21 Surprise

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Badger, Anahit, and Karyan were sitting near the dungeon entrance getting notifications and exp of Elite and rare Elite wolf's death, enjoying their time talking to each other.

"How much time do you think he will take before he asks for help," Anahit asked Badger.

"I think with his level, he will be able to handle one mini-boss, and then he will realize that he needs support if he wants to clear the dungeon," Badger replied.

"Players like him get cocky after clearing their promotion quest, and when he gets his ass kicked by the mini-boss, he will understand that he is still weak and need to act like one."

Anahit kept complaining about Alex thinking he was just a weak newbie who was delusional after clearing the Rank promotion.

The three friends were enjoying their time when they got the notification of the death of Snow wolf mini-boss.

The three of them level up once even though they did nothing because every player on the team will get equal exp even if they did not contribute, but this will only work up to level 100; after that, players need to contribute to get their share of exp.

"How did he kill the first mini-boss this quickly?" Badger asked, confused, looking at the system notification.

"He only left minutes ago, and it will take this much time to get to the mini-boss area."

"He is stronger than we thought; maybe he is a legacy holder," Anahit said, her previous anger on Alex nowhere to be seen.

"He must be a legacy holder restarting his progress from zero." Badger speculated and started making theories about Alex.

"I don't understand just one thing. Even if he is a legacy holder, he must have a powerful legacy to kill the mini-boss this quickly." Anahit said.

"What do you think of him, Karyan," Badger asked the assassin.

"Young master, I think he belongs to a big guild because when he approached us, he did it randomly; he was not afraid of any players outside the dungeon, and the armor he was wearing was not low-quality."

"The way Mr. One talked to us was not that he thought he was superior to us, but he knew we would only waste his time when he could hunt more efficiently alone."

"Young master, I think if you can make him your friend, he will be helpful in your quest."

"Karyan, you are right. He has at least an S Rank legacy, and if he belongs to some strong guild, he can benefit me." Badger said as he sat back in place with eyes closed, thinking of a plan to use this opportunity.


Alex didn't even know that his plan to kill the boss with a single hit had caused his teammates to make wild theories about his origin.

"It will take 10 minutes to recover my mana, and then I can test the reanimation on this snow wolf."

After some minutes, Alex recovered to full mana and used his Reanimation skill on the boss with just one use of the skill, and he got more than 90% of the mana used.

Alex felt weak and light-headed, but he knew what to do. He opened his inventory and started drinking more mana potions while watching the wolf become undead.

The wolf's head, sliced from the center, was repaired with black mana strings, with its eyes changed from red ruby-like eyes to pure black darkness that looked like it would spill outside any moment.

After completing the transformation, the wolf stood in front of Alex with darkness oozing out of him.

Alex could tell that there was no soul left in this creature; it was just an empty hush of his former self, but he didn't care about that because the wolf would understand orders and obey them, and that was what he wanted from him.

"Kill every wolf you come across" Alex gave the wolf a simple order, and after getting his order, the wolf ran in a random direction, trying to find any wolf.

Alex knew he could tell the system, and the system would make the wolf come back to him.

Alex recovered to full mana and started sprinting in the direction of the other mini-boss to kill.

Alex took four hours to finish the other three mini-bosses, and it was not that hard fighting them as all three were on the same power level as the first snow wolf.

Alex was traveling to the center right now, and his speed was even slower than walking because of the endless wind and snowing that gave the best camouflage to wolfs that didn't stop attacking him even for a minute.

'I am frustrated with these wolfs; they don't stop attacking me no matter how many I kill.' Alex was surrounded by Rare Elite wolfs that kept increasing as he traveled more to the center.

'I have lost count after killing one hundred, and I believe that kill was like 10 minutes ago. I should have turned at least two mini-bosses into undead to clear this horde of unending wolf packs.'

Alex didn't turn any other mini-bosses into undead because of mana use; he didn't want to waste hours of his time recovering mana sitting in one place without being able to use any mana potions.

Alex was killing wolfs one after the other, and he didn't even know how many more would come; the videos that Alex watched were only about the condition to clear the dungeon in the fastest time.

Alex didn't travel on the undead wolf because of the thick snow that covered the area around the center, and the undead wolf could not travel fast with Alex on his back.lightsnovel


After killing hundreds of wolves, Alex finally reached close to the floor center, which was raging with the snowstorm.

The center was completely different from the other floor areas; there was fast wind with snow storms making it hard to see anything, and in the center of this snow storm, the dungeon boss, ice wolf king, was present.

Alex entered the snowstorm, and after walking for some time, he reached the less chaotic center with slower winds and no raging snowstorms.

In the middle of the area lay a giant white wolf releasing a bloodthirsty aura; the wolf's whole body was covered in battle scars.

'The Ice wolf king looks great. Can I make him into my undead? Probably not, but I will try after I kill him.' Alex thought as he checked the wolf king's skills.



[Ice Wolf King] (Epic) (Boss)☠☠☠

Name: Guadric

Rank: First Rank

LVL: 30

HP: 52000

Skills: (Frost Breath) ; (Frostbite) ; (Ice spear) ; (Camouflage) ;

(Summon Minions) ; (Ice Armor) ; (Ice Boulders Shower) ; (Berserk)

(Blessing of Ice).

Description: Guadric, A proud warrior and the king of the ice wolf tribe blessed by the ice spirits, fought in many battles, killed hundreds of his enemies, and received many scars throughout his life that represent his accomplishment.


Alex was waiting for the undead wolf to return to him so he could use it as bait and do critical damage to the boss.

Alex didn't plan to make this a long fight; his purpose was to test his Executioner skill on the boss and finish this fight quickly and complete the quest as fast as possible.

Alex used the skill Executioner on other wolves to check if he could get any permanent MP, but after using it to kill many elites and rare elite wolves, Alex only gained two permanent Mana stat.

The two Mana stat that Alex gained was by killing the two mini-bosses, and the third mini-boss didn't give him any Mana stat.

Alex has some theory about how the skill works, as only the monster with thicker blood lust gave him permanent mana stat.

After waiting for some time, the undead wolf returned; he had some minor injuries that he would recover after some rest.

Alex ordered the undead wolf to attack the boss after he reached the other side. Alex planned to sneak attack the wolf king while he was fighting the undead wolf.

The undead wolf sprinted toward the boss to attack as he was ordered and Alex got prepared to strike at any given opportunity.

When the undead wolf was only a couple of meters away from the wolf king, it didn't even react to the attack as an ice spear formed out of thin air above the boss and launched at the undead wolf with incredible speed piercing its head.

'Well, that was unexpected.'

Alex thought as he watched his undead wolf with a gaping hole in his chest, and the undead wolf would not recover from such a lethal injury, so Alex's sneak attack plan was a failure.

Alex knew the boss would be hard to kill in a short time if he didn't engage in close combat.

'I will kill the wolf without a plan.' Alex stopped making any backup plan and decided to attack the boss head-on to clear the dungeon.


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