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Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Close Shave

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Li Huiru was reluctant but she had to do it.

He Yunan blinked. The woman was smart, daring, quick-witted and calm. Her plans were flawless.

Chu Wuyou had successfully piqued his interest in her and he desired to know who she was.

The elevator came to a stop on the first floor and the doors opened.

Realizing that their President was not in the elevator, Manager Li commanded sternly, "Get them."

At Manager Li's command, a few people rushed towards the elevator. At that instance, Li Huiru who was covered in 'blood', rushed out of the elevator.

"Ah, are you alright Miss?" Everybody was taken aback by what had happened.

Chu Wuyou immediately pressed the button to close the elevator doors before Manager Li's men could make another move. The elevator then descended to the basement parking level.

It was impossible to stop them now.

"Go after them, quickly! They must be stopped!" responded Manager Li when he realized that he was deceived and ordered his men to chase after He Yunan and Chu Wuyou.

The incident that took place caused some delay.

In the elevator, He Yunan squinted and swiftly pulled off the mask from Chu Wuyou's face.

"Chu Wuyou!!!" For a second, He Yunan thought there was something wrong with his eyes. He could not believe that it was her!

That dim-witted, idiotic Chu Wuyou! That ugly, old-fashioned Chu Wuyou!

That woman who made everyone laugh! That useless Chu Wuyou!

How was this possible?!

The woman in front of him was unmistakably Chu Wuyou. Her freckles were one of a kind.

However, she was not wearing her usual thick, old-fashioned pair of spectacles.

He Yunan suddenly realized that her eyes looked really beautiful without glasses. In fact, it was breathtakingly beautiful!

She was in no way stupid. In actuality, she was incredibly clever. Her dim-witted appearance was just meant to deceive people.

Still, there was one thing He Yunan could not comprehend. Why did she have to make herself look stupid on purpose and disguised herself to look ugly?

Chu Wuyou did not utter a word. She merely glanced at him slightly and calmly put on her mask again.

He Yunan was overcome with surprise as he observed her laid-back manner.

What kind of a woman was she?!

As soon as the elevator doors opened, Chu Wuyou walked out.

"My car is at the very front. It's nearby." He Yunan was full of doubt but this was not the time for questions.

His car was very near to the elevator. It was just a few hundred meters away and would have only taken about two to three minutes to run to the car.

However, those few minutes were still too risky for Chu Wuyou.

Meanwhile, Ye Lanchen summoned elevator No. 1 on the third floor as Chu Wuyou had used his private elevator.

"President?!" Elevator No. 1 was still blocked by people on the first floor. Manager Li took a deep breath when he saw the President.

Ye Lanchen's gaze fell onto Li Huiru, who was wearing the familiar 'blood-soaked' outfit.

Being an intelligent person, he knew what was going on.

He had underestimated that woman!

Great, this was just getting even more interesting!

Chu Wuyou had better pray that she would never get caught by him!!!

At the basement parking, the doors to elevator No. 2 opened just as Chu Wuyou and He Yunan were halfway to the car.

"Over there, get them!" A few men saw them both and gave chase.

At that moment, elevator No. 1 also stopped at the basement parking level. The elevator doors opened and Ye Lanchen stepped out.

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