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Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Something Shocking 4

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"How did you know?" Fifth Young Master Shen stared at Li Huiru intently with his eyes bright.

"When we were on the third floor, she approached the man and he initially ignored her. At that time, I was near them and despite the loud music, I could vaguely hear her said something about the He family, but I couldn't hear what she said after that. However, the man's behavior changed immediately before he grabbed hold of her wrist and asked her who she was. He was rather scary at that time."

Ye Lanchen and Fifth Young Master Shen did not speak for a while.

Li Huiru heaved a quiet sigh of relief. Due to the fear within her, she spoke faster, "That woman seemed like she was not afraid as she just remained silent. Then, the man gave in and agreed to help her. After that…"

Li Huiru looked at Ye Lanchen, who was still wearing his mask. "You should understand what happened next, Sir."

"Earlier, when she ran towards me with her covered in blood, I was scared silly. I was dragged into the elevator by her and she threatened me with my darkest secret. I had no choice."

"What could possibly threaten He Yunan? What kind of secrets does the He family hold?" There was a tinge of huskiness in Fifth Young Master Shen's voice. "It must be an extraordinary and unknown matter, but how does the woman know about it? How does she know about issues concerning the He family…"

Fifth Young Master Shen glanced at Li Huiru. "How did she know that you had an abortion?"

"She must know He Yunan and you, Miss Li," Fifth Young Master Shen concluded.

"Yes, she knows me. Back then, I was wearing a mask and she called out my name. I was so terrified that I didn't think about this." Li Huiru nodded.

"What happened to the He family recently?" Ye Lanchen began to speak. He sounded nonchalant, yet every word he spoke reeked of danger.

"Today, He Yufei will be engaged to the First Young Lady of the Chu family," Fifth Young Master Shen pondered for a while before he said out loud. He was aware of this matter as the eldest daughter of the Chu family was extremely special.

"The First Young Lady of the Chu family?" Ye Lanchen focused on this point and directed his inscrutable gaze onto Li Huiru. "Do you know her?"

If both He Yunan and Li Huiru knew her, then this Chu Wuyou was a highly suspicious figure.

"Yes, of course I know her. That's Chu Wuyou. She returned to the Chu family five years ago. Back then, her family had sent her to Jin City High School and she was my classmate. Chu Wuyou is stupid as hell and never got more than 30 marks in exams. Most of the time, her marks were even in the single digits and she only obtained 56 marks in her Gaokao<sup>1</sup>, breaking the public exam's record of the lowest marks in history. Chu Wuyou is retarded, ugly and dowdy. It's shameless of her to fall in love with He Yufei. Her grandfather loves her a lot and so he arranged for their wedding…" A look of contempt and disgust appeared on Li Huiru's face as she talked about Chu Wuyou.

"In that case, that might not be Chu Wuyou." Fifth Young Master Shen had heard of rumors that First Young Lady Chu was stupid, but he did not expect her to be as stupid as this.

"Not exactly." There was a mysterious glow in Ye Lanchen's eyes. No one knew what he was thinking about.

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