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Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Was He Only Worth Five Bucks?!

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"Do I still have to investigate her?" asked Fifth Young Master Shen indifferently. "One can tell that First Young Lady Chu is an idiot by simply looking at her."

Ye Lanchen turned and shot Fifth Young Master Shen a piercing and threatening stare.

"Alright, I'll do it. I'll find out more about her." Fifth Young Master Shen gave in.

He thought that his Third Elder Brother's stare was unusually frightening. He did not seem to think that he said anything wrong.

"Find out where she has been last night," Ye Lanchen added slowly.

"Alright." Fifth Young Master Shen felt that it was a waste of time but he could not disobey his Third Elder Brother.

Secretary Liu was already waiting when Ye Lanchen came downstairs. He knew a bit of what happened last night. Thus, he became extra cautious of his actions when his President arrived.

"Investigate this." Ye Lanchen handed a ring to Secretary Liu. His voice was cold and exceptionally terrifying.

It was the "service fee" that Chu Wuyou gave him!

Nonetheless, the ring looked rough and unpolished. It did not look like a valuable object.

"Oh." Secretary Liu regarded the ring on his palm with confusion. How could this rough object appear on the President's palm?

An hour later in the President's office.

"President, this ring is a metal band that's worth at most five bucks. It can be bought anywhere." Secretary Liu had no idea about the story behind the ring. He only reported what he found out truthfully.

Ye Lanchen squinted. Great, just great. That woman was bold indeed!

She cheated and gave him a ring worth five bucks!

Was he worth only five bucks?!

Hence, whatever she said about him having the highest price was a lie. She said that on purpose.

Why did he feel that the ring was also given to him on purpose?

She left a ring worth five bucks?! What was she trying to hide?

Her identity?!

If that was true, then Chu Wuyou's identity was even more mysterious than he thought.

When Secretary Liu saw how furious and upset the President was, he realized that he said something wrong. He also pieced the connection between the ring and the woman from last night.

He heard that the woman offended the President last night and that she managed to escape from him.

However, Secretary Liu was determined that locating the woman was an easy task judging from the President's capabilities.

As he looked at the President's expression, Secretary Liu felt worried for the young woman. If the President successfully tracked her down, he feared the worst would happen to her.

Coincidentally, Ye Lanchen's phone rang at that moment.

"Third Elder Brother, I've found out everything related to Chu Wuyou and it's rather fascinating. Do you want to hear about it, Third Elder Brother?" Fifth Young Master Shen had a subtle urge to laugh as he was trying to tease Ye Lanchen.

Fifth Young Master Shen's words and intonation meant that there was a discovery.

"Shoot." Ye Lanchen's brows twitched as he parted his lips and uttered the word coldly.

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