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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Whose Woman Is She?

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Chu Wuyou had been trying to control herself for some time, but she had reached her limits. The drug began taking effect and her consciousness began to waver. She took a whiff of a man's scent and a wild carnal desire formed within her.

She began to trace her fingers on the man's bare chest, rubbing and caressing it with delight and lust. "Feels good."

Due to the effect of the drug, Chu Wuyou's voice had deepened. It was a major contrast to her usual sweet-sounding voice.

The man narrowed his eyes dangerously and fury could be seen within the coldness in his gaze. Despite the darkness in the room, it was as if that glare of his could turn someone into a pile of ash in a matter of seconds.

Nonetheless, the woman never noticed this. When the man was about to react angrily, she suddenly bent over and pressed her red lips onto his chest.

There was a slight halt in the man's movements.

Following that, her lips parted slowly and her warm, wet tongue rubbed itself gently on his skin. Once, twice, thrice…

As a result of the urge within her, Chu Wuyou was insatiable, seemingly not to content with regular kisses. Occasionally, she nibbled his chest.

At that instant, he did not make a move, allowing her to do whatever she wanted.

She spent some time "ravaging" his chest. Then, her lips followed his seductive body as she started to move downwards from his chest to his ribs and his abdomen…

Ripples of shock went through Ye Lanchen's body as his vision darkened and a warm sensation spread across him. His self-control had always been strong, but little did he expect that this woman could easily stoke the flames of passion in him.

Her movements were somewhat clumsy, yet she brought with her a fatal sort of seduction which enticed him and caused various changes in his body. Soon, an area on his body became one with her's.

However, she was still unaware of that dangerous change and continued to "dominate" him.

The man gradually closed his eyes as the woman's tongue slid downwards.

If she went further, she would…

Nevertheless, Chu Wuyou stopped moving at that point.

The corners of Ye Lanchen's eyes shifted subtly and he exhaled silently. Suddenly, a complicated feeling materialized in his heart.

Next, Chu Wuyou changed her direction without warning. She rubbed her lips on his skin, teasing and seducing him…

Finally, both of their lips touched and she realized how soft the man's lips were. She stroked it with her tongue but seemed to be unsatisfied. Thus, she decided to nibble his lips.

"Tastes good too." Chu Wuyou then laughed joyfully. Her laugh was full of lust, temptation, and pride.

"Really?" An upward curl began to form at the corners of his lips. His low, husky voice was provocative and full of masculine charm.

It tasted good, indeed!

Ye Lanchen hated women who offered themselves to him. Yet, at this very moment, his body clearly signaled to him that he wanted this woman.

He wanted all of her…

All of a sudden, he rolled over and became the dominant one, pressing the woman on the floor. He lowered his head and kissed her lips forcefully, surprising himself in the process with his unrestrained urge.

For the first time in twenty-four years, a woman caused him to lose control of himself.

The sudden pain and weight allowed Chu Wuyou to regain a bit of consciousness. However, she could not tell what exactly was going on apart from the fact that someone was violently kissing and undressing her. In an act of self-defense, she threatened the man weakly, "Don't you dare! I'm Mo Yan's woman…"

Ye Lanchen ceased in his motion. He stared at her in the darkness and his lips curved upwards, giving off a hint of desire.

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