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Chapter 19

Chapter 19: It's Insane To Conspire Against Her

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At the same time, He Yunan's phone rang.

He flinched for a second as if he was jolted awake. Unable to react in time, his expression froze.

"Hello, mom." He Yunan sighed in relief. If not for the call, he would have given himself away. That fellow was diabolical to trick him this way.

Under such circumstances, that if the person interrogating him had received a call and mentioned Chu Wuyou without warning, He Yunan would still show some hint of uneasiness, no matter how well-prepared he was.

He believed that that person was observing him from a hidden place right now. Knowing how powerful that person was, the uneasiness that had almost shown itself would have been noticed.

It was too dangerous.

"Nan'er, where are you? Today is your brother's engagement and I still don't see your brother's friends. He didn't answer my call either. Do you know where he is?"

"I know, letting your brother marry Chu Wuyou is extremely unfair for him. I, too, don't want to let him marry that ugly, stupid and useless woman," Madam He began to complain when she brought up Chu Wuyou.

"But we can't offend the patriarch of the Chu family. Marrying a stupid woman has its benefits too such that in the future, she won't boss your brother around. Also, her share of the Chu family's inheritance will belong to your brother one day." The He family had agreed to this union for they wanted the Chu family's property.

"Mom, you should say this to my brother." He Yunan suddenly felt annoyed but amused at the same time.

Chu Wuyou, a stupid woman?! Moreover, his mother had planned to plot against Chu Wuyou to acquire the Chu family's property, which he thought was the funniest thing he had heard in his whole life.

His mother and his brother combined could never outsmart Chu Wuyou. No, his entire family combined could never outsmart Chu Wuyou.

"I can't contact your brother. Find your brother at once! He must not delay his engagement, although Chu Wuyou is stupid as hell and hideous…" Madam He was in a panicky mood. Despite her dislike towards Chu Wuyou, the He family did not want anything to go wrong during the engagement.

Only money and conspiracy mattered in marriages between wealthy families. Love? That was a luxury.

"Mom, I'm tied up with something at the moment. I'll hang up now." He Yunan refused to listen to any more of his mother's ramblings and so, he ended the call.

Last time, he would never have cared about such matters, but this time…

In fact, much earlier, he had only seen Chu Wuyou once. It was hard to describe his first impression of her.

He Yunan understood that his brother was reluctant to marry Chu Wuyou, and he also knew that his brother liked Chu Ninger. Yet, his brother had never objected to the marriage openly. Yet, all of a sudden, he had disappeared today. Was he going to embarrass her at the engagement party?

Or did his brother think that she was too dumb and too easy to bully, thus…

When he recalled how well thought out her escape plan was, He Yunan suddenly feared that something bad would happen at the engagement party.

He Yunan thought that his mother and brother would be looking for trouble if they wanted to conspire against Chu Wuyou.

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