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Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Something Shocking 3

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Not moving, Ye Lanchen's gaze darkened. He started to adjust the footage, but he realized that no matter what he did, nothing on the screen changed. Everything was already set in place.

Due to the absence of people and moving objects on the screen, it was difficult for him to detect any changes. Most importantly, the footage kept flashing as he watched it which gave him an illusion where he assumed that the video was still playing as normal.

However, it was obvious that the CCTV had been hacked the moment she entered the convenience store because the image froze at that point. Yet, he could not understand how the flashing effect was created.

He tried to check other footages but discovered that the CCTV at this location could no longer be used, while the CCTVs at other locations functioned normally.

It seemed like he had met an expert in this field!

Ye Lanchen knew that the woman was no longer at the gas station now.

The night was as cool as water, but his gaze was as cold as ice.

Fifth Young Master Shen stared at the screen with wide eyes and a gaping mouth before he slowly came to his senses.

"Perhaps I'll go there to have a look, Third Elder Brother." Fifth Young Master Shen regarded Ye Lanchen while his heart was beating violently with fear.

"Is Li Huiru still at the hotel?" Ye Lanchen turned around and his soft voice was laced with intimidation.

"Yes." Fifth Young Master Shen felt a chill running down his spine.

"Tell someone to bring her to the parlor on the first floor." Assuming that the woman had escaped from his clutches, he would still do anything to get her back.

The parlor on the first floor.

Right now, Ye Lanchen was still wearing his mask; he could have forgotten to remove it.

"I really don't know who she is. She wore a mask and I couldn't see her face." Li Huiru was terrified and felt wronged.

"Why did you help her if you don't know who she was? You'd better think carefully before answering me. I'm handling this matter personally and you should understand its gravity." Every word uttered by Fifth Young Master Shen was laced with menace.

Fifth Young Master Shen was aware that Li Huiru knew of him and his identity.

"Because… Because she threatened me and did so with a gun?" There was a brief change in Li Huiru's expression before she darted her gaze.

"If she did threaten you with a gun, your first reaction when you got out of the elevator on the first floor was to scream for help, not pretend to be injured and obstruct the staff from entering the elevator." Fifth Young Master Shen laughed coldly. "You better not lie to me, or else I'll suspect that you're her accomplice. When she left the hotel just now, she threw a hand grenade and wounded seven people. If I can't catch her, then you'll…"

"I'm not her accomplice! I'm really not! I don't know her at all!" Li Huiru's face went pale with fear and her body began to shake.

"Then come clean. This is your final chance." In all honesty, Fifth Young Master Shen did not know how to treat a woman kindly sometimes.

"She, she used a secret of mine to threaten me, so I had to help her."

"Your secret? What secret? How did she know?" Fifth Young Master Shen furrowed his brows. He was evidently surprised by this answer.

A flash of curiosity appeared in Ye Lanchen's eyes.

"The fact… The fact that I had an abortion." Li Huiru did not want to hide anything anymore.

Fifth Young Master Shen's expression shifted slightly. He then quickly turned towards Ye Lanchen who was smiling in an enigmatic manner.

"I'm… I'm telling you the truth! Why would I hide anything else from you after revealing this matter?" When the two men remained silent, Li Huiru became flustered. "Right, previously, there was also a man inside the elevator. He was also threatened by that woman."

Both Ye Lanchen and Fifth Young Master Shen were taken aback.

He Yunan was threatened?!

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