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Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Too Cocky

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Chu Wuyou raised her head and stared into the man's eyes. In that split second, she felt like she had been sucked into a bottomless void and the icy cold aura reeked of danger and death.

It was rather dark in the hall and Chu Wuyou could not identify the man as he wore a mask. Nonetheless, judging by the man's gaze, she was sure that he might be that man.

She did not understand how the man could find her that quickly. Was it a coincidence, or did he recognize her?

He kept quiet and merely stared at her, burning fear into her with that inscrutable gaze of his.

Chu Wuyou was afraid. She knew that she could not stay and had to flee at once. The only way out was to shake him loose.

Fortunately, she was well prepared.

"Ahhh, murder! Ahh, ahh, blood, blood everywhere!" Chu Wuyou squeezed an object in her pocket, which was filled with fake blood, and screamed loudly.

Suddenly, her bloodcurdling scream overpowered the noises in the hall and the blaring music.

No one noticed that while Chu Wuyou was screaming, she threw a small, ball-like object at the man's feet. The little ball burst and viscous fluid flowed towards the soles of his shoes.

She obtained all of these things from the dressing room earlier. Admittedly, the props for this party were well-stocked.

From the moment the man took Chu Wuyou into his arms to the minute she screamed, the latter did everything in the blink of an eye. Her speed and wits were simply impressive.

The startling screams and the sight of carmine red caused even the calmest of individuals like the man to freeze in shock.

When he was still stunned, Chu Wuyou jumped suddenly and broke free from his clutches.

"Go!" As soon as Chu Wuyou was free, she grabbed hold of He Yunan's wrist without hesitation and ran.

Time was of the essence. Chu Wuyou firmly believed that she would die if she got caught by that man.

Ye Lanchen let out a cold laugh. Initially, he was unsure of the woman's identity, but he was absolutely sure right now.

However, she had on a pure white magician's robe and wore a ridiculous headpiece that shielded her figure and the shape of her head.

A smile appeared on Ye Lanchen's face. There was no need to rush. He had already set up a bunch of traps within his territory to capture her! How could he let her escape when he had finally identified his target?!

Ye Lanchen allowed her to enjoy her fleeting self-satisfaction.

Nevertheless, when he was about to chase after her, his expression altered. He suddenly realized that his shoes were stuck to the floor; he was unable to move.

Chu Wuyou was covered in "blood" and no one dared to stop her.

When Chu Wuyou and He Yunan were about to leave the hall, the former randomly dragged another woman along.

The woman must have been scared silly and allowed Chu Wuyou to tug her along instead of struggling.

The rest of the elevators had stopped on the first floor, except for the private elevator which had stopped on the third floor.

Chu Wuyou chuckled. Obviously, that man had used the private elevator to get up here. As a result, this bought her more time.

She headed inside the private elevator. The minute the elevator doors slid shut, she noticed that the man had already exited the hall.

"Bye." Chu Wuyou waved at him "politely".

Both of them were wearing masks; they could not see each other's faces.

Ye Lanchen closely observed her cocky expression and his narrowing eyes seemed to give off a hint of delight. However, that delightful look of his could make people quake in fear.

He Yunan finally came to his senses inside the elevator. He regarded Chu Wuyou with confusion.

"Miss Li, I need your help." Ignoring He Yunan, Chu Wuyou addressed the woman she dragged along with courtesy and sincerity.

"Who are you? Why should I help you?" Li Huiru gave her a sideways glance. Disdain and annoyance were written on her face.

Chu Wuyou whispered a few words to her and Li Huiru's expression shifted at once. With terror in her eyes, Li Huiru clenched her teeth and asked, "What do you want me to do?"

"Put this on. If the elevator stops on the first floor, pretend that you are injured and collapse outside." Chu Wuyou removed her "blood-soaked" magician's robe and handed it to Li Huiru.

Chu Wuyou was certain that someone would be waiting for her on the first floor. Although this private elevator was for the use of the hotel's senior management, it would still be stopped on the first floor.

Thus, Chu Wuyou must be prepared for all circumstances.

This could either make or break her escape!

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