26 Unique Ring

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"He fought a Basilisk that has unique properties to his poison, and his sword got corroded when he fought with the beast, and after one year, it started to crack and in no time broke into many pieces."

"He killed a Mutated Basilisk?" Alex asked questions filling his head.

Alex was so surprised because a normal adult Basilisk was a third Rank magic beast, but a Basilisk with unique properties will definitely be a mutated version or an even scarier thing, a mutated half-breed monster.

"Nope, he didn't kill the beast because the creature ran away after getting injured."

"The Basilisk was more than a mutated version of its species. It was a Named mutated half-breed blood Basilisk with the strength of peak third Rank."

"The most unbelievable thing about the creature was its ability to communicate in human language as my fiancé told me that the Basilisk was just a child, not even an adult."

'A Named mutated half-breed blood Basilisk; I think I know what world boss she is talking about.' Alex thought as he remembered a terrifying creature from his previous life.

In Alex's previous life, there was a wandering world boss with the same description that Lady Esmeralda told him about; it was discovered after two years of Alex joining the game.

'The Basilisk, I remembered, was a Peak Rank Four world boss that the player could not kill, and after some failed raid attempts, the creature just vanished, and the only answer to its disappearance was that maybe some strong NPC killed it.'

Players concluded that the world boss was killed by an NPC and not some secret player organization because after players kill a wandering world boss, there will be a worldwide announcement of their achievement.

The players have no control over the worldwide announcement; it will be done automatically by the system even if the players want to hide it from the world.

"Lady Esmeralda, your fiancé, must be a strong warrior; why would he let the creature get away if he wants to kill the creature," Alex asked.

Alex speculated that her fiancé never wanted to kill the creature but capture it alive because if her fiancé were just a peak third Rank warrior, he would be killed by the Basilisk 100%.

"Yes, My fiancé is a Fourth Rank warrior, and he could kill the blood Basilisk easily, but he wanted such a unique creature as his companion beast, and because of this weakness, the creature ran away."

'I know where to find the Basilisk; if she wants the information, I can sell her for some good benefits.' Alex thought of a plan to get good rewards in exchange for his information.

Alex made such a choice because the creature would end up in the hands of some NPC, and he was sure that this little event would not affect his future knowledge significantly.

"Lady Esmeralda, did you try to search for the creature"

"We did but could not find any clue, and as we speak, many of our house's best trackers are searching for the blood Basilisk."

"Why don't you post a request at the adventurer guild? Many adventurers will search for the creature for a good reward, and you will find it quickly.

Alex talked her into giving him more information on what they were doing and how he could join the search team to get the rewards.

"We have a request posted at the adventurer guild, but it is only for C and higher Rank adventurers.

'That troublesome I will need a lot of time to get to the C Rank, and to waste this much time for one quest is not worthwhile.'

"Mr.One, don't be disappointed if you want to get the quest; I can ask my father to allow you; maybe you are destined to help me with this problem as well." Lady Esmeralda said as she saw Alex getting disappointed after hearing the requirement to get the quest.

"I will do my best and find the beast," Alex said happily because now he could get some free rewards without doing much work.

"Mr. One, the creature ran into a hazardous area, so I advise you not to go too deep into the swamp forest."

"I will be careful."

'I will only go for Basilisk hideout after buying an invisibility cloak at the auction house.'


After walking for some minutes, Alex and Lady Esmeralda reached a grand door adorned with different gems and gold.

"This is my father's work office, and you will meet him in moments; my father may look strict, but he is very kind, so Mr. One, you don't need to get nervous." Lady Esmeralda said as she entered the room.

'After I am done with getting the reward, I can meet Badger.' Alex thought about his meeting with badger that he would need to do after one hour.

Alex entered the room right behind Lady Esmeralda and searched for the Duke.

The Duke's office looked like a typical office if one didn't include the heads of fierce beasts that hung on the walls.

"My father has a habit of collecting trophies from his slain enemy, and these beast heads belong to the most difficult challenges that father met throughout his life." Lady Esmeralda said as she saw Alex looking at the beast heads.



"Esmeralda, will you not introduce the guest to me?" Duke Harold said.

Duke Harold was a 7ft muscular man with a thick beard who looked off in formal dress, sitting in a chair smiling at Alex and Lady Esmeralda.

'The Duke doesn't enjoy the life of peace. He is the kind who loves the thrill of battle and lives at the edge of life and death.' Alex thought after feeling the pressure that Duke released unconsciously.

"Father, this gentleman here is Mr.One, who has completed my request of finding the forging metal." Lady Esmeralda said.


"Adventurer, you have my gratitude for completing my daughter's request."

"I, Duke Harold Caerwyn, promise you one request from me personally, and if you need my help in life, I will do my absolute best to fulfill it." Duke Harold said as he stood up from his chair.

'That's some unexpected gains.'

"His Grace, Duke Harold, I just got lucky and found the forging metal Lady Esmeralda needed," Alex said formally, but he dint bow.

"You don't need to be so formal with me; I don't like formalities." Duke Harold said.

"Mr.One, let's discuss your reward for completing my daughter's request."

"Choose any one item that you like." Duke Harold said as he took seven items from his space ring.

'Finally, I can get the ring and solve my mana problem.' Alex thought as he examined all seven items to see if there was anything more valuable than the mana rings.

After checking all the item's stats, Alex didn't find anything of interest other than the unique Rank ring.

The other six items were all weapons, five peak epic, and one unique rank spear with way better stats than his sword, but the item was of no value to him.

"Sir. Harold, I will choose the unique Rank Ring as my reward." Alex said.

"Good Choice, young man. This Ring was one of my favorites in my younger days." Duke Harold said with a satisfied smile as he gave the Ring to Alex.

Alex wore the Ring made from a dark wood that was closer to black in color than brown, and after equipping the ring, Alex felt his mana increase by tremendous value.

This ring looks simple, but its stats are better than any peak epic equipment.


Name: Disaris

Equipment Type: Ring

Quality: Unique (Low Unique)

Rank: Mortal (Upgradable)

•①-Effects: Increase Intelligence by 100%- [Maximum Intelligence increase by 2000]

⦿- Increase Vitality by 50% - [Maximum Vitality increase by 2000]

⦿- Increase stamina by 50%- [Maximum Vitality increase by 2000]

•②-Effects: Friendly affinity with all wood element species.

⦿- 50% decrease in all Wood Magic spells cast time.

⦿- 100% increase in the effectiveness of healing spells.


•➊-[Wood Control] Control Wood in an area of 50 feet around the player in a circle for one minute. (Cooldown 5 minutes)

•➋-[Wood Dome] Create a thick dome of hardwood with 1000% of the player's bodily defense. (Cooldown 30 minutes)

•➌-[Wood Golem] Create a 10ft golem made from wood with excellent defense. (Cooldown 3 hours)


A Ring created by a legendary blacksmith named Baldemar by refining the core of a Dark Elder Wood tree with an astounding age of 200 years.

[The Ring has many flaws because Baldemar forged it in his younger years and called it a failure.

If the player finds the high Ranking blacksmith, he may reforge this ring to make the great item it should be.]


'The ring stats are fantastic, but the skills are lackluster for a unique quality ring.' Alex thought after seeing the skill stats the skill was impressive, but the limitation of these skills has made them useless compared to other unique rank items.

'I don't need more skills anyway, and I am grateful for what I have; the Ring solved my problem of terrible mana, so there are no complaints I can make.'


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