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Chapter 1253 - 3 Father-Daughter Recognition. Third Young Master Ye has been Poisoned by The Little Princess (III)

Chapter 1253: Chapter 1253 Father-Daughter Recognition. Third Young Master Ye has been Poisoned by The Little Princess (III)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"And that woman." Ye Lanchen paused and added. When Chu Wuyou came over, Tang Zhixi's reaction made him believe that Tang Zhixi did not know Chu Wuyou. However, he always had a very strange feeling in his heart.

He always felt that he seemed to have missed something?

Moreover, he felt that there was something strange between Tang Zhixi and her mother.

It did not quite match.

Tang Zhixi knew a lot. She knew how to hit people's vital points and knew offensive skills, but it was obvious that Tang Zhixi's mother did not know anything. She did not know anything at all.

There was no reason for a five-year-old daughter to know this, but as a mother, she did not know anything at all.

Third Young Master Ye knew that Chu Wuyou knew everything, knew everything, and could be said to be very proficient.

It would be more appropriate to say that Tang Zhixi was Chu Wuyou's child.

Therefore, he felt that he needed to thoroughly investigate and find out what was going on?

Even if that girl was really just a stranger, there was no harm in investigating.

And if she really was Chu Wuyou's daughter, if she really was his daughter, then…

Third Young Master Ye secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Perhaps the possibility of that was not high, but he had to investigate it clearly.

Or perhaps he really wished for a child between him and Wuyou, a little princess, a little princess!!!

As Third Young Master Ye thought about it, the corners of his lips could not help but curl up. If only he had a little princess like that!!!

Secretary Liu wanted to say something, but when he saw the faint smile on his president's lips, he forcefully suppressed the words that were about to come out of his mouth.

He knew that Madam could not have children, but the president seemed to like children very much…

But it was obvious that the child was not the president's.

After Chu Wuyou left the mall, although she got into the car, she got down after walking a short distance and went to the location that she had agreed upon with Qin Yutong.

"I don't like Daddy anymore. I don't want Daddy anymore. Daddy said I'm not cute, Daddy said he doesn't like me, and Daddy said he hates me." When Chu Wuyou arrived, Little Princess Zhixi was crying with her brother, her little face full of grievance.

"He's blind, so he said you're not cute, which means you're very, very cute." Tang Zhimo looked at his sister who was about to cry from grievance, and his heart ached.

Chu Wuyou. "…"

This explanation was strong enough!!!

Tang Zhimo really doted on his sister with strength.

"Pfft…" Qin Yutong burst out laughing. Third Young Master Ye was blind?!

Alright, was he really a little blind? Otherwise, how could he say that her precious Zhixi was not cute?

However, other than Tang Zhimo, there was probably no one else who dared to say that about Third Young Master Ye.

"Brother, do we still want to acknowledge our father?" Tang Zhixi stopped her grievance and raised her head to look at her brother. Her eyes were clearly filled with anticipation.

It was obvious that Tang Zhixi still wanted to acknowledge Ye Lanchen.

Even though Ye Lanchen had hurt her fragile heart and even though Third Young Master Ye's words had dealt a heavy blow to her self-esteem.

For a moment, Chu Wuyou and Qin Yutong both looked at Tang Zhimo. The most important person now was Tang Zhimo.

Chu Wuyou had always respected Tang Zhimo. If Tang Zhimo agreed, this matter could actually be discussed directly with Ye Lanchen.

Even if Ye Lanchen did not like children, even if ye Lanchen hated children, he had to accept his own son and daughter.

He could not dare not want the two darlings.. If he did, she would not marry him.

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