22 Wolf King

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Alex walked straight to the boss, not trying to sneak attack as he knew that it would not work, and just as he expected, the moment he entered the attacking rage of the boss, an ice spear came at Alex like a bullet.

'This trick will not work on me.' Alex moved a little out of the spear, avoiding it without any effort.

The boss didn't even open his eyes and launched one ice spear after another at Alex without caring if the spear hit its target or not.

'This bastard is annoying me now.' Alex thought as he avoided the ice spears easily.

The number of spears coming at him was increasing by every second even though Alex could keep avoiding them without any problem, it was still wasting his stamina, and he didn't like it.

Alex knew that the wolf was an intelligent monster and could use his skill according to the situation; the purpose of the wolf throw so many ice spears at Alex was to force him to use his big move.

'If I don't do something, the boss will attack me any time now while I am busy defending these ice spears.'

Alex knew these ice spears were a distraction, and the boss was waiting for the opportunity to strike.

'Let me test the Death Whisper skill on you' Alex used the death whisper skill on the boss to check its effect on a boss monster.

After Alex used the death whisper skill on the boss, the ice spears stopped, and the boss was now standing with a terrified face seeing the illusion of death again and again.

'How much time will the boss be trapped in the illusion of death?' Alex thought as he knew that a rare Elite wolf would be trapped in the illusion of death for five minutes and would not get awakened, even after getting attacked.

'The skill is very useful, but the cooldown of one hour is just horrible; if I can spam it, I will kill any Rank one boss effortlessly.'

The Death Whisper skill was one of the best skills Alex had, with a great use case and low mana consumption, but the only problem was the cooldown.

'Let's do as much damage as possible before he wakes up from his sweet illusion and try to kill me.' Alex decided to spam the boss with as many skills as he could before the death whisper skill effect got over.

Alex sprinted toward the trembling boss and used the Ice Meteor Crash skill jumping high in the air and crashing into the wolf's head, doing critical damage throw the giant wolf's back with blood flowing from the head.

Alex didn't waste any time and used the Frost tide skill, freezing the wolf and doing constant ice damage.

Alex was not done with the boss, and after freezing half of the giant wolf's body, he used the Ice Sword Frenzy skill spamming the boss with chain sword strikes, doing a good chunk of damage.

Alex didn't attack the boss after spamming him with skills and created distance from him to recover his mana by drinking potions.

'He will wake up at any moment.' Alex thought as he drank one potion after the other to recover his stamina and mana to welcome the boss with another big move.

The boss gained consciousness after 40 seconds; he was confused at first because he had seen his death many times, and now he was alive with many wounds on his body.

'He took more time than I expected him to.' The boss gained consciousness after 120 seconds, and Alex expected the skill effect to get over after 90 seconds on the boss.

After the wolf understood what had happened, he roared toward Alex with anger oozing out of his eyes.

The wolf knew he was in an illusion before and got attacked by the human in that state, leaving his proud figure in this miserable state.

The boss didn't attack Alex in his anger because he didn't know what more tricks his enemy hid and instead used his skills to recover his body, preparing for a death battle with the human.

The boss jumped high in the air and crashed with tremendous strength, destroying the ice covering his body.

After getting rid of the ice, he used Ice Armor to cover his body with thick ice armor that didn't hinder his movement and provided great defense.

Alex didn't disturb the boss's preparation because he was recovering mana, and the more time he could get, the better for him.

The boss used his skill, Blessing of Ice, covering his fangs and claws with sharp ice, creating a domain around him that froze the air in the area.

'This will be troublesome.' Alex was expecting a head-on attack by the boss, but after preparing all the defensive measures, the boss just vanished from his eyesight.

The boss used his skill Camouflage blending with ice turning invisible, and Alex was surprised because he knew that blessing of ice used a lot of mana to maintain, and the boss would only use that when he was going to fight close range.lightsnovel

Alex stopped thinking about anything focusing only on any new sound he could hear; he knew that to defend against the attacks, he needed to listen to the sound.

After standing on the ice with his eyes closed, not hearing any sound, Alex was confused as to why he was not getting attacked, and just as he opened his eyes, he listened to an ice spear coming at his head from the front.

'He tried to fool me.' Alex thought as he destroyed the ice spear with a swing of his sword.

The wolf only used his camouflage skill to deceive Alex and prepared his skill Ice Boulders Shower when Alex was standing there like a fool with his eyes closed.

The ice spear was just a distraction; the real attack was the three ice boulders that would crash at Alex's position at any second.


'Well, you deceived me that great! But your plan is still not going to work.' Alex thought as he saw the three ice boulders only seconds away from crashing into him.

Alex used the skill Frost Slash to destroy the three ice boulders into small ice rocks getting minimal damage.

Alex didn't relax after destroying the ice boulders as he pumped mana into his sword, slashing it with full force in front of him using his death slash skill.

If one looked at Alex right now, it would look like he was slashing at nothing but empty air, but just as his sword came down, it was met by the fangs of the wolf king, cutting its lower jaw clean.

"You think you can trick me twice with that beast brain of yours," Alex shouted to the wolf king as his sword sliced through its lower jaw, cutting it clean.

Alex had already seen through the wolf king's plan when he saw the ice boulders aiming at him; he knew that if he successfully defended against the ice boulders, the wolf king would attack him head on without giving him any chance to recover.

Alex kept attacking the wolf king, not giving him any chance to recover and use his summon skill to get any minion wolf that would drag the fight more, and he didn't have mana left to fight multiple wolfs that were willing to sacrifice their life for their king.

Alex was pushing the wolf king to enter a berserk state, so he didn't need to worry about other skills.

After fighting head-on with the wolf king, Alex lost 40% of his health, but he was successful in his plan as after losing 80% health, the wolf king entered the berserk state.

"I will show you what real strength looks like." Alex didn't use his normal berserk skill, but he decided to use the newly gained skill Death Incarnate.

After using the Death Incarnate skill, Alex felt his strength increase tremendously, with a black aura covering his entire body like a cloak.

Alex could feel his strength increase, but there was no burden on his mind like when he entered the berserk state; his mind was clear.

Alex dominated the fight, and in less than 30 seconds, the wolf king was on the verge of death; he finished the battle with the Executioner skill, killing the wolf king and clearing the dungeon.


[Congratulation Player Hidden One]

[Ice Wolf King [Guadric] is killed]

[Arctic Wolves' dungeon [Nightmare Difficulty] Cleared]

[EXP Gained]




'I will get 80% stats Debuff after the skill effect wears off, but it was worth checking its effect. I can use it as a trump card.' Alex thought about how much extra damage he could do with his other skills while using Death Incarnate.

'let's collect the loot, check my state, and see if I gained any permanent mana stats for killing the wolf king.'