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Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Something Shocking 1

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It was amazing that the other driver could catch up with He Yunan so quickly.

With a swift maneuver, the car behind them suddenly accelerated and tried to overtake them.

He Yunan smiled smugly. He was about to accelerate as well before he realized that another car had appeared at the crossroad in front of him, blocking his way.

Worried, his expression sank. Yet, he had already promised Chu Wuyou that they would run as far away as possible. He had assumed that he could drive 100km away, but he did not think that he would be obstructed by someone else so soon.

So, all he could do was stop driving, wind down the window and look at The Fly, who had just gotten out of his car. A cocky smile gradually appeared on his handsome face. "Want to race, brother?"

The Fly's pupils shrank as he scanned the interior of He Yunan's car through the window. His gaze fell on the car's trunk for two seconds before he made a phone call. "The car has been blocked, but there's no woman in the car, only a man. The car's real-time speed is 160. Two minutes after I received your call, I've locked onto the target on Xi Ling Road. No one got out of the car during this period."

There was an obvious change on He Yunan's face. He had been spied on three minutes ago, yet he did not realize this.

Luckily, Chu Wuyou had gotten out of the car earlier.

Nevertheless, he felt that the man was speaking in riddles. Although he did not understand a word of it, the person on the other end of the call would definitely be able to comprehend it.

He Yunan began to worry about Chu Wuyou's safety.

"Understood." As he listened, Ye Lanchen's expression darkened. The information provided by The Fly was enough to help him determine where the woman got off the car. "Check on He Yunan and find out about every woman he knows."

"Yes," The Fly replied obediently.

"What? Even The Fly has failed to capture her?" Fifth Young Master Shen could hardly believe the news. "What sort of person is she? It's my first time seeing The Fly fail at his mission."

"What do we do now?" Fifth Young Master Shen was bemused as he observed Ye Lanchen's placid demeanor.

"Go to Lil Four's room." Ye Lanchen headed for the elevator without answering the question.

"Why should I go to Fourth Elder Brother's room?" Fifth Young Master Shen was puzzled. "Don't tell me that woman can hide in his room."

"She got out of the car within ten miles of the hotel's vicinity." Finally, Ye Lanchen gave some form of an answer to Fifth Young Master Shen.

Fifth Young Master Shen was momentarily stunned. Then, he laughed. "Do you think that she has been fooled by her own cleverness? She must have thought that you'll catch up with her, so she got out of the car after leaving the hotel. After that, she allowed He Yunan to drive away alone to distract you, but she didn't expect The Fly to catch up with He Yunan so soon. Of course, she most likely would not have thought that that pervert, Fourth Elder Brother has installed a bunch of CCTVs within ten miles of the hotel."

Fifth Young Master Shen's lips kept curving upward. "Jin Ling Hotel is located within the outskirts and not many cars will pass by at this hour. If she failed to hitch a ride after getting out of He Yunan's car, she must still be hiding somewhere nearby. Till then, we can catch her."

After the elevator doors opened, Fifth Young Master Shen headed inside hastily and pressed on the button to the thirty-third floor.

Both Fourth Elder Brother and Third Elder Brother's rooms were on the thirty-third floor; one was 3301 and the other was 3302. The balconies of the two rooms were almost joined together. No doubt, this was also the perverse Fourth Elder Brother's design.

"Third Elder Brother, aren't these your clothes? Why are they here?" Fifth Young Master Shen gasped when he stepped out of the elevator on the thirty-third floor and saw the clothes on the floor.

"I was going to have them washed." Ye Lanchen glanced at the clothes moodily.

"Why would you leave them here if you want to have them washed?" Fifth Young Master Shen was not a child and he did not believe this excuse. He suddenly realized that something shocking and unbelievable had occurred last night.

However, Ye Lanchen had walked away. Fifth Young Master Shen was surprised at first, but he then picked up the clothes and followed his brother.

Ye Lanchen was aware of the code to Fourth Young Master Xi's room. The door opened once he entered the code and he pushed the door open…

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