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Chapter 25

Chapter 25: You Aborted Our Child

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Everyone was shocked and had gloating looks across their faces as they waited for something exciting to happen. They were waiting for First Young Lady Chu's reaction.

Chu Wuyou blinked and appeared to be taken aback. She did not seem to understand what He Yufei meant and did not show any reaction.

"Fei'er, what are you talking about?" Madam He was flustered. "Today's the day of your engagement with Wuyou. Don't fool around."

Meanwhile, Elder Chu's face darkened which made him look terrifying.

"Chu Wuyou, you don't actually like me and the person that I like isn't you." Although his plan had been foiled, He Yufei still said what he meant.

"The one whom I like is Ninger and she is the one I wish to marry." As soon as He Yufei said that, he knew there was no turning back. As a matter of fact, he did not want to turn back.

Chu Ninger looked shocked and lifted her head at once. She looked at He Yufei with fear and pain. "No, no, no…"

She shook her head violently and shuddered as she stepped back slowly. Her reactions were perfect.

"You… You want to marry Ninger?" Madam He was dumbfounded.

"Yes," He Yufei replied with determination and without a moment's hesitation.

Madam He's gaze shifted. This time around, she did not say anything about wanting He Yufei and Chu Wuyou to be engaged.

Comparing Chu Ninger to Chu Wuyou was like comparing heaven to earth. The difference was simply appalling.

Chu Ninger was intelligent and stunning. Her looks and charisma were top-notch. She was sweet, demure, pure and kind-hearted. In short, she was one of the best socialites in Jin City and was a thousand times or even a million times better than Chu Wuyou.

"My feelings towards Chu Ninger are true. Please give us your blessings Elder Chu." He Yufei was aware that his parents would not oppose his wish. The most important thing was for Elder Chu to agree with him.

He did not think that it would be a big problem because Chu Ninger was also Elder Chu's granddaughter.

"No, no, you can't. Today's the day of your engagement with my sister so you can't do this." Before Elder Chu could utter a word, Chu Ninger cried without warning. She shook her head non-stop and turned around all of a sudden to run outside.

He Yufei predicted that she would react that way. He quickly stretched out both arms to pull her into his embrace.

"I know that you don't want to hurt your sister but the one that I like is you. You're the only one I'll marry in this lifetime." He Yufei did not say anything about Chu Ninger's feelings towards him. He only wanted to protect her.

"No, I'll never do anything to hurt my sister. Let me go, let me go!" Chu Ninger struggled to break free. She was adamant and refused to talk about her feelings towards him to protect herself.

When it came to pretending to be a good person, no one would dare to proclaim herself as the best if Chu Ninger claimed to be the second-best.

The crowd was touched when they saw the situation unfold before their eyes. Everyone praised the Second Young Lady of the Chu family for her kindness.

Chu Ninger felt smug when she heard the crowd's praises. This was the outcome she had wished for. Of course, it was not enough. She wanted to destroy Chu Wuyou completely!

Chu Ninger placed a hand in her pocket and dialed a string of numbers on her phone.

"What the f*ck, Chu Wuyou?! You dare to be engaged! You aborted our child and decided to be engaged to this bastard instead!" A brutish man barged into the hall and gave a loud cry!

Everyone was shocked and speechless!!!

A sarcastic joy flashed across Chu Wuyou's partially closed eyes. This was undoubtedly Chu Ninger's style. Not only did her younger sister wanted to take everything away from her, but she also wanted to destroy her.

Nevertheless, Chu Ninger must first and foremost have the potential to do so!!!

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