29 Blacksmith

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"Loyal Friendship?" Badger asked, looking confused.

"If the organization wants to sell the High-Ranking legacy and top 100 Ranked guild shares, many people will be willing to buy them at a premium price."

"A loyal friend means that when the organization needs Mr. Badger's help, you will do your best to help us, but if you betray the organization, then you will understand that even the Gedeon family will not be able to protect you."

Alex said such harsh words because he wanted Badger to know that if he betrayed his trust and tried to be a smartass, he would experience the consequences.

If Alex just wanted the money, he could sell the SS Rank legacy in some auction house anonymously as every rich player and NPC would bid a fortune to buy them, but his real goal was not money but the power and influence that the Gedeon family controlled.

"If I accept the deal, do I need to satisfy every request of the organization?" Badger asked, getting serious after hearing the threat.

"The organization will not demand anything unreasonable, so you don't need to worry, as there is no contract binding you to complete every request."

"The friendship between you and the organization will not be a contract but a verbal agreement, so carefully consider if you want to complete the deal with the organization."

Alex already made Badger an offer from which he gained tremendous benefits and lost close to nothing, but if he still can't trust him, then Alex doesn't need such a friend.

"Mr.One, can I ask some questions about the organization?" Badger asked after understanding the deal he got offered.

"No, I will not give any more information. If you are unsatisfied with the organization's offer, you can reject it, and we will go our separate ways."

Alex was not desperate for the benefits he would gain from Badger, but Badger needed his help, and that help he would only acquire on Alex's terms.

"I will accept the Deal," Badger replied after thinking for some time.

"Congratulations, Mr.Badger."

"A Higher up of the organization will contact you within Two weeks after completing all the preparation for the deal," Alex said as he stood from his seat to shake hands with Badger.

After discussing minor details about what Badger could expect from the organization, Alex gave the second news related to Badger.

"Mr.Badger, someone has offered a large sum of money to kill your game avatar permanently, and a guild already accepted the offer," Alex said as he was about to leave the room.

Badger avatar got permanently killed around three months from today, so Alex speculated that the Twisted Destiny must have accepted the request right around this time.

After Alex left the Private room, he went to his room on the upper floor to log out from the game.


"Alden, do you think he was telling the truth about his organization and the two news he told you," Anahit asked Alden.

"I don't know about my uncle becoming a shareholder in Doomsday Dragoons Guild, but the news about someone trying to kill my avatar permanently is true," Alden replied.

"Two days ago, My double got attacked by unknown players, and If I don't use this Unique Rank Mask, I will be next in line to get attacked."

Badger said as he peeled a Mask from his face changing his appearance completely; his hair color changed to crimson red, and his face became more handsome; if Alex were present, he would be more shocked than he was after hearing Badger's real name.

"Who do you think will want to kill your game avatar," Anahit said.

"I have no idea, but I will find them," Alden said, looking not too worried about the people that wanted to kill his avatar.

"Gerard, did any of the top 20 great guilds accept my offer," Alden asked the Assassin.

"Young Master, The Guild [Thunder Titan] that Ranked No 18th accepted your offer to sell 15% guild Shares and make you a Guild Elder." The Assassin replied.

"What are their demands in exchange for their generosity."

"They want 45 Billion Doller advance and 15% ownership in our new company, which is responsible for advance Robotics."


"Well, that's the funniest joke I heard in days," Alden said, laughing.

"Gerard Find any information related to Shadow Oblivion and do it very carefully because I don't want to destroy the deal and become the enemy of an organization with an unknown threat level," Alden said.

"Young Master, I will contact Raymond from the [Apollo Merchant]," Karyan replied and left the room.

"What category of SS Rank legacy will Shadow Oblivion organization offer? You lazy bum didn't even ask." Anahit shouted at Alden for not asking about the legacy.


"I will ask when I have a meeting with the organization Higherup," Alden said, not looking worried.lightsnovel

'I hope they can give me one Healing Type Legacy, or this woman will kill me in real life.' Alden thought, looking at Anahit.


After resting well and spending time with his family, Alex did some daily activities and returned to the game world to start his journey.

Alex ate a meal at the hotel and then left with a plan to upgrade his armor and weapon to the first Rank and buy new skills from the adventurer guild.

'I need to start working on the plan to get everything I promised to sell to Alden within a month.' Alex thought about the crazy meeting he had with Alden Gedeon.

'I was so invested in creating a believable lie I forgot to ask which category of legacy Alden wanted.'

'I will select a Tank and a Healer legacy, and when I do my second meeting with Badger, I will give him a choice to choose the third category creating the image that my fake organization is more powerful than he could imagine.'

Alex started thinking about which [SS Rank] Tank and Healer legacy he could acquire without wasting a lot of time, as only acquiring the legacy would take time because he already knew a guild that would happily sell their 30% share when he helped clear a big problem for them.


After walking through the capital, buying potions and mana bread, Alex reached the Blacksmith shop to upgrade his gear.

The Blacksmith shop was not fancy; it was a two-story building that released a heavy smell of burning wood and iron.

Alex entered the shop; the first floor had many rooms, and in front of these rooms, players were standing in a straight line waiting for their turn.

These players were low-level newbies, as the first floor only had Blacksmith apprentices who could upgrade weapons and armor of up to Gold Rarity.

Alex didn't stay on the first floor and walked straight to the second floor, where he could find a Blacksmith master.

The second floor had very few players present. Alex ignored them and walked straight to a room with no player near it.

"I will advise you not to go in that room; the Blacksmith master there is very rude and will reject your weapon, and even if he accepted to upgrade the weapon Rank, he would ask for double the regular amount."

A player with armor covering him from head t toe said as Alex was about to open the room door.

"Thanks for the advice, but I know Oldman Thogrim," Alex said as he entered the room.

"He should have listened to my advice," the player said, shaking his head.


"WHAT THE FU** DO YOU WANT? I AM NOT DOING ANY WORK TODAY SO GET THE FU** OUT OF MY WORKPLACE." Alex heard a loud booming voice after entering the room.

'What a great way to welcome a customer.' Alex thought, looking at a 4ft dwarf with a thick beard and Arms as wide as Alex's waist.

"I can leave if Sir. Thogrim Brightstone Don't want to work on my Unique Rank Ring." Alex said as he turned to leave the room.


The dwarf shouted, and right after, someone was holding Alex's arm with so much strength that Alex felt like his arm will break with just a little movement.

"If you are lying about the Unique Rank Ring, I will cook you inside my forging Furness." The dwarf said, not hiding his killing intent.

"If I am telling the truth, will you upgrade my equipment for free?" Alex said, not even a bit afraid of the dwarf killing intent.

"I can just kill you for wasting my time." The dwarf said, looking angry.

"You can, but I am an immortal adventurer; I will resurrect after some time," Alex replied with a cheeky smile.

"You have guts. Now give me the Ring before my mood change, and I throw you out of my workplace." The dwarf said, releasing Alex's arm.

'Jackpot first stage of the plan is Successful.' Alex thought as he took Disaris Ring out from his inventory.

Alex has placed his Ring in the inventory because he planned to use it to get free equipment upgrade and gain other benefits from the dwarf blacksmith Thogrim Brightstone.


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