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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: His Prey

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"Very well." As soon as Ye Lanchen finished speaking, he kissed Chu Wuyou again. This time, he was gentler, yet more passionate.

Still, no one knew what he meant by "very well".

Chu Wuyou was caught in a daze. Under his seduction, she submitted herself to Ye Lanchen as she indulged in her own carnal desires.

The man's long, slender fingers reached under her blouse and he removed her clothes one by one.

He made love to her all night, dominating and taking everything from her greedily…

It was already 2 a.m. when Chu Wuyou woke up.

She opened her eyes and sat still in shock for three seconds.

She vaguely remembered landing onto a man when she entered the room through the window. Then, she seemed to have raped him…

As she turned her head in fright, Chu Wuyou realized that the man she "raped" was lying next to her quietly. His breathing was steady; he must have fallen asleep.

Chu Wuyou took a deep breath and carefully got out of bed. She fumbled about as she looked for her clothes and got dressed hastily.

When would she leave, if not now?

In the dark, she instinctively stole another glance at the bed. However, this glance almost scared the living daylights out of her and her heart skipped a beat.

The man, who was supposed to be deep in slumber, was somehow awake. At this exact moment, Ye Lanchen was sitting still on the bed with his upper body leaning slightly against the headboard. An alert gaze was fixed unto her.

In the dimly-lit room, it was as if he could cut someone into pieces with his threatening stare.

Chu Wuyou's legs went stiff as she stood still, not moving a muscle. The only feeling she felt right now was the cold that spread across her back as goosebumps formed on her skin.

"What? Planning to sneak away?" Suddenly, the man's voice boomed in the dark. Although he did not raise his voice, he sounded rather loud in the silence.

Chu Wuyou's heart began to palpitate.

Perhaps it was the sexual intercourse that occurred earlier which resulted in the huskiness of his voice. It was unlike how he sounded most of the time, but it added to his charm and sex appeal.

She was caught red-handed. Chu Wuyou quietly let out a sigh and tried to probe her way out. "What happened earlier was consensual. We're both adults, so…"

Although she was the one who barged into his room, he was the one who took the reins in the end.

Therefore, she was not wrong in saying that it was "consensual".

"Hmph…" He snorted in a sardonic manner and gradually raised his voice. "Are you sure… that I consented to it?"

The man's expression could not be identified in the darkness, but the increasing volume of his voice and his accusation proved that he did not agree with her words. He would not let this matter slide either.

Chu Wuyou was startled. Did Ye Lanchen mean that he did not consent to it?

He did not consent to it! Yet, last night, he was the one who ravaged her again and again.

He did not consent to it! Yet, when she begged him to let her go last night, he ignored her and became more violent instead.

He did not consent to it! Yet, it was her first time and he had ripped her apart. Now, her whole body felt limp and weak.

Today was the day of her engagement and it was about to commence. She must leave at once, but she was well aware that she could not just up and leave in this current situation.

Chu Wuyou was certain that if she made a move, the man would be able to catch her immediately.

This was because the way he stared at her was akin to a predator staring at its prey, waiting to attack…

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