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Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Are You Going To Be Engaged?

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"F*ck, why did his phone have to ring?" In another room, Fifth Young Master Shen cursed. "It ruined our plans!"

"Where's the engagement party?" Ye Lanchen twitched his brows. On the contrary, he felt that the phone had rung at an opportune time.

Things were getting increasingly interesting!

"I think it's at Sheng Shi Hotel," Fifth Young Master Shen answered instinctively, but his eyes widened at the next second. "What are you going to do, Third Elder Brother? Are you going to…"

The engagement party was in the banquet hall on the second floor of Sheng Shi Hotel.

He Yunan had found a reasonable place to meet Chu Wuyou. When he saw how dolled up and how normal she was, he raised his eyebrows in surprise. Then, he laughed slyly. "I was invited to the police station just now."

Chu Wuyou merely gave him a sideways glance and remained quiet.

Seeing her silence, He Yunan's smile grew wider. "Or, I'll return to the police station and tell them what I haven't told them yet."

"Just say it, what do you want to know?" Chu Wuyou looked at him and sighed quietly. He Yunan was evidently a liability and seeking his help would certainly lead to other problems. Now, all she had to do was to make sure the problems would not grow in scale.

"Apparently, you've been pretending to be an idiot all along and you've tricked everybody around you. Apparently…" There was no question about it now.

"Get straight to the point." Chu Wuyou had no patience for his words as she glanced at him emotionlessly, cutting him off.

He Yunan's lips twitched. He was supposed to threaten her today, but he felt as if he had ended up as the passive one.

Since when was he so easily pushed around by others?!

"I want to know what the hell happened last night. How did you offend that person?" Naturally, the Second Young Master of the He family was a flexible and easy-going person. However, his curiosity overwhelmed him.

"I slept with him," Chu Wuyou spoke in a wan manner as if she was discussing the weather.

She knew that He Yunan would not stop bothering her without getting an answer.

"…" He Yunan was appalled. Yet at the same time, he felt frustrated and uneasy.

"Even though you've slept with him, does he have to pursue you that relentlessly?" He Yunan yelled in anger, but it seemed like he was hiding something.

When he noticed Chu Wuyou's slightly surprised look, he realized that he had lost his cool. So, he added another question, "Did you abandon him after that?"

If she did, she was too cruel!

"No, I just gave him a "service fee" and took his clothes away." Chu Wuyou pouted innocently. In fact, she did not do anything bad to that man and the latter did not lose anything either. Did he have to resort to this pursuit?

"…" He Yunan's lips twitched in fury. All she did was give him a "service fee" and took his clothes away!

In his opinion, what she did was no better than crippling that man!

Whoever got into this situation would surely be angry; it was good enough if one did not get mad with her.

However, He Yunan was suddenly envious of that man.

"Are you… Are you going to be engaged with my brother today?" As he said this, He Yunan felt the rapid beating of his heart.

She was a smart woman and should know that his brother disliked her. Besides, she must be aware of the true intention of the He family. In this case, would she still become engaged with his brother?

What on earth was she up to? Did she have another plan?

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