474 We Can Only Wait

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"Look at the Holy Son of the Holy Church of Light and Justice! He can't even pick up the dagger from the ground. What a weakling. Truly pathetic! Hahaha!" Seeing Arthur's struggle, Lily burst into laughter.

Upon hearing this, everyone else joined in, and the entire area resounded with laughter as they cast disdainful looks at Arthur.

"I didn't imagine that the Holy Son of the Holy Church would be this pathetic... This is unbelievable!"

"Indeed, he is just a pathetic loser who couldn't even do anything. Also, he is a coward who couldn't even face the Corrupted Creatures!"

"He doesn't deserve to be the Holy Son of such a prestigious Holy Church, which is associated with the Hero of Humanity!"

People began to murmur among themselves about how disappointed they were in Arthur. Even the Holy Knights were giving him strange looks after hearing the comments of others.

However, since they were specifically ordered to stay by Arthur's side and protect him from any danger, they had no choice but to stay with him, despite the people's anger.

After all, Arthur was still the Holy Son of the Holy Church, and until he was removed from the position, they had a duty to protect him from any harm.

'This doesn't make any sense! How could this dagger be so heavy?' Arthur screamed inwardly in frustration, feeling humiliated by the people's opinions of him.

"Hey, weakling, why don't you just give up on trying to lift that dagger? That way, you won't embarrass yourself anymore!" Lily shouted, mocking Arthur.

Arthur's face turned ugly upon hearing Lily's taunts. He looked at her with a disdainful expression, as if he was going to burn her alive for humiliating him in such a manner.

"Who are you calling a weakling? You guys surely must've done something to the dagger, making it very heavy and preventing me from lifting it!" Arthur shouted at Yuan and his wives, his face flushed with frustration and anger.

"We did something to the dagger? Why don't you just be honest with yourself and admit that you can't lift it?" Lily felt extremely angry upon hearing Arthur's unreasonable claims and felt like kicking his ass.

"Hmph! Don't try to hide it now. You bastards definitely did something to the dagger. Don't you dare make excuses!"

Arthur had no intention of accepting that he was too weak to lift the dagger, fearing it would further ruin his reputation as the Holy Son.

"Enough of your nonsense! We've heard enough!" Grace furiously looked at Arthur, her eyes chillingly cold, as if a single glance from her could freeze the entire world.

Arthur immediately calmed upon hearing Grace's bone-chilling voice, his heart pounding faster as he felt her threatening aura, which seemed to consume him.

"You have the nerve to waste so much of our time with your pathetic nonsense, and yet you still dare to make excuses? Unforgivable!" An endless amount of killing intent radiated from Grace's eyes, immediately making Arthur kneel on the ground, his body trembling.

He looked at Grace with terror, unable to comprehend how he ended up kneeling. This was the biggest humiliation he had ever suffered.

'What was that ominous feeling just now? I felt as though a sharp blade was at my neck. Was that a mind-related spell?' Arthur wondered, staring directly at Grace, who was looking back at him with a murderous expression.

'She must be responsible for the mind attack. What a clever bitch!' Arthur was now certain that Grace was the one who attacked him using a mind-related spell.

"Damn you, bitc—!"

Before he could finish his sentence, an invisible pressure pressed him against the ground, making his head knock onto the dirt.

"Don't even think of opening that filthy mouth of yours, weakling! Or you will face the consequences of your actions!" Grace suddenly pointed her finger at him, and a massive burning hand appeared in the sky, pointing directly at Arthur.

Bang! A small but powerful explosion occurred as the flaming hand pressed against Arthur, sending dust flying everywhere and covering the area with a thick cloud.

"Holy Son!"

The Holy Knights shouted, but it was already too late. Arthur fainted from the overwhelming fear and pressure.

People looked at the scene in disbelief, unable to understand what just happened. In the blink of an eye, Arthur, who had been acting high and mighty, ended up fainting before anyone could comprehend the situation.

"Holy Son, are you alright?!" The Holy Knights immediately approached the unconscious Arthur, checked his condition, and then cast hateful glances at Yuan and his wives before leaving the place.lightsnovel

"Hmph! A weakling, unable to withstand even one percent of my power, and yet he dared to offend us!" Grace sneered at Arthur as the Holy Knights took him away to treat him.

