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Chapter 12

Chapter 12: She Has Escaped

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"How about another exit? It's in the middle of the night and they can't possibly deploy so many people to block every single exit. And if they did, then we're simply unlucky." He Yunan was still hopeful.

"It's no use. They are wearing auxiliary police uniforms and aren't hotel staff. Auxiliary police patrols twenty-four hours at any location." Hence, there were definitely enough people to stand guard and using a different exit would not have helped.

"F*ck, what kind of grudge are they holding? Do they have to pursue in such an unforgiving manner?" It was then that He Yunan realized the seriousness of the situation. Had he not experienced this for himself, he would not have known how hard it would be to leave the hotel.

"Unforgiving?!" Chu Wuyou thought that the description was really appropriate.

"We could retreat first." He Yunan plotted carefully. He could not run over the human chain that was in front of them and refusing to retreat would only result in their capture.

"No." If they retreated, it would be the end for Chu Wuyou.

He Yunan turned to look at her with an expectant and skeptical manner. "Do you have a plan?"

"Just move forward." Chu Wuyou disregarded the human chain and raised her eyebrows slightly.

"Won't someone get killed?" Even as He Yunan asked, he had already stepped on the pedal and accelerated.

"Nope." Chu Wuyou's voice was soft yet commanding.

He Yunan sped forward and approached the exit. The people making up the human chain shifted in their expressions but no one moved.

He Yunan narrowed his eyes but did not decelerate this time. He trusted Chu Wuyou's decision. For some reason, he fully trusted her at that moment.

They were now only about ten meters away from the exit.

Chu Wuyou suddenly stood up to open the sunroof and threw an object towards the human chain. "This is a German M-DN31 hand grenade! Feel how powerful it is!"

The hand grenade landed in front of the row of people and began to emit smoke. Without a doubt, the props supplied at the costume party were useful and effective. 5

"Bomb! It's a bomb! Run!" Everyone panicked and ran away at the sight of the activated grenade. 3

They were daring enough to take the risk when He Yunan was moving towards them. They were confident that he would not run over them.

However, a hand grenade was thrown at them. Who in their right mind would have dared to use his own body as a shield against a bomb? 5

He Yunan lost focus for a moment. Despite that, it did not affect his driving. He was a member of the hotel and had access to have enabled the barrier at the exit to ascend automatically and quickly.

The minute the crowd dispersed, he drove straight out of the exit.

The crowd regained their senses and realized that the hand grenade only emitted smoke but did not explode. They were shocked when they realized that He Yunan and Chu Wuyou had escaped.

"Young Master Shen, we couldn't stop them. They have escaped."

"What? They have escaped?" Fifth Young Master Shen was astonished and could not believe his ears. "What happened?"

Ye Lanchen, who was walking beside him, narrowed his eyes.

"That woman threw a hand grenade."

"Hand grenade? Why does she have a hand grenade? Did anyone get hurt?" Fifth Young Master Shen inhaled deeply. His expression was grave and even his voice had changed.

On the other hand, Ye Lanchen twitched his eyebrows as if he had thought of something. His gaze was brutal and his threatening aura reappeared.

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