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Chapter 4

Chapter 4: His Service Fee

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Chu Wuyou had always been the type of person who yielded to soft approaches but not to harsh treatment. She was always the tenacious type who refused to give up easily. At that very instance, the man's reaction had ignited the flames of rage within her.

Chu Wuyou smiled in the cover of darkness. Instead of leaving, she walked towards the bed and stood in front of Ye Lanchen, keeping a very close distance between them. She regarded him with a hint of joy in her eyes and said, "Mm, it's true, you didn't consent to it. It would be inappropriate for me to leave just like that."

The room was devoid of light, hence they could not see each other's faces clearly.

He did not seem to have any intention of switching on the lights. Perhaps this allowed him to enjoy this game of cat and mouse even more.

Although it was hard to tell who would be the cat in the end.

Ye Lanchen twitched his eyebrows. The sudden change in this woman's behavior caught him off guard. He wanted to see what she would do next.

Then, Chu Wuyou arched her back forwards slowly and pressed her lips onto his.

His eyebrows shifted and his eyes gleamed with bewilderment. Her action did surprise him!

Nonetheless, he remained still and waited for her next move.

Chu Wuyou's lips made a slight, upward curve as she blocked Ye Lanchen's line of sight. Using her foot, she hooked onto the man's night robe and tuxedo and dragged them towards herself.

She slid her right hand from Ye Lanchen's arm to his hand, then placed something into it. Smiling cheekily, she spoke, "This is for you. Just treat it as your service fee. It's worth the same as that of a lead actor in Shinjuku's Kabukicho Street. Don't say that I've short-changed you."

At the same time, she probed for the man's handphone on the bedside table with her left hand and placed it into a nearby glass of water.

Before Ye Lanchen could even respond, Chu Wuyou instantly straightened her body, grabbed the clothes she had dragged toward herself earlier and dashed toward the door.

She was agile and lightning-fast.

Ye Lanchen, who was still seated on the bed, was astonished by her words and delayed in reacting. It was the effect Chu Wuyou wanted.

When Ye Lanchen came to his senses, his first reaction was to turn on the lights. The sudden appearance of bright light hurt his eyes. At the same time, Chu Wuyou had not fled the room. She had already placed his night robe on her head. Due to the height difference between the two individuals, the night robe dangled, covering her from her head to her shins.

Thus, he was still unable to get a glimpse of her back despite turning on the lights.

Ye Lanchen narrowed his eyes. No doubt, this woman was exceptionally fast.

"How dare you, woman!" Ye Lanchen squinted until his eyes became two slits. The man directed his cold, hard gaze on the woman as if he wanted to skin her, remove every bone in her body and crush her into a pile of ash.

What a brazen woman!

Following that, he leaped out of bed and pounced on Chu Wuyou at an incredible speed…

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