2 Levelling Up in the Apocalypse

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I continued exploring the dense, rich forest for a little while. I found out that I could gather wood by punching the tree. It hurt my fist a little and there was only a tiny dent on the actual tree, but the number of wood in my inventory increased with every punch. I gathered wood for a little while until my Woodcutter Minion came dawdling back to me once again. It was like some sort of video game.

[Your Woodcutter Minion has collected: [13x] wood, [1x] apple, [20x] leaves]

[Your Woodcutter Minion has gained [8] experience since its last expedition]

[It is now quite tired]

[Your Woodcutter Minion can level up!]

As the items filled my inventory, I opened up the Minion menu once again.


< [Level 1] Woodcutter Minion [1]>

Experience: 17/10 [READY!]

[Health] 100%

[Stamina] 100%


I was quickly shown the next screen.


<Minion Level Up!>

+10% Efficiency

+25% Health

+3% Luck

[NEW SKILL] - Plant Sapling


I opened my inventory and had a look at what items I had.


<Inventory> 78/100

[31x] wood

[2x] apple

[45x] leaves


I knew that my Minion was quite tired but I would need more items. I sent it out to [Chop Wood] again and it strolled away from me, slightly lethargically. I trudged through the dirt and vegetation and stood in front of another tree. My hands were in pain but I pushed through, punching the tree for wood.

[+1 wood]

[+1 wood]

My Warrior Minion continued standing beside me. I figured that there likely weren't going to be any major threats so it would be good to send it out for an expedition of some sort.

I had a look at its actions.



- [Scout]


- [Hunt Animals]

- [Fight]


The most useful one was likely [Hunt Animals], I decided to send my Warrior Minion out and have it gather some resources. Now I was all alone in the forest. Both of my Minions were away and I simply stood here by the tree, punching it every once in a while. It had been approximately an hour since I last looked at the sundial. The colour of the sky was now a much more eager shade of orange, it wouldn't be soon until we were shaded by complete darkness.

I punched at the tree, gathering small amounts of wood every time. Suddenly, after gathering ten pieces of wood in total, I was met by another system message.lightsnovel

[You have levelled up!]


<Level Up!>

Level-0 -> Level-1


- [Unlocked] Crafting Menu

- [Unlocked] Scout Minion Recipe

- Inventory space [+100]


Hold on, I could also level up myself as well. I guess that was how I was meant to unlock stuff on my own. I managed to gain some minion recipes and a crafting menu. I opened up the crafting menu to have a look at what I could make. From what I saw, there wasn't that great of a number of things to craft, however, I assumed that that was because I didn't have many resources in my inventory.

I had a look at the things I could make and one thing caught my eye. Beside each of the crafting items, there was the recipe written next to them. The recipe that look most appealing was something called an [Instant Temporary Shelter]. There was a little image that showed something like a triangular hut which could fit one person inside if they lay down. There was also a description which explained that it only lasts a single night before breaking.

To craft it, it was 50 wood and 50 leaves.

I looked in my inventory.


<Inventory> 88/200

[41x] wood

[2x] apple

[45x] leaves


I was pretty close to the resources needed to make it, all I needed to do was wait until my Woodcutter Minion came back which wouldn't be too long.

As I looked up at the sky, I could clearly tell that night was coming. The dark shadows cast by the trees were getting larger and larger, swallowing up portions of the land in darkness. The purple-y crimson sky also showed signs of slowly dissipating, gradually being replaced by the dense grey clouds and blackness of the night.

After a few minutes, my Woodcutter Minion came back.

[Your Woodcutter Minion has collected: [19x] wood, [1x] apple, [22x] leaves]

[Your Woodcutter Minion has gained [11] experience since its last expedition]

[It is now very tired]

I could see that it was very tired, it was leaning down and holding its knees as it caught its breath. My Warrior Minion hadn't come back yet. I quickly opened up the crafting menu and crafted the [Instant Temporary Shelter].

It appeared as a sheet of paper in my hand, however, I could tell that if I used the paper, it would be able to conjure the specified shelter.

I decided to take a seat on a moss-covered log in the middle of the forest. I opened up my crafting menu and looked once again at the crafting recipes. I had a quick look at the Scout Minion Recipe. It showed that to craft a Scout Minion I would need 5 apples and 2 meat. I didn't have enough of either of those things so I decided to just continue letting my Woodcutter Minion rest and waited for my Warrior Minion.

The night had almost completely come and that was when my Warrior Minion finally came back. I saw a few drops of deep red blood dripping from its blade as it dawdled toward me.

[Your Warrior Minion has collected: [2x] meat, [3x] rocks]

[Your Warrior Minion has gained [15] experience since its last expedition]

[It is now a little tired]

[Your Warrior Minion can level up!]

It had gathered enough meat for me to craft the Scout Minion however, I still needed two more apples. Seeing that it would be pitch black soon, I left my two minions on [Standby] and placed my [Instant Temporary Shelter].

A big pile of wood suddenly formed in front of me in the formation of a little shelter. The bottom of the shelter was covered with somewhat weaved leaves which provided some sort of platform to lay on. The entire shelter appeared quite weak and unstable, however, it was definitely better than anything I could build myself.

The entire forest was pitch black.

I was just about to go into my shelter to sleep.

Then suddenly, I heard the bloodcurdling scream of someone in the distance.

Followed by loud footsteps and ruffling of vegetation.