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My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss

Author :A Fox's Red Dress

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Put On A Good Show

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Jin City.

Chu Wuyou woke up on the huge bed in the Presidential Suite of Jin Ling Hotel and gradually came to her senses.

However, the minute she opened her eyes, she was taken aback and she began to sweat.

There were four burly, fierce-looking men standing in front of the bed.

A large video camera had been set up between the men. The camera's lens was pointed towards her and some tools were scattered on the bed.

At that moment, the men stared at her intently…

"She's awake. Good, let us begin," A woman in the lounge laughed wickedly as she spoke. "Put on a good show. Tomorrow, I shall let the whole of Jin City view her "best" performance."

The woman's face could not be seen as she wore a mask and a pair of sunglasses.

"Don't you worry, your satisfaction is guaranteed." One of the men, who was the leader, toyed with a fruit knife. His entire presence screamed violence and brutality.

The rest of the men laughed along, making perverted sounds that would send shivers down one's spine.

The four men approached Chu Wuyou and two of them climbed onto the bed hastily…

Chu Wuyou took in shallow breaths, but she did not show any sign of fear on her face. Instead of retreating, she opened her mouth and spoke, "If Mo Yan knows what you have done to me, what do you think will happen to all of you?"

In Jin City, Mo Yan's name was enough to strike fear into the hearts of these thugs.

Her voice was not loud, but what she uttered was intimidating. She was calm and composed; her steadfast aura brought weight to her words.

"Mo Yan. You know Mo Yan? What's your relationship with Mo Yan?" The four men's expressions shifted rapidly. The two men who had climbed onto the bed fell out of it due to fright.

In truth, Chu Wuyou did not know Mo Yan at all. She made the remark in order to frighten them and buy herself some time.

She sensed a great, uncontrollable urge rising up within herself. Obviously, she had been drugged. She must escape before she lost consciousness.

Otherwise, the outcome would be horrible!

While the men were stunned, Chu Wuyou seized the opportunity by leaping out of the bed and she rushed toward the balcony. She had made a quick observation and determined that she could save herself by jumping out of the window.

However, her heart sank when she reached the window. If Chu Wuyou decided to jump out of it from this height, her body would surely be broken to smithereens.

"Try jumping off the 33rd floor. I've planned all of this down to the last detail. Did you actually believe I would let you escape?" The woman chuckled and her voice gave off a hint of perverted pleasure and satisfaction. "Don't listen to her lies. Do whatever you want as long as you don't kill her."

Never did the woman expect that at the next moment, Chu Wuyou climbed out of the window and jumped.

In the adjacent room, Room 3302, Ye Lanchen had just taken a shower. He heard a noise and headed to the balcony to open the window. A human figure appeared and collided with him.

When Chu Wuyou jumped into the room, her leg happened to untangle the loosely-tied sash around Ye Lanchen's waist. Instinctively, she grabbed hold of his night robe and as she fell, she accidentally tore his night robe from his body and caused him to fall flat to the floor.

Chu Wuyou ended up straddling his naked body in a suggestive position that was simply cringe-inducing.

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