry. I will take care of the monster; you just need to stay safe and not die." Alex said so they could make up their minds right now and not waste his time.

"You don't have other team members? Only the four of us will be challenging the nightmare difficulty." Badger asked, surprised at what he heard.

"Yes, The three of you and I will clear the nightmare difficulty."

"You don't want to do the raid?" Alex asked Badger as his friends didn't say anything like they were waiting for Badger to make up his mind.

"Mr. One, did you complete your Rank promotion quest?" Badger asked.

"Yes, I am already First Rank, and you can trust that I am strong. I need three players to enter the dungeon for a quest, and if you don't want to do it, then it's alright with me."

"We will do it," Badger said after thinking for some time.

"Let's get going then."

Alex didn't waste any time after they agreed to do the dungeon run and created a team party inviting them to join.

Alex with his new team member left for the dungeon, and after spending some time standing in line for their turn, they entered the dungeon on nightmare difficulty.

After Alex and his team of three entered the dungeon, it was cold inside, with steady snowing that hindered the player eye site and helped snow wolf camouflage and sneaks attack players.

Before Alex entered the dungeon, he researched the nightmare difficulty and watched raid videos on the game forums to know the dungeon's whole map.


The whole dungeon was a massive forest with constant snowing everywhere, and the closer you got to the center, the faster the wind and snow would get.

The player's vision will not be of any help players will barely be able to see when they are at the center.

The ice wolf king, a level 30 epic variant monster, will kill party members one by one proving why this is called the nightmare difficulty.

The forest is infested with Elite and Rare Elite wolfs, with four mini-bosses in four directions and the boss in the middle.

The condition to clear the dungeon at nightmare difficulty was for players to kill all four mini-bosses and the boss at the center.

'The Wolf King can use snow and wind to his advantage, and killing him alone will be fun.'

Alex was excited to start hunting the wolfs, test his strength on the four mini-bosses, and then have a good fight with the variant boss.lightsnovel

"Team leader, you can start hunting, and we will support you from the sideline," Badger said with a big smile.

"I will be hunting alone; you guys can just stay at the entrance and get free level up," Alex said to Badger, as he doesn't plan to babysit newbie players.

"I want to help and experience fighting higher-level monsters," Badger said.

"You guys can kill wolfs if you want to, but I will not be going with you," Alex replied to Badger, not even considering the offer of fighting with them and making less progress than he can do alone.

Alex left them alone and sprinted in the direction of one of the four mini-bosses; his goal was to clear the dungeon as fast as possible.


"He is very rude. We shouldn't have made the team with him without checking his personality." Anahit said to Badger, looking displeased with how Alex treated them.

"Anahit, don't be so angry. I think he needs help to clear the dungeon. I checked his level, and he is only at level 31; even if he is a first Rank player killing the mini-bosses will be difficult, not to mention the variant boss." Badger replied to her while sitting near the entrance.

In the Ancient world, players could only check the other players' level with basic inspection skills, and to check additional detail, players will need special skills or items, and higher-level players have the means to hide their name and level.

"We are not hunting wolfs?" Anahit questioned, looking at Badger, who was sitting comfortably.

"Well, he wants us to stay and get free levels, so it will be rude to go and die by some random rare Elite wolf," Badger replied like this was the obvious choice.

"You are just lazy."


Alex was having a great time killing every wolf he found in his way; they were weak and didn't give much exp, so he didn't plan to waste time cleaning the dungeon.

Alex reached the first one of four mini-bosses; it was a snow wolf standing 7ft tall, locking nothing like an Elite version of his species.


[Snow Wolf] (Epic)(Mini-Boss)

LVL: 30

Rank: First Rank

HP: 34000

Skill: (Frostbite)- Every bite attack does ice damage with a high chance of frostbite

(Snow Wall)-Create a dense wall of snow for defense

(Ice weaponry)- Cover claws and teeth with shark ice doing guaranteed ice damage.

(Minor Hale Storm)- Cover the area in a small Hale Strom.



"This will be easy. This wolf can serve as a test subject for my new skill," Alex thought after seeing the wolf stat window with no special skills.

'I can use the death slash and test the skill strength on this wolf and see if I can kill it in one strike.'

Alex walked toward the wolf with slow steps, and when he entered the wolf's line of sight, the wolf pounced at him with incredible speed.

'All the monsters are mindless creatures at this stage, and don't plan any strategy; fighting them is getting boring.'

Alex took his sword stance using full mana to do maximum damage, and when the wolf entered his sword range, he swung it with maximum strength using the skill death slash, slicing the wolf's head clean in half.

[Snow Wolf Epic (Mini-Boss) is killed]


'I felt no resistance from the wolf skull; the skill can do more damage than I previously estimated.' Alex was happy with the result of a real battle.

Now he has real damage dealer skill that can get him out of trouble, and don't leave him half dead after using it as berserk did to him.

There was the problem of mana usage, but he will solve it after getting the reward from the quest.

After using the skill, Alex was low on mana, so he used the mana potions he had prepared before getting the quest; he had enough mana potion to recover his full mana five times.

Alex was drinking mana potions to recover his mana near the dead wolf, unaware that his team members were freaking out right now.


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