23 Offer

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Alex collected the loot from the wolf king's corpse; he got his mission-related items and some equipment of gold quality.



[Wolf King Head] [Quest Item]

Description: The head of the wolf king Guadric quest item shows it as proof to Bevel.


[Broken Ring]

Description: Unknown ring found in the body of the wolf king Guadric may belong to one of the many innocent adventurers he killed.


'A blacksmith can repair this broken ring, and its quality will be peak gold Rank.' Alex knew about this ring; the player that cleared the quest in his previous life didn't give the broken ring back to Bevel, only giving the wolf king head to complete the quest.

There are many quests with the optional objective that a player can complete. In return, the player can get an additional reward or sometimes nothing; because of this, many players will not waste time completing the optional objectives.

'I don't need the gold quality ring, and giving back Bevel his daughter's ring will make him happy.' Alex decided to give back the broken ring to Bevel because he was not a heartless person.

Alex checked the other equipment he got from clearing the dungeon to see if he could find anything of use.

After not finding anything worthwhile, Alex opened his stat window to check if he got any permanent increase in his mana stat for killing the wolf king.


Player Name: Hidden One

Class: [Death Deciple]

Title: [Monkey Killer][Conqueror][Limit Breaker][Death Disciple]


Legacy: None

LVL: 34

Rank: First Rank


AGI: 238. VIT: 283.

INT: 144. STA: 255.

STR: 494 (2470).

HP: 2830/1645

MP: 1440/520

Unassigned stat points : 0

Hidden stats

Luck: ???

Charm: ???

Reputation: ???

Condition: Weakened

Equipment: YETI King armor set(Peak Epic)


Weapons: Frost Mone(Peak Epic)

Skills : [Death Slash][Dash][Ice Sword frenzy][Ice Meteor Crash][BERSERK][Frost tide][Frost Slash][Death Contract][True Death][Executioner][Reanimation][Life Drain][Death Whisper][Death Judgement][Death Incarnate]


"My mana stat did increase by 8 points with two stat points from killing the mini-bosses; it is equal to two level-ups.'

'I can get permanent mana stat, but finding a target that will give me more than one point will be very hard, so this skill is good but solving my mana problem with this in a short time is impossible.'

Alex waited for the Death Incarnate skill effect to end as he drank mana and health potions to recover his condition.

Alex doesn't need to walk back to the entrance to exit the dungeon because the moment the dungeon gets cleared, any player can leave the moment he decides by simply requesting the system, and he will be teleported outside the dungeon.

After the Death Incarnate skill time ran out, all the strength left his body, and Alex felt like he would get killed by the cold if he didn't leave the dungeon.

While Alex checked his loot and stats, the other three teammates had already exited the dungeon and were waiting for him outside.


"Young master, you will only get one chance to make an offer to Mr.One, so make sure you don't miss it, "Karyan said to Badger outside the dungeon.lightsnovel

"I understand, karyan. You don't need to worry; after seeing his performance in the dungeon, I firmly believe he is a big shot from the top 100 guilds, and I don't intend to miss this God-given opportunity." Badger replied to karyan.

'I need to make a deal with him, and if somehow he doesn't belong to any guild, I will buy his services no matter the cost.' Badger thought of many different scenarios that could happen and how he would handle them.

Badger was so interested in Alex because of his performance in the dungeon at nightmare difficulty, and Badger linked Alex's performance to his legacy, which could be a SS Rank.

In the Ancient world, there were only a couple hundred S and above legacy holders; that number might look big but compared to the total population, it was not even 0.1%.

Those with high-Rank legacies were all peak players with aloof personalities, so finding one willing to talk and make a deal with was nearly impossible until you could offer them something of immense value.

Legacy holders have big guilds lining up for them, offering them tremendous benefits with little restriction on their freedom, so offering them anything others cannot give them was very difficult.


Alex exited the dungeon, not knowing that his performance of soloing the dungeon at nightmare difficulty had made him a potential target.

The outside was still bustling with players; nobody knew that Alex had just solo cleared the nightmare difficulty.

In the Ancient world, there was no world announcement for clearing dungeons and other wandering bosses' first because if it were allowed, players would get one world announcement after another all day.

The world announcement will only be made when a special event is caused by players that could change the world on a significant level.

In Alex's previous life, he only heard world announcements less than ten times, and every time it was a significant event triggered by players.

'I need to get back to the city fast to clear the quest and sell my loot in the auction house to get some gold coin.' while Alex was planning on things he needed to do, three players approached him.

'Now, what do these three want from me?' Alex thought, seeing his former three teammates approaching him.

'They must want a share of the loot I get after clearing the dungeon, greedy bastards.' Alex thought, seeing their leader smiling at him like telling him to give them their share of the loot.

"Mr.One, Your performance at the dungeon was incredible," Badger said to Alex.

"So what do you want? The dungeon is cleared, and I don't think I have something that belongs to you." Alex said to Badger with hostility visible in his tone.

'If he wants all the loot, then I will kill them or die and kill them after the debuff time gets over.'Alex was ready to kill them or die trying. He was not going to die his first death for some gold rank item but to defend his pride as a warrior.

"Mr.One, I want to talk to you privately," Badger said.

"If you want the loot, then you can take it from me if you can," Alex replied as he put his hand on his sword hilt, ready to take action.




"You misunderstood my intention," Badger said with his hands in the air and panic visible in his voice.

'They don't want the loot?' Alex thought as he examined their reactions to see if they were lying.

'I don't think they are lying, so what do they want from me?'

"What do you want?"

"Mr.One, I want to make a deal with you. Can you spare some time?" Badger said.

'I think he wants to buy leveling service from me. I will decline.'

"Badger, I don't work under anybody, so if you want a team member, you can search on forums," Alex declined the offer.

"Mr.One, Please hear my offer once, and I will not bother you again."

'I know how to handle players like you' Alex made a plan to get rid of Badger and his friends.

"If your offer is worth 10 Million Dollars, then we can talk. If not, then we have nothing to talk about." Alex said something that may sound ridiculous to others, but it was not an excessive amount of money for the rich player.

"My offer is worth more than that, and I believe that Mr.One will not be disappointed after hearing my offer," Badger said with confidence like money was not even a problem for him.

'I didn't expect that, and I don't think he is lying about making me an offer worth more than 10 million dollars.'

'Now the real question is do I want to make a deal with an unknown player I know nothing about.' Alex knew that he should reject the offer immediately, but he first needed to find out what Badger thought that Alex had that he was willing to offer such an amount of money.

"Badger, you can meet me outside the ice dale hotel after 2 hours, and we can discuss your offer," Alex said as he walked toward the royal capital.

Alex didn't discuss the offer with Badger immediately because that was stupid, and meeting him after 2 hours will create the illusion that he was busy and didn't have time to waste on even big deals.


"Do you think he will arrive to discuss your offer the way he is behaving? I don't think he wants to do anything with us," Anahit said to Badger.

"He said he would listen to my offer. He would arrive at the meeting point because players like him value their words more than anything." Badger replied, smiling like a fool.

"Karyan, prepare as many gold coins as possible and do it in secret. Don't let my family get any news of this. No matter the cost, I don't want this meeting to go wrong." Badger ordered Karyan with a cold expression, his cheerful expression nowhere to be seen.


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