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Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Capturing Her

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"No…" One of the people who was on the phone glanced at the smoking grenade and gulped. "The hand grenade is fake."

"What the f*ck?! A fake grenade fooled you?!" swore Fifth Young Master Shen.

"There was smoke coming out of the grenade earlier and that woman threatened us in a very professional manner…" The person lowered his gaze.

"Looks like that woman is not very simple." Fifth Young Master Shen hung up and frowned. "Third Elder Brother, what sort of person is she?"

What sort of person is she? Ye Lanchen desperately wanted an answer to this question.

He never expected that Chu Wuyou would have been able to escape from the hotel in the end.

Nonetheless, escaping from the hotel did not mean that she fled successfully.

"Bentley, license plate number ending with 666. It departed the west exit of Jin Ling Hotel's basement parking level two minutes ago. I want the woman in the car." Ye Lanchen made a phone call and gave his orders.

"Third Elder Brother, I can't believe you called…" Fifth Young Master Shen was shocked and speechless. His facial expression changed. He knew who his brother had called.

"Third Elder Brother, did they send this woman here? Did she steal something important?" At that moment, Fifth Young Master Shen could only think of that possibility.

If that were true, it would be a completely different situation!

"No." Ye Lanchen's eyes flickered. He believed that Chu Wuyou did not come to the hotel with bad intentions.

However, he still could not let her go.

"No? Why do you want to catch her then? What did she do? She…" Fifth Young Master Shen's curiosity had been piqued.

However, he had to suppress his curiosity when he saw Ye Lanchen's dark and brooding expression.

Fifth Young Master Shen realized then that his brother did not want to say anything!

"Third Elder Brother, I just found out that the Bentley belongs to He Yunan and he must have left together with Chu Wuyou." Fifth Young Master Shen changed the subject.

"I do know a thing or two about He Yunan. His character is such that he won't go to great lengths to help someone unless he shares a special relationship with that person or there's a special situation."

"The fake hand grenade that Chu Wuyou used at the exit and the plasma capsules came from Young Master Leng's costume party. Does she have anything to do with Young Master Leng?"

Fifth Young Master Shen had an inkling that his brother did not know about Chu Wuyou's identity either. Thus, his analysis revolved around her.

Ye Lanchen kept quiet and his dark gaze was incomprehensible.

Suddenly, Fifth Young Master Shen realized that everything he said was pointless. Chu Wuyou would never be able to run away, no matter how smart and talented she was. He believed that she would be captured in no time and only then would her identity be revealed.

His guesses were pointless now.

The third floor.

"Young Master Leng, what do we do now?" The crowd was nervous after witnessing the chaotic scene that took place earlier.

How could someone cause trouble at Young Master Leng's costume party?!

Young Master Leng scanned the crowd calmly.

The people heaved sighs of relief when they realized that Young Master Leng was not furious.

"Find out who the woman is." A few moments later, he murmured, "You will know the consequences if you fail to do so."

Young Master Leng had always been the one to crash other people's parties. He never expected his party to be crashed, especially by a woman.

In an instant, everybody fell silent. Everyone in Jin City knew that offending Young Master Leng would only lead to a horrible end.

After five minutes, He Yunan noticed a car pursuing them from behind. The driver was speeding and He Yunan was impressed with his driving skills.

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