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Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Giveaway

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"That's impossible, Third Elder Brother. It's a miracle that a person who only scored 56 marks in her Gaokao didn't die of stupidity. How could she have managed to escape from your clutches?" Fifth Young Master Shen refused to believe such a likelihood.

"Get someone to bring He Yunan to the police station." Instead of arguing with him, Ye Lanchen changed the subject abruptly.

"Bring He Yunan to the police station? He Yunan could have been threatened initially, but later on, he willingly helped that woman. I'm just worried that I won't get anything out of him. As far as I know, He Yunan is obstinate as f*ck and nobody could pry open his mouth if he wants to keep it shut. Moreover, we can't resort to torture when we interrogate him." Fifth Young Master Shen disagreed with his brother's suggestion.

"Whether he speaks or not isn't important." At this point, Li Huiru had left, so Ye Lanchen slowly removed his mask, showing his sharp and prominent features. Right now, he had regained his prior calmness and his gaze was icy cool.

"Understood. I'll make arrangements." Fifth Young Master Shen finally understood.

At tight o'clock in the morning, inside the police station's interrogation room.

"Young Master He, we brought you here today to ask you some questions. I would appreciate your cooperation," Captain Lu said courteously.

"Okay, I'll tell you everything I know and cooperate wholeheartedly." He Yunan smiled and his behavior seemed normal. It was as if he was a guest, he sat down on the chair without waiting for an invitation.

"Do you know the woman who left the hotel with you last night, Young Master Shao?"

"No," He Yunan replied without hesitation.

In another room, Ye Lanchen stared at the monitor and slowly narrowed his eyes.

"I knew He Yunan wouldn't tell us anything." Fifth Young Master Shen chuckled coldly.

"But you helped her escape, Young Master Shao."

"Escape?!" He Yunan laughed. "What? Did she murder someone? If she did, aren't you supposed to locate and arrest her? So I have now become an accomplice."

"It's not that serious." Captain Lu let out a quiet sigh. Indeed, it was no easy job.

"Oh, that's fine then. She merely hitched a ride with me. Once we left the hotel, she got out of the car and I don't know about the rest."

"Don't you know who she is?"

"I don't know. We got to know each other at the costume party and both of us were wearing masks. How could I tell who she was?" He Yunan answered nonchalantly.

"But I heard that you helped her because you were threatened by her."

"Oh, whatever you say. Any further questions?" He Yunan shrugged as if it was no big deal. With this sort of reaction, there was nothing Captain Lu could do with him.

"He Yunan is a sly fox indeed!" In the other room, Fifth Young Master Shen chided.

Ye Lanchen threw him a sideways look.

"Understood, Third Elder Brother." Fifth Young Master Shen's face lit up with excitement. Then, he took out his phone and made a call.

Captain Lu's phone rang in the interrogation room.

He glanced at He Yunan before he answered the phone. He simply listened without saying anything.

He Yunan was calm and composed, exuding an air of indifference.

"You mean the First Young Lady of the Chu family, Chu Wuyou!" Captain Lu exclaimed without warning.

Meanwhile, in the other room, Ye Lanchen fixed his gaze on He Yunan on the monitor and observed the changes in the latter's expressions.

If He Yunan would giveaway even the tiniest slip right now, it would never escape Ye Lanchen's eyes.

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