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Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Result Of His Anger

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Chu Wuyou decided that, no matter how bad the situation turned out to be, she would not give up.

There was no guarantee that it was going to be easy for Ye Lanchen to catch her! It was too early to tell who would win and who would lose!

Chu Wuyou walked out of elevator No. 1 quickly and noticed all elevators had stopped on the first floor. Evidently, there were people waiting for her to appear on the first floor.

She smiled and pressed on the "Up" button. Soon, an elevator stopped on the second floor.

She got into the elevator and pressed on the button to the highest floor, the 48th floor. However, when the elevator doors were about to close, she pressed on another button to open the doors and stepped out of the elevator swiftly.

The elevator doors slid shut again and rose up to the 48th floor, but she headed for the stairs.

Chu Wuyou recalled a costume party happening on the third floor today. She heard that it was organized by a third-generation red<sup>1</sup> and it would last throughout the night.

This might be her only chance of escape.

As Chu Wuyou approached the stairs, she pulled out a slim phone from the pocket of her jacket. There was only one contact saved on her phone. She quickly typed a few words and sent a message.

On the first floor, the doors of the private elevator opened and Ye Lanchen stepped out. His icy aura spread across every inch of the hallway and the temperature of the entire floor seemed to have dropped by a few degrees in the blink of an eye.

"President, there's no one in the elevators. However, elevator No. 1 stopped on the second floor earlier. Then, elevator No. 2 ascended from the second floor. Perhaps the person you are looking for has gone up…" Manager Li, who was on duty, mustered up his courage to report to his superior.

Ye Lanchen did not seem to be surprised by this outcome. He glanced at elevator No. 2's rapidly increasing number and those deep, enigmatic eyes of his exuded a hint of suspicion. "Check the CCTV's footage."

CCTVs were installed at every corner of the hotel. He wanted to see how far the woman could run.

Manager Li made a phone call immediately, but a sour expression soon appeared on his face.

"President, the hotel's CCTV system has been hacked. Every footage that was recorded since last night has been deleted. Now, all of the computer screens have gone black and every CCTV in the hotel can't be used."

"When did this happen?" Ye Lanchen was momentarily stunned. His threatening gaze swept across the area. There was a dangerous aura about him and everybody around him was shocked speechless.

"Just now. Manager Zhou said it happened five seconds before I called him…" Manager Li badly wished that a hole would appear on the ground and swallow him. Right now, the President was terrifying.

Ye Lanchen displayed a rollercoaster of emotions. His eyes narrowed with rage, as though a storm was approaching. He seemed hell-bent on punishing everyone that stood in his path. Yet, a wry smile crossed his face.

Apparently, he had underestimated her abilities. Things were getting interesting.

Manager Li looked up and saw the current expression on the President's face. For one moment, he thought that his own heart had stopped beating. The President, whom he had known all along, had always been pleasant and approachable. This time around, however, the President was terrifying and everybody feared him.

In the meantime, elevator No. 2 stopped on the 48th floor.

"Is Young Master Leng's costume party over?" Ye Lanchen asked nonchalantly as he stole a glance at the elevator's display.

"Not yet." Manager Li was unsure what the point behind the question was, but answered anyway.

"Mm." Ye Lanchen smiled and his deep, dark eyes exuded a glint of sadistic pleasure, giving him a mysterious yet fearsome vibe.

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