Once the Holy Knights had taken Arthur away, King Richard quickly approached Yuan and his wives with a concerned look on his face, still sensing the murderous intent in Yuan's eyes.

"Yuan, please don't take this matter seriously. If something were to happen to the Holy Son here, the Holy Empire would make trouble for us," King Richard said anxiously, hoping that Yuan would forgive Arthur for his impudence.

"That is absolutely impossible. You should already know it by now!" Grace exclaimed, a cold murderous glint in her eyes, making King Richard's face turn extremely pale at her response.

"But even so—" Before King Richard could finish his sentence, Archmage Isadora stepped forward.

"Miss Grace, please let this matter go for now. This will not only put the Windfall Kingdom in danger but also the other kingdoms," Archmage Isadora spoke with a concerned voice.


"The Holy Empire is too powerful. They have tens of thousands of Holy Archmages like us, and above all, they also have a few thousand Wizard-level mages who could easily destroy a kingdom like the Windfall Kingdom without anyone even knowing it."

"You should already know that a skilled Archmage alone can destroy a small kingdom like the Windfall Kingdom. And not to mention Wizards, who are a level above Archmages." Archmage Isadora's tone lowered toward the end of her sentence as she began sweating profusely.

She swallowed nervously at the thought of the Holy Church declaring war on the kingdoms. The result would be disastrous for the Windfall Kingdom and the other kingdoms as well.

After hearing Archmage Isadora's explanation, Yuan thought for a moment before saying, "Since you've explained the situation to us, we won't do anything to that idiot for now. However..."

"However?" King Richard looked at Yuan with a confused expression.

"If that idiot creates another situation like this again, I won't hesitate to personally end his miserable life once and for all. Keep that in mind!" Yuan warned them before turning toward his mother, Grace, who was staring at him with a cold look on her face.

"Let's go and have something to eat. In a few minutes, we will continue our march forward." Yuan pulled Grace along with him, and Grace had no choice but to follow him obediently.

Once they distanced themselves from the crowd, Yuan and his wives stopped near a tall, ancient tower that was still intact. Shortly after, Anna began to prepare lunch.

After staring at him for a moment, Grace opened her mouth, "Darling, why did you let that bastard go? It isn't like you at all."

"Well, I let him go because I don't want innocent people to suffer because of us," Yuan replied with a sigh. "As Miss Isadora said, the Holy Empire will not tolerate it if the Holy Son dies here, and the Windfall Kingdom would be in grave danger, as well as the other kingdoms."

"And since the empire has many powerful individuals at its disposal, they won't hesitate to take action against the Windfall Kingdom," Valeria's voice suddenly responded from behind, drawing Yuan and Grace's attention.

"Valeria, is the Holy Empire really that formidable, as Miss Isadora said?" Yuan asked, unsure if he could fully trust Isadora's words.

"Certainly. Everything Miss Isadora said is true. The Holy Empire is indeed very strong and has thousands of experts under its command. Even our empire can't casually offend the Holy Empire," Valeria said, nodding in response.

"So we can't do anything to that bastard, huh? What a shame…" Grace sighed after hearing this. She was really frustrated that she couldn't kill Arthur.

"Well, in that case, all we have to do is wait for him to cross the border of the Lionheart Empire," Valeria said with a sinister smile.

"Once Arthur leaves the territory of the Lionheart Empire, his life and death aren't our concern, and the Holy Empire can't blame us for that."

"I see… all we need to do is wait for the right time to come." A wide grin appeared on Grace's face upon hearing this. She finally felt a bit relaxed, knowing she would get to kill that bastard.

Seeing the look on his mother Grace's face, Yuan couldn't help but chuckle. Grace smiled back at him before snuggling into his embrace.

'I never thought that one of my mothers-in-law would be a ruthless killer. She feels excited knowing she could kill Arthur with her own hands… this is simply unbelievable!' Valeria stared at Grace with wide-open eyes, seemingly surprised.

Just then, Anna's charming voice resounded from behind, calling them for lunch.

"Everyone, the food is ready. Come on, quickly!"