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Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Setting Up Traps To Catch Her

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Unfortunately, Ye Lanchen missed his chance. Chu Wuyou was too fast and nimble. By the time he caught up to her, he was still one step behind, for the woman had already opened the door and ran out.

Ye Lanchen was stark naked at that time and could not head out of the room. Hence, he could only watch as the figure escaped with his night robe on her head.

"You'd better pray that I don't catch you, or else…" Ye Lanchen fixed his glare on her back. He gritted his teeth angrily. The sound of teeth rubbing against each other could be clearly heard as he wished to tear the woman into pieces.

"Thanks for the reminder. We shall meet again. Not." Immune to his threats, Chu Wuyou's loud voice echoed in the hallway. There was a hint of delight in her tone.

Chu Wuyou knew that Ye Lanchen was staring at her right now, thus she waved her hand with her back facing him.

Her gesture bore a taunting manner, making her look extremely cocky and smug.

Chu Wuyou was hinting at the fact that the man was undressed, unable to run outside to chase after her!

Ye Lanchen's eyes narrowed slightly. His fury evolved into amusement as his lips curled upwards slowly. The inscrutable expression on his face was enigmatic yet terrifying.

Well, well, this woman is one brazen and arrogant b*tch.

Did she really think that she could escape? If so, she must be the dumbest person in the world.

Chu Wuyou did not waste any time. After turning a corner, she dropped Ye Lanchen's clothes beside the wall and summoned the elevator. There were not many people around, so the elevator moved faster.

Ye Lanchen returned to his room and used the desk phone to call the front desk.

"President?" The manager on duty at the front desk noticed the name on the display and felt skeptical. Was the call from the desk phone in the President's room?!

"Secure the exits of all elevators and stairs in this building. Block everyone, no matter who they are." As soon as his phone call was picked up, Ye Lanchen gave his orders.

"Yes, yes." The manager on duty obeyed the orders when he realized the call was indeed from his superior.

"Block all exits of the hotel, including that of the basement. Don't let anyone leave." Ye Lanchen added, just to be safe.

Droplets of sweat formed on the manager's forehead. Who was the person who offended the President so much it caused him to resort to such measures?!

Could the person even escape?!

Deep down, he prayed for that person.

While in his room, Ye Lanchen looked at his phone, submerged in the glass of water, and his lips curled into a sardonic smile.

He must admit that the woman was clever. She took his clothes away to prevent him from chasing after her and damaged his phone so that he could not make any outgoing phone calls. It was impressive of her to plan everything down to the last detail.

Nevertheless, she would be very disappointed soon!

This was his territory; he would not let her flee.

Ye Lanchen took out some spare clothes. He put them on and dialed a string of numbers.

"Is anyone patrolling near Jin Lin Hotel at this hour?" He got straight to the point the second the call got connected. This was how he behaved all the time.

"There are auxiliary police patrolling the area for 24 hours." Fifth Young Master Shen who had jolted awake was confused. "What's going on, Third Elder Brother? Why are you asking this?"

"Have them reassigned to Jin Ling Hotel as quickly as possible. Tell them to block all exits of the Hotel, including the basement parking lot. No one is allowed to leave." Ye Lanchen always had a meticulous way of doing things and did not allow any room for error. If she wanted to flee, he would have to set up traps to capture her.

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