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Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Yes, I Like You

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"Yes, I like you," responded Chu Wuyou loudly. She beamed with innocence and purity as she looked at He Yufei.

He Yunan's chest grew even tighter. Could her reply get any louder?!

Perhaps she really wanted to marry his elder brother? After all, his elder brother had many qualities.

"Ooh! This idiot still knows how to say yes. It looks like her brain isn't completely rotten." Fifth Young Master Shen laughed slyly. "I bet He Yufei didn't expect such a direct answer from her, eh?"

Ye Lanchen narrowed his gaze without saying a word. No one knew what he was getting at.

"What do you like about me?" He Yufei did not see that coming from Chu Wuyou. He did not expect her reply to be so direct and loud. She was so loud that everybody in the hall heard her.

"…" Chu Wuyou appeared to think long and hard before uttering a louder response. "You're handsome."

Her answer was simple and direct but it was not good enough.

He Yufei was stunned and blinked. "And?"

"You're handsome." Chu Wuyou was quick to respond this time.

"And? Any other reasons?" He Yufei frowned slightly. Chu Wuyou's reply was not what he expected.

"You're handsome." Chu Wuyou kept repeating her answer. Her simple response suited her silliness and at the same time, no one could find fault with her for answering like that.

"Pffft." Fifth Young Master Shen burst into laughter. "Despite knowing that First Young Lady Chu is an idiot and unable to think of other reasons, I still feel that her answer is bossy, direct and nonchalant. It's enough to shut He Yufei up."

He Yunan's expression sank. He picked up a glass of liquor that was behind him and downed it hastily.

Handsome! His elder brother was handsome but was he not as handsome as him? He felt a ball of rage develop within him for some unknown reason.

Ye Lanchen once again swept his gaze towards He Yunan in an indifferent manner. He was observing from a vantage point and noticed every little detail.

"All you see is just my appearance. That isn't liking me, that's just…" He Yufei exhaled quietly and thought of a way to respond.

Chu Wuyou looked at him and listened very intently.

He Yufei could not finish his sentence as he met Chu Wuyou's eyes. He could only mutter a short reply. "Do you understand?"

Chu Wuyou continued to look at him. Her eyes blinked behind her thick spectacles and she looked really serious but remained silent.

He Yufei sighed and felt helpless.

"Hahaha, it looks like it ain't easy to dupe an idiot. Caution is strongly advised when duping one because a normal human won't understand an idiot's brain." Fifth Young Master Shen let out a loud laugh. Luckily for him, he was high up on the third floor and no one from below heard him laugh.

A mysterious aura appeared in Ye Lanchen's narrowed eyes. It did not matter if Chu Wuyou was genuinely stupid. She was no ordinary woman if she faked her stupidity. She presented herself as an idiot and yet she could foil He Yufei's plan.

Furthermore, there was no sign of a giveaway in her act. Not even He Yufei could detect a hint of error in her expression.

He Yufei's meticulously crafted plan had failed. He did not reach his target at all despite going to great lengths. On the contrary, he became the passive one.

The other people in the hall were no fools and naturally grasped He Yufei's meaning behind his question to Chu Wuyou.

Chu Ninger glanced at He Yufei with a lowered head. That glance of hers was pitiful and disappointed.

Her glance pained He Yufei. At this point, he did not care so much anymore. "Chu Wuyou, I can't be engaged to you."

Everyone was shocked and their faces were covered with a gloating expression as they waited for a good show. They were waiting for the idiotic First Young Lady Chu's reaction.

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