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Chapter 26

Chapter 26: He Was Waiting

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"What's going on? Did He Yufei arrange this?" Fifth Young Master Shen raised his eyebrows as he watched everything that took place from the third floor. "If it's true, He Yufei is heartless."

What sort of a person was Fifth Young Master Shen?! He could easily differentiate between a truth and a lie.

If Fifth Young Master Shen could see something, Ye Lanchen could definitely see it too. The latter only wanted to see Chu Wuyou's reaction.

"Chu Wuyou, you dare to abort my child! I'm not done with you!" The brutish man rushed towards Chu Wuyou. Anger and hatred were etched onto his face as if such a thing was true.

"I can't believe this idiot actually did that. Disgusting."

"Shameless woman."

The crowd turned their attention towards Chu Wuyou and their remarks became uglier.

He Yunan was fuming with rage and he wanted to rush towards her. Chu Wuyou realized his intention and quickly stepped back, knocking a wine glass over in the process.

He Yunan came to his senses and was about to express a smile. Judging by her intelligence, who could bully her if she did not want it to happen?

However, everyone assumed that Chu Wuyou reacted that way out of guilt and fear.

"Don't be afraid, sis." Chu Ninger rejoiced in her heart. Naturally, she would not let go of an opportunity to be the good person. She approached her sister with a worried expression and tugged at her arm.

No doubt, her gesture won praises from the crowd again.

Elder Chu initially wanted to tug at Chu Wuyou's arm but Chu Ninger was one step ahead. Thus, he stood still without moving a muscle but bloodthirsty rage filled the depths of his eyes. Whoever bullied Chu Wuyou would pay.

"Afraid? She's afraid? She wasn't afraid when she aborted my child. Now she's just faking it. Chu Wuyou, if you don't come clean today, I'll never let you go." The man roared savagely.

"Sis, do you know him?" Chu Ninger shifted her gaze. Her seemingly innocent question was an attempt to push Chu Wuyou into her neatly-designed trap.

Chu Ninger had planned all of this earlier on.

She predicted that Chu Wuyou would be unable to defend herself with her limited intelligence. Everything would fall into place according to her plan. However, Chu Ninger still had to give a few pushes to ensure the success of her plot.

Chu Wuyou wanted to laugh at the sight of Chu Ninger's fake reaction but she controlled herself.

It was so easy for her to expose Chu Ninger. It was also easy for her to reveal her true nature.

It was not difficult to destroy Chu Ninger's reputation and make her regret all of her actions.

Chu Ninger seemed to have rejoiced too soon.

"I doubt that idiot would be able to save herself under such circumstances." Fifth Young Master Shen shook his head and appeared to be somewhat remorseful. Nonetheless, he had nothing to do with what was happening and he ought to just keep watching.

He knew that Third Elder Brother was suspicious of Chu Wuyou. However, he thought that it was impossible when he first saw Chu Wuyou. Her prior reaction down in the hall proved his assumption.

Chu Wuyou could never have been the woman who escaped from Third Elder Brother's clutches last night.

"If she can save herself," Ye Lanchen spoke as his lips curled upwards in a knowing manner, "that's her."

Fifth Young Master Shen was stunned and he understood what Ye Lanchen meant. If Chu Wuyou managed to wriggle out of this sticky mess while pretending to be an idiot, then the woman last night must have been her.

"Impossible." There was nothing wrong with Ye Lanchen's comment but Fifth Young Master Shen simply refused to believe that such a possibility would arise.

Ye Lanchen smiled without uttering a word. He had to observe closely before he could tell whether it was possible or not. He was waiting!

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