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Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Getting Caught

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"Secure all exits of the hotel and don't let anyone leave. Give me your handphone. Tell Fifth Young Master Shen to call me once he's here." Now, Ye Lanchen had regained his usual calm demeanor.

Manager Li was full of doubt but he dared not ask any further questions. He handed his phone over with a quaking hand.

Ye Lanchen went straight for the third floor. If he was not mistaken, that woman must have gone to the costume party.

Indeed, Chu Wuyou had gone to the costume party on the third floor. She had changed her clothes and put on a fox mask. Currently, she was unable to leave the hotel on her own. Thus, she needed assistance.

She swept her gaze around the sea of people, searching for somebody. The hall was dimly-lit and everyone had put on a costume. Identifying someone under such conditions was no simple task.

Still, Chu Wuyou managed to recognize the person she was looking for —— He Yunan.

It was said that He Yunan was a dangerous man. He was hedonistic, cunning, sinister and as sly as a fox. Also, he happened to be He Yufei's younger brother, and today was the day of her engagement with He Yufei.

Assuming Chu Wuyou had the choice, she would not want to look for him. Then again, she did not have a better alternative at the moment.

He Yunan was the only person whom she recognized among this crowd. Coincidentally, she was aware of some secrets of the He family.

"He Yunan!" Chu Wuyou approached the man and called him out.

He Yunan stopped for a while before turning around. He glanced at her emotionlessly.

Chu Wuyou was not surprised by his reaction.

She greeted He Yunan and smiled wanly. "Seeing how the Second Young Master of the He family is able to party here all night, does this mean that the He family's recent problems have been settled?" She uttered each word carefully while stepping closer to him. Then, she added, "Like the time your cousin, He Yutian purposefully killed two people with his car; the time your father's mistress got pregnant but died suddenly a few days ago; the time…"

She understood He Yunan's character. Despite his hedonistic personality, he still cared about matters concerning the He family.

There was a subtle change in He Yunan's expression. He grabbed Chu Wuyou's wrist without warning. "Who are you?"

Chu Wuyou merely looked at him in a friendly manner but did not say a word.

"Tell me what you want." He Yunan looked at her closely. He was a smart man and naturally, he knew she was up to something.

"I need to leave this hotel as soon as possible." Chu Wuyou maintained her smile in spite of her anxiety. She spoke calmly without showing her uneasiness.

"Is it difficult to leave the hotel?" He Yunan frowned. He was surprised by Chu Wuyou's request.

"Right now, it's difficult for me. That's why I need your help, Young Master He." Chu Wuyou nodded slowly.

"Sir, this is a costume party. Please wear a mask." Ye Lanchen was stopped outside the hall.

To avoid wasting precious seconds, Ye Lanchen took a mask and wore it instead of arguing. After that, he quickly headed inside the hall.

"Alright, I'll help you." Among the crowd, He Yunan regarded Chu Wuyou with fascination. He desired to find out who this woman was.

"Let's go." Without releasing his grip on her wrist, He Yunan tugged her along and walked outside.

Quietly, Chu Wuyou heaved a sigh of relief. As she was about to follow He Yunan, someone caught hold of her waist. Before she had time to scream, her whole body was dragged into another man's arms.

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