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Chapter 106 - Autumn Can’t Hold It In Any Longer!

The moment the slender figure disappeared, a small white halo appeared outside the trial door.

Inside the halo, there was none other than what Eddie looked like after he entered the trial door.

This was also one of the trial door’s special abilities. It was to record the image of the aspirant, so that the aspirant could look back at the information and figure out where his mistakes were.

It was a very practical function.

It also allowed Emily and the others to see Eddie’s actual situation.

“Autumn, which floor do you think young master will climb to this time?”

Emily looked at the huge screen on the trial door and was somewhat uncertain.

She knew very little about this Trial Tower.

She only knew that it could increase Eddie’s strength.

Although she was a legendary creature, it was rare for her to come across a magic relic that could supply an entire academy’s worth of trials.

“Lady Emily, the halo will show the floor that each aspirant is currently at in the Trial Tower.”

Autumn pointed at the number on the white halo.

It showed the floor that Eddie was on.

It was shown on the halo above the trial tower.

Name: unknown.

Floor number: 1st floor.

Current ranking: 1689.

“What does the ranking mean?”

Emily pointed at the number on the halo. There was not only a name on it, but also a ranking?

“Yes, Lady Emily. In order to encourage students to compete with each other, the Dean designed a mechanism to show the floor numbers and rankings.”

Autumn paused and explained.

“Our Dean has always favoured the elites of the academy. The goal is to focus most of the resources on a few geniuses.”

“That’s why the academy only accepts geniuses. We don’t need the kind of trash who relies on connections to enter and waste the resources of the Magic Academy.”

“But the Little Lord isn’t a student of our academy, so there’s no information about him. That’s why it’s shown as unknown.”

“But the results still count. After all, the video and everything else are still there.”

Autumn’s explanation helped the maidservants present roughly understand the function of the halo.

So that’s how it was.

Emily looked at the halo in front of her and nodded.

Although the recording would in show how one was defeated, it was undoubtedly a very effective method.

It allowed the students to be reviewed and tested more efficiently.

It was also a way for the school to test the students’ strength.

The higher the student could reach in the Trial Tower, the stronger they would be.

The Academy would then allocate more resources to that student.

Of course, there were some with special talents, such as alchemy and magic potions, who were not good at fighting.

These would be assessed by the members of the Alchemy Association and Magic Potion Association in the Academy, and there was no need to look at the results of the Trial Tower.

The noble families in many countries also began to put some thoughts in this area.

Although this provided a path to further education that did not require actual combat, the Alchemy Association and the Magic Potion Association needed a large amount of financial support, so if his group of noble families wanted their children to stay longer, they had to take out a large amount of money to support the Academy.

It was equivalent to providing resources to those alchemy and magic potion geniuses indirectly.

So for these two groups of people, the Dean didn’t care much about them.

After all, these two groups of students were too expensive. If they didn’t charge some fees, they really couldn’t afford to teach them.

However, the maidservants weren’t interested in the academy’s recruitment standards.

Thor turned her head to look at Autumn with a gossipy expression.

“What floor did you climb up to back then?”

“I remember my strength was around Tier 7. I graduated when I reached 67th floor.”

“Those who graduated at the same time as me were around 50th floor.”

Autumn could not help but proudly announce her graduation results. There was a little pride on her face.

She was, after all, a genius of the demon race.

This result crushed the other students back then.

Of course, there was one exception.

That person was a monster. It was not something that humans could compare to, so Autumn automatically ignored that person.

Thor was very curious when she heard that Autumn did not clear the Trial Tower.

“Don’t you have to clear this Trial Tower for graduation?”

Thor was puzzled when she heard Autumn say that she had only climbed to the 60th floor when she graduated.

In the Academy, Autumn had previously bragged so much about this Trial Tower.

Thor thought that one could only graduate after he or she cleared it.

“Clear it? That’s impossible.”

“Even our Dean hasn’t cleared this Trial Tower.”

Autumn immediately shook her head vigorously.

“Even your Dean didn’t clear it?”

This time, it wasn’t just Thor. Even Hermione was a little surprised. “Doesn’t this Trial Tower belong to your Dean?”

Since it was yours, wasn’t it up to you to decide whether you clear it or not?

“It’s not.”

Autumn smiled bitterly. The maidservants clearly did not know much about the Saint Bauhinia Magic Academy.

“The Trial Tower is an ancient magic relic passed down from the Magic Academy. Our Dean only has the authority to use a portion of the tower.”

“No one has higher authority, not even the Dean.”

An ancient magic relic…

The few maidservants present knew that things that were “ancient” were definitely not simple.

Seeing the surprised and thoughtful expressions on the maidservants’ faces, Autumn was secretly pleased.

She always suffered when she came to the Imperial City.

This time, she could finally get back atthese maidservants.

As expected, the ancient magic relic had a great reputation. Even Lady Emily had never seen it before.

But just as Autumn was secretly pleased, Emily spoke up.

“This thing seems to be quite useful. Should we build one for the Young Master to use alone?”

“I think so too. It seems strange to use it with others. The Young Master doesn’t need to compete with these people for any resources.”

Thor seemed to have thought about it for a while and agreed with Emily’s idea.

“Indeed. Thor and I will go to the Magic Academy to snatch the Trial Tower if we really can’t. We don’t want others to use it too.”

Although Hermione’s tone was the calmest, the words she said made Autumn break out in a cold sweat.

What the f*ck!?

Was she serious?

Autumn’s jaw almost dropped as she listened.

She wanted to rush up and grab Emily by the collar and question her!

Does she know what she’s talking about?!

Build an ancient magic relic?

A magic relic was expensive. The costs of the materials used to build an ancient magic relic were sky-high.

Moreover, even if you had money, you couldn’t buy them anywhere, and it would be even more difficult to make it yourself.

You needed a master who specialized in forging magic relics, as well as a massive amount of precious materials.

The cost of this might not even be affordable for an entire country.

And despite everything, there would still be a very high probability of failure!

Was she joking when she said that she wanted to make one now?!

Don’t make such a difficult matter sound easy!

Autumn’s eyes widened when she heard this.

Her heartbeat instantly became restless.

Initially, Autumn had hoped to find a place to be quiet for a while when she heard this, so as to soothe her injured heart.

But when she heard that Hermione was going to the Magic Academy and she was going to snatch the Trial Tower from Dean Ofia’s hands, Autumn couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Were the three of you messing with her?

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