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Chapter 27

Chapter 27: I Don't Know Him

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Everybody stared at Chu Wuyou and waited for her reply.

There was a tinge of smugness in Chu Ninger's gaze. 'Chu Wuyou, you're dead now.'

Chu Wuyou's lips moved and she was about to open her mouth when she sensed that someone was staring at her. It was a familiar feeling which felt like the time the man from the hotel stared at her.

Although the feeling was not as strong as the last time, she knew she was not wrong.

She quietly sucked in a deep breath. Did that man chase her all the way here?

Was he finally suspicious of her?

When He Yunan was previously interrogated by the police, he mentioned that the officer purposefully uttered her name to trick him.

Thus, it was not surprising if that man was here!

Chu Wuyou felt the man scrutinizing her. She could have been noticed if she gave herself away. She would be dead if that happened.

However, her reputation would be ruined if she did not do anything.

She could care less about her reputation but she could not ignore her Grandpa's feelings. Grandpa loved her very much and she must not let him be made fun of because of her.

Chu Ninger's question was not difficult to answer.

"I don't know him." Chu Wuyou looked at that man and shook her head. Her face was full of sincerity and innocence. It would be sinful if someone had doubted her right now.

"You don't know him?" Chu Ninger was taken aback and seemed to have lost her composure for a moment. "Don't you know him?" One could easily identify the desperation in her voice if one listened carefully.

Chu Ninger never expected Chu Wuyou to say that she did not know the brutish man. She had earlier arranged for this man to meet Chu Wuyou to ensure the success of her plan.

She was sure that Chu Wuyou would never lie given her intelligence level.

She believed Chu Wuyou would surely answer according to her plot if she guided her. She would then be able to fool everyone.

Yet, she did not imagine Chu Wuyou to say that she did not know the man.

Chu Ninger realized that Chu Wuyou was behaving inappropriately and quickly hid her mistake by looking at the savage man furiously. "Who the hell are you?! My sister doesn't know you at all and you dare to come up with this nonsense!"

Chu Ninger hinted at the man to undergo Plan B.

"I'm not lying and I have proof." The man understood Chu Ninger and was very responsive.

Sadistic joy appeared in Chu Ninger's heart. She was pleased with the man's reaction as she had already prepared some fake evidence earlier.

Chu Wuyou did not say anything else. Instead, she looked at Elder Chu in an innocent and wronged manner. She was about to burst into tears.

Elder Chu was really sad to see her like this.

"Great that you have proof." Elder Chu spent most of his life in the world of business and he was used to all sorts of situations. "Call the police and let them sort it out."

"Call… Call the police?" The brutish man flustered. "Calling the police won't do any good for anyone."

Despite the man's response, the hotel manager was already calling the police. The hotel belonged to the Chu family and Elder Chu had instructed the manager to do so.

Chu Ninger froze and her expression shifted. Her heart was filled with terror. Everything would be exposed once the police investigated the matter and she feared just that…

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