354 Kobold Change of Mind, Target Lu Yuan 2

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Chapter 200-the Kobold's change of mind, targeting Lu Yuan (2)

A young man with short dark red hair gave Lu Yuan a thumbs up.

"Junior Lu Yuan, I was there when you killed that red-furred puppy with one strike. I can only say that you're awesome! I have a feeling that you can kill all of the Tier 3 battle-generals by yourself."

Lu Yuan smiled.

"Senior Wylie, you're exaggerating. You guys have to work hard together."

Rebecca giggled and said,

"Ah Yuan is the most powerful! You're still so humble!"

A young girl with long blue hair and delicate features said,

"If we're here to fight against the enemy's battle generals, what about the enemy's battle supreme? They seem to have three battle supremes."

Upon hearing this, the atmosphere fell silent.

Even Si Tingxue frowned.

At this moment, someone walked over. Lu Yuan saw that it was old Yu, who had a kind face.

Behind elder Yu, there were three teachers from the Genius Camp. Lu Yuan's eyes swept over them and realized that these teachers were all combat emperors.

Other than them, the other person was Si Tingyu.

At this moment, almost everyone had a serious look on their faces.

Old Yu's gaze swept over the few of them and said,

"Everyone's here. Let's gather outside the spatial rift."

Old Yu waved his hand, and a huge fighter jet appeared.

Lu Yuan took a look. It was the fighter plane that went to the Endless Mountains last time.

After they boarded the plane, the fighter jet rose into the air, turned into a stream of light, and disappeared.

The space crack of ice vein star was not in the imperial capital, but in the North. The fighter aircraft quickly flew out of the imperial capital and headed north.

In the fighter, Lu Yuan and the others, as well as old Yu and the others, sat in the passenger cabin.

Old Yu's gaze swept across the nervous crowd, and he smiled gently.

"Since there's still some time, you can ask whatever you want to ask."

The green-haired senior who had spoken earlier said worriedly, "

"Old Yu, are we the only ones participating in this competition? Wasn't the number of people a little too small? Furthermore, all of us here are third rank battle generals. We don't even have fourth rank battle supremes. How are we going to fight with the Kobold people's battle supremes?"

Old Yu smiled and explained, "of course, it's not just you guys. Other than the Genius Camp, the various military regions of the Red Maple Empire, as well as some hidden geniuses from some large clans, will also participate in the competition. In addition, we have also invited geniuses from other empires as external aid. You don't have to worry about the battle Supreme dog-headed people. What you need to do is not lose when you face the dog-headed people's battle generals. As a student of the Red Maple Genius Camp, don't bring shame to our Genius Camp."

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when they heard this.lightsnovel

"I thought we were going to deal with a battle supreme, " William said with a smile. "I was scared to death."

A battle emperor teacher with short, dark red hair, who looked like Wylie, coldly looked at him,

"Is that all you've got? You don't even have the courage to fight a battle supreme?"

Willie's face stiffened, and he lowered his head submissively, not saying a word.

"Hmph! I'll deal with you when I get back! This time, you'd better do well! Otherwise, I'll break your legs!"

The battle emperor wasn't satisfied yet, and said a few more words, causing Willie's face to turn bitter.

Lu Yuan looked at him with a little sympathy.


This should be senior might's father, right?

It was a strange feeling to have a father as a teacher.

Lu Yuan had never experienced it before. However, looking at the scene, he was a little glad that he did not have to experience it.

However, when he remembered that his parents had passed away, he suddenly felt that he was not lucky.

Si Tingxue said indifferently,

"How are we going to compete?"

Upon hearing this, old Yu and the others were stunned. They frowned slightly and looked at Lu Yuan with a serious expression.

Lu Yuan felt that things were not going well under their gazes.

Old Yu slowly said,

"In the beginning, we discussed with the dog-headed people that the competition would be a ring battle. Everyone can only go up the ring once, and they can fight continuously. The Ice Vein planet will belong to whoever can still stand in the ring. However, the dog-headed people suddenly changed their minds and wanted to add a team battle after the arena battle. Moreover, the battle area was in the small world. The dog-headed people changed their minds after Lu Yuan killed the dog-headed person called Fiba. They must have sensed the threat of Lu Yuan and wanted to take advantage of the group battle to eliminate you before you could even grow."

Si Tingyu said coldly,

"They have a good idea. In the arena battle, there are strong people from both sides watching. As long as they are vigilant enough, no one will die. But in the group battle in the small world, they won't let us in. They are obviously going for Ah Yuan's life."

Upon hearing this, Si Tingxue's expression turned cold. Rebecca's expression changed drastically as she furrowed her brows and said in dissatisfaction,

"Then how can you agree to such a competition? At worst, we'll just start a war with them! This is too much, he actually changed his mind!"

Willie and the others 'expressions changed as they looked at Lu Yuan with some worry.

However, when they heard Rebecca's words, they still had strange expressions on their faces, and they cast a strange look at Rebecca.

The lips of old Yu and the few war emperors twitched as they looked at Rebecca with a strange expression.

Then, they looked at Lu Yuan, whose expression did not change.

Good Lord, this kid was indeed worthy of being called the sugar baby king in the circle.

His godsister was the eldest daughter of the Li family, and his mentor was the royal eldest Princess. It was said that he was the godbrother of the Jade elf tribe's Princess Shuangyue. He even fought alongside the ninth Princess of the royal family, and his relationship with the eldest daughter of the Algebi family was unclear. Some people even heard that this kid was related to Princess Yeye of the Heaven Abyss Empire.