73 Mysterious Coachman

After getting the dagger, Alex quickly left toward the next shop to get the second dagger that would complete the [SS] Rank legacy.

"Sir Adventurer, We have reached the "Fantastic Artifacts" shop."

The second shop was in a crowded area of the city, but the coachman didn't drive slowly, and the best thing was that even though he created a lot of mayhem, he didn't crash into anyone.

'I need to quickly buy the dagger before the city guards arrive to capture this crackhead.' Alex thought as he left the carriage and quickly entered the shop, ignoring the NPCs who were shouting at him while ignoring the coachman.

'The dagger should be on some special display.' Alex thought as he looked around the shop to search for the dagger.

"Adventurer, Welcome to my humble shop. Please browse my items and let me know if you need help." The shop owner, a bunny demi-human, said after seeing Alex enter the shop.

Alex didn't engage in a conversation with the shop owner and started looking at the display shelf, and after a quick look, he found a white dagger he wanted to buy.

"Shop Owner, I want to buy that white dagger," Alex said, pointing at the unusually shaped dagger displayed high up on the wall.

"Adventurer, You have very keen eyes. This dagger is very special." The Shop Owner said as he pointed at the dagger, and it floated toward him like being carried by an invisible hand.

'Little party trick to impress newbies.' Alex thought, knowing the shop owner was using minor telekinesis, a skill one could develop after reaching the fourth Rank.

"The Dagger is only of peak epic quality. What is so special about it besides having a weird shape which should only lower its value?" Alex questioned like a normal person but already knew what special thing the owner was talking about.

"Please hold the dagger, and you will understand its value." The owner said, handing Alex the dagger with a confident smile.

[Mana Buff gained]

[Increase Mana regeneration by 50%]

[Health Buff gained]

[Increase Health regeneration by 50%]

'This is, without a doubt, the real dagger.' Alex thought, looking at the dagger with genuine surprise.

The dagger in Alex's hand has no qualities of being a legacy item, but it was unusual compared to all other peak epic quality items as it gives two incredible passive buffs.

All legacy items were just clues left in the world by the true legacy owners so that a fated person could use the legacy item to acquire their legacy.

All legacy items were connected to some legacy in the world but finding it was only possible with luck or, as most people believed, Fate.

"Adventurer, Do you now believe this dagger is special." The owner said, happy with Alex's reaction.

"How much do you want for this dagger?" Alex asked as he didn't have much time before the guard took his fantastic carriage driver.

"This dagger belongs to my ancestor, and it has no price for me, but I will sell it to you just because I see you are very sincere." the owner said with a fake depressed look.

"If you want to sell the item, tell me the real price, or I will leave, and you can have your dagger," Alex said, knowing he was bullshitting with him.

"The price is just one hundred thousand gold coins." The owner said seriously, knowing Alex was not buying his emotional talk.

'I am not paying the full price even if it is worth it.' A Peak epic item with similar passive buffs would sell for close to thirty thousand gold coins, but as they were scarce, some could go as high as fifty thousand gold coins, but that was the limit.

"I know This dagger will be worthless after Rank Three, so ask a price worth its value, or I am leaving your shop," Alex said with a deadpan expression.

The people without this information would believe that these crazy buffs without any cooldown would work at any level of strength, and to sell their item at the highest price, the shop owner would never tell this critical information.

"Adventurer, I can give a discount of 40%, so the final price of this magnificent dagger is only sixty thousand gold coins." The owner said with a wide smile.

"Twenty Thousand Gold coins," Alex said, intending to save every gold coin he could.

"The lowest I will go is forty-five thousand gold coins." The owner said, taking the dagger from Alex's hand using minor telekinesis.

"This is my final offer," Alex said as he threw a magic bag with three hundred and fifty white flame cons toward the shop owner.

"Adventurer, Its was a pleasure doing business with you." After checking the magic bag, the owner said as he returned the dagger to him.

pA(nD)A no ve1


'Let's complete this legacy item.' Alex thought, sitting in the carriage holding the complete white dagger.

Alex took out the first dagger he bought, and with both daggers in his hands, he immediately received the system notification he wanted to hear.

[Congatulations Player Hidden One]

[Legacy Item Completed]

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

Name: Soul Reaper [Legacy Item]

Equipment Type: Daggers

Quality: (???)

Rank: (SS) Rank Legacy Item

•①-Effects: LOCKED

•②-Effects: LOCKED

•③-Effects: LOCKED

•④-Effects: LOCKED

Conditions: Only the player with Shadow Harvester Legacy could use this item.


[True Shadow Quest line] (??/??)

[Race Change Quest][???]

Objective: ????

Time: ????

Reward: Shadow Harvester Legacy Class

Description: First Quest to prove that you are worthy of receiving the Shadow Harvester Legacy.

Accept [YES / NO]


'I should complete the deal with Badger and Hecate at the same time.' Alex thought as he placed the daggers into his secured inventory.

After a few minutes of traveling, Alex reached the third store, and without much trouble, he bought the monarch tomb key final part at the price of one hundred and fifty thousand gold coins.

'If I had time, I could have bought this item for less money.' Alex thought, looking at the round crystal black disk with scratches covering its whole surface.

'I have more than two thousand white flame coins which should be enough to buy a lard quantity of the meat of chimera snake tail.' Alex thought as he checked his remaining funds.

Alex had no clue how much a Rank five chimera meat would cost him as he had never bought such luxury meat to feed his companion beast in his previous life.

"Sir Adventurer, We have reached the "Zame butcher" shop."

'I should give him some tip and tell him to leave.' Alex thought as he exited the carriage.

"You should leave and go to the guard office to pay your fine," Alex said as he gave the coachman three white flame coins.

"Sir Adventurer, If you need a fast ride in this city, I am always available." The coachman said happily, looking at the three white flame coins.

"If you could stay out of jail, I would like to hire you again," Alex said as he tried to sense the mana around his crackhead coachman.

'Just as I thought, he has no mana around him.' Alex thought after confirming one of theory.

The carriage driver was a human, but Alex didn't think much at first as any human who has visited the Sunken Diamond City for some years could develop high resistance to rich mana and won't die from mana poisoning.

Alex first didn't assume the coachman to be a Rank four or above warrior because anyone at that strength level would not drive a carriage to earn chump change, but after noticing some unusual things in the last hour, he was forced to reconsider his opinion on this weak looking middle age man.

The few things that Alex noticed in the last hour were minor but very suspicious, as the carriage was not stopped at any point, even though he saw some guards patrolling the streets.

The two horses that pulled the carriage always looked energized, even after running at amazing speed through the whole city, and only a few NPC yelled at them for driving the carriage recklessly while all the others minded their business like they saw nothing.

'He could be an old carriage driver who always drives like this in the city, and as he drives so well, people don't mind his reckless driving, but he could also be a person with a hidden story.' Alex thought, itching to find the truth.

"How Should I Look for you in this big city?" Alex asked, seeing the coachman ready to leave.

"My name is Burton, and you could find me at the carriage station or the Marte Bar." The coachman said.

'I do not have any information on an NPC named Burton, but I will try to find information on him the next time I return to the city.' Alex thought as he walked toward the Zame butcher shop.

'This kid is interesting. He has the natural aura of death around him, and at such a low level of strength, he could use minor mana sense.' Burton thought while peacefully driving his carriage.