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Chapter 30

Chapter 30: That's Her

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"Chu Wuyou is the daughter of Chu Zhifan, the eldest son of Elder Chu. Back then, Madam Chu was against Chu Wuyou's mother entering the Chu family. As a result, Chu Zhifan cut all ties with his family. However, Chu Zhifan passed away from a car accident soon after that. As a child, Chu Wuyou followed her mother around as they moved to various places. Chu Wuyou was known everywhere for her stupidity and ugliness…," rambled Fifth Young Master Shen at the other end of the phone.

"Get to the point." Ye Lanchen squinted and cut him off harshly.

"Third Elder Brother, you told me not to leave out even the slightest detail." Fifth Young Master Shen sounded innocent.

Despite this, Fifth Young Master Shen did not dare fool around. "Five years ago, Chu Wuyou's mother passed away. Everybody knows that Chu Wuyou then returned to the Chu family but there's one thing that outsiders don't know about. Chu Wuyou did have a boyfriend. Of course, he's not the one who barged into the hotel today. Her boyfriend was a fine young man and had a lot of good qualities. However, Elder Chu was strongly against their relationship once he found out about it. He even forced the man out of Jin City and arranged for Chu Wuyou's engagement to He Yufei."

"Most regular men won't like a woman like Chu Wuyou. That man must have had other intentions that Elder Chu found out about." Fifth Young Master Shen pouted. "At that time, Chu Wuyou agreed to be engaged to He Yufei. Obviously, idiots can sometimes be easily manipulated."

Ye Lanchen seemed to contemplate as he narrowed his eyes. Was Chu Wuyou's reaction normal?

"Third Elder Brother, I sent someone to investigate at the gas station. The gas station employee said that a woman asked him to call a cab for her via Didi<sup>1</sup>. I've located the cab driver. Do you want to meet him? Who knows, you might be able to get something out of him." Fifth Young Master Shen genuinely felt that there was no point discussing about Chu Wuyou so he changed the subject at once.

"Mm." Ye Lanchen gave a simple acknowledgment.

Fifty minutes later at the police station.

"Officer, I'm a law-abiding citizen who did nothing wrong." The cab driver started to panic when he entered the police station.

"I didn't accuse you of anything. Last night around 3 a.m., did you pick up a passenger at the gas station opposite Jin Ling Hotel?" Fifth Young Master Shen was present in person as he questioned the cab driver while Ye Lanchen sat beside him.

"Yes, yes, someone summoned a cab on Didi. I was nearby so I headed there." The cab driver began to relax.

"Who was the passenger?" Fifth Young Master Shen pressed on.

"A woman wearing a fox mask and an elaborate headpiece. Her outfit was strange but she had a nice figure. When I arrived at the gas station, she got into the car and told me to drive towards the city. She did not speak along the way after that. Quite a mysterious woman." The driver remembered this clearly and explained everything in detail.

Fifth Young Master Shen immediately turned to Ye Lanchen. "That's the woman."

Ye Lanchen pursed his lips and said nothing. No one knew what he was thinking about.

"Based on your explanation, I assume you didn't see her face?" Fifth Young Master Shen did not feel too hopeful because he believed that he could not get much more out of the driver.

"I saw her face." The driver's response was shocking. "She didn't pay me when she got down but she said that she'll pay later. I made her remove her mask. She was reluctant at first but she gave in in the end and so I saw her face."

"Show him Chu Wuyou's photo." Ye Lanchen frowned slightly as he spoke without warning.

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