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Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Getting Played By A Feisty Little B*tch

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"Third Elder Brother, what the hell is going on? Are you going to catch someone?" Fifth Young Master Shen was wide awake. Trouble was brewing. It was rare for his brother to do something on a scale as large as this.

"A woman," Ye Lanchen gritted his teeth as he replied. The harsh sounds made by the friction between his teeth could be vaguely heard over the phone.

"A woman?" At once, Fifth Young Master Shen's voice rose up by an octave and his previously excited tone changed. "Third Elder Brother, what sort of woman? Is she your woman?"

Why did his brother's voice sound so strange?

Ye Lanchen refused to answer his questions and hung up the phone. Apart from knowing that his target was a woman, he had no other idea.

Fifth Young Master Shen was baffled. The other party hung up without answering his questions. Was Ye Lanchen trying to cause him severe anxiety?

Nonetheless, Fifth Young Master Shen could still take a good look for himself, even though his brother refused to tell him anything. He simply could not miss this rare opportunity!

After hanging up, Ye Lanchen scrutinized the "service fee" that was given to him by the woman. The wrath within his gaze could burn someone to a cinder in a matter of seconds.

Worth the same as a lead actor in Shinjuku's Kabukicho Street?! Did this mean that Ye Lanchen had been raped and pimped by her?

Was this what she gave to him?

Throughout his whole life, he had never been treated in such a manner.

He had always been the leader, but today, he got played by a feisty little b*tch.

Well, well. Ye Lanchen narrowed his eyes. If she wanted to escape, she must have the ability to do so. If he were to let her escape under his watch, he would not be Ye Lanchen.

He closed his eyes and pushed the troubling thoughts away.

After that, Ye Lanchen turned around and left the room.

He used a private elevator which did not require him to wait. It was much faster.

Meanwhile, in elevator No. 1, Chu Wuyou felt nervous, despite her expression not betraying her true emotions. She was very sure that that man was no ordinary individual.

That man posed a great threat and she would not have offended him if she had a choice.

Staring at the rapidly decreasing number, she thought of something without warning and there was a subtle change in her expression. Then, she immediately pressed the button to the second floor.

In most cases, prevention would always be better than cure.

"Manager, there are people stationed at each exit and no one is allowed to leave." When the elevator stopped on the second floor and the doors opened, that was what Chu Wuyou overheard.

Chu Wuyou inhaled deeply. Had she gone down to the first floor, she would have been cornered and end up as a sitting duck.

Little did she expect that man to be so quick in his actions. He managed to get so many things done in a short period of time.

Apparently, taking away his clothes and damaging his phone did nothing to help her.

Chu Wuyou was aware that it was not the fact that she raped him that caused the problem, but what she did to him just now. If she got caught, she would come to a sticky end.

Getting so many things sorted out in a limited time proved the man's influence on this hotel. As long as she remained in this hotel, every way was a dead end, no matter which way she took.

Chu Wuyou guessed that the man would come down soon. Until then, would she be able to run away?

Why did she have an inkling that he had already set up a bunch of traps and was waiting for her to fall into one?

At the same time, Ye Lanchen's elevator had reached the eighth floor.

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