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Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Have Fun Playing Along

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"Fei'er, you're finally here!" Madam He heaved a sigh of relief when she saw He Yufei appear. "Thank god, you've finally arrived. We have been waiting for you for so long and were worried sick. Why didn't you call us if you had an emergency?"

"Elder Chu, Fei'er managed to come here. Naturally, he understands that nothing is more important than today's engagement. The ceremony can begin now." Madam He kept defending He Yufei as she spoke.

Elder Chu's expression began to soften.

Chu Ninger followed behind He Yufei and lowered her head. She walked slowly from the moment she entered the hotel and kept a distance from him. Everybody's gaze fell on He Yufei at that moment and only a few people had noticed her.

No one thought much about the reason behind He Yufei's delay in arrival.

"Huh, He Yufei actually came. Honestly, I think it's understandable if He Yufei didn't show up due to First Young Lady Chu's qualities." Fifth Young Master Shen quipped from the third floor and raised his eyebrows. "As a woman, it's fine if you're stupid as long as you're good-looking but she's not. To be fair, as long as she's charismatic but she has no such quality and is instead dowdy as f*ck."

Ye Lanchen turned his head and glanced at Fifth Young Master Shen. His gaze seemed to hint at something.

In the hall, He Yunan clasped his hands tightly and felt a sudden weight in his chest.

His elder brother had definitely arrived to complete the engagement process.

Chu Wuyou was still mistaken no matter how smart she thought she was.

He Yufei looked at Chu Wuyou with a deep gaze. "Chu Wuyou, do you like me?"

Everyone was taken aback. Nobody understood why He Yufei asked that question. Was he trying to create a romantic atmosphere?

Was it necessary to pop this question to an idiot?

Chu Wuyou began to understand the meaning behind He Yufei's question.

He wanted to back out of the engagement but at the same time, he did not want to be labeled as a heartless man. His question was meant to target Chu Wuyou's weakness in expressing herself.

Chu Wuyou knew of course that He Yufei was doing this to protect Chu Ninger. He wanted to prepare for a successful engagement with Chu Ninger in the future without having her be involved in any mess.

He Yunan did not expect He Yufei to ask such a question. He quickly glanced at Chu Wuyou. He was unsure if it was because of him being nervous or for other reasons that his heart could not stop palpitating.

How would she respond?

From the third floor, Ye Lanchen swept his gaze towards He Yunan and noticed the way he looked at Chu Wuyou. Ye Lanchen's gaze grew darker as there seemed to be more coldness and unpredictability in his eyes.

He directed his attention towards He Yunan for less than a second before focusing on Chu Wuyou again. Frankly, he also wanted to know how she would respond.

He was sure that things would take an exciting turn if she was indeed the woman from last night.

Chu Wuyou smiled coldly. She cared less about He Yufei backing out of the engagement but he had crossed the line by stepping on her and bullying her.

Since this was how they wanted to play, then she would play along…

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