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Chapter 22

Chapter 22: The Show Within A Show

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"Ninger, let's head to the hotel." A determined expression suddenly appeared on He Yufei's face as if he had made a decision.

"To… To the hotel? Yes, we gotta go to the hotel. Can't delay your engagement with my elder sister." Chu Ninger sat up straight and shot him a pitiful look that perfectly captured the pain and struggle that she was going through.

He Yufei felt bad when he saw her expression. He smiled and tapped on her nose gently. "Don't worry, I won't make you sad again."

Chu Ninger was stunned for a moment before she regarded him adorably and slowly parted her red lips.

"Let's go silly girl." He Yufei reached out an arm and drew her close to him affectionately.

Meanwhile, tensions rose in the hotel.

It was past the time of the engagement and the bridegroom-to-be was nowhere in sight.

"What's the He family getting at?" muttered Elder Chu with a darkened expression. He was obviously annoyed.

He Yufei's parents were anxious but they were unable to contact their son. They dared not utter a word in front of Elder Chu as they had no idea what was going on.

There were some in the crowd who were happy such as Second Uncle Chu's family.

Others put on a gloating manner.

Chu Wuyou lowered her head and stood aside obediently. She did not expect the situation to put her in a tight spot.

"First Young Lady Chu is so slow to respond! Isn't she supposed to be worried right now?"

"Slow to respond? What you just said is the greatest compliment that you can give her. She isn't slow to respond. Instead, she's an idiot because she hasn't figured out what's going on."

"I have heard that Miss Chu is a little stupid but is it that serious?"

"Of course it's serious! Calling her stupid is too polite. She's no different from a retard."

"It's understandable why He Yufei is not present. Who wants to marry a retard like her? She's also repulsive." The remarks from the crowd grew more and more insulting.

"Why would He Yufei agree to this then?"

"From what I heard, the Chu and He families came to an agreement. The He family is dependent on the Chu family to be more precise."

"If that's true, will today's engagement be called off?"

"Of course it'll be. A person could throw up looking at a retard like that. Who the heck would want to marry her?

Everyone passed remarks. Their conversations were picked up even though they spoke softly. One could have guessed what they were talking about based on their expressions.

Elder Chu's expression darkened further.

Chu Wuyou did not seem to feel anything despite what was going on. She unexpectedly walked towards a stuffed rabbit and tapped its head gently. The rabbit bounced lightly as she tapped. She tapped it again and it bounced once more. She kept tapping and tapping and tapping…

A three-year-old would not even enjoy this childish game and yet somehow Chu Wuyou seemed to be entertained.

The crowd was stunned! Her foolishness was simply incomprehensible by ordinary people!

An agitated He Yunan twitched his lips. He would have been fooled too if he had not known about Chu Wuyou's true colors.

"He's here, he's here, Young Master Shao's here!" He Yufei finally appeared and everyone was surprised.

His sudden appearance as the important person of the event seemed unusual.

Chu Wuyou lifted her gaze slightly and saw He Yufei and Chu Ninger walked into the hotel. A hint of joy flashed in her eyes. It looked like a show was about to begin.

However, no one noticed Ye Lanchen standing in a corner on the third floor. He observed everything that was going on before his eyes and his gaze landed on Chu Wuyou. His lips curled slowly.

Chu Wuyou thought that she was watching a show but little did she know that she was the show within a show in somebody else's eyes.

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