13 Hope and Despair for the Elf

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The night had come and the three of us took refuge inside the hut.

I had armed several of my combat Scout Minions with various weapons from stone swords to spears to axes.

I put all of my Minions on guard and we sat down and had a chat. I only had one bed so we decided that we would go to sleep a little later. I had crafted three chairs and Elrich brought some tea bags so we sat around the table and drank some hot tea.

"So Elrich, you say that the elves have a major city?"

"Well that's what I'd describe it as, it isn't extremely modern by any assumption but there's probably a good several thousand elves living there."

"Ah, is there like leadership and stuff?"

"Yeah, since all of our leaders got transported over, we simply just upheld the previous monarchy and continued as we did back in our world."

"I see, so do you guys have many cities?"

"Well, we have a few cities that I know of just a few kilometres away from the main one."


We silently sipped on our tea for a little while.

"Do you mind telling us why you got banished from your city?"

"I mean, I guess so."

He took a deep breath.




It was an unpleasant winter night when I, Elrich Floshem, had to make one of the most difficult decisions of my life.

I had just come back from a hunting expedition with my friends. That was our main source of income now that the economy had been mostly re-established in this new world that we were in. I didn't have many other skills so this was about all I could do.

Even so, just living off these measly earnings wouldn't be nearly enough to be living this relatively lavish lifestyle. The main reason why I could afford most of my luxuries was due to my sister, Elanor—she was one of the greatest elven archers of our generation. As a result, she was hired as one of the guards for the royal family and paid substantially for it. Most of the Elves didn't even know that we were related.

However, it was this night when everything would come crashing down.

I heard a loud banging sound come from my front door. The confident person that I was, I angrily made my way to it and ripped it open.

"What do you want?" I asked.

Suddenly, I was greeted by the sight of my sister, who collapsed to the ground in tears.

What was going on?

"E-elanor, what's wrong?"

"The royal family... t-they... think it's m-m-me..." She muttered.

"What? What do they think is you?"

"T-t-they... think that it was me... who killed Aredhel..."


"H-he was sh... shot by one of my arrows..."

It was at that moment that I finally connected the dots. My sister had been framed for killing one of the royals. I was in shock but most importantly, I was angry.

But what could I do? The royal family had absolute power in this city.

Seeing my poor sister in such a state, I couldn't help but feel immense pain in my heart.

"Don't worry Elanor, I'll fix this."


I, a useless elf who can't even master the one thing that his family was known for.

There wasn't much I could do, however, there were some things that only I could do.

With the arrows that my sister uses, there is only one other person in the entire city who uses the same type of arrows.lightsnovel

The messenger pigeons, each pigeon has a specific tag and each pigeon can only send messages from its owner.

As I let my sister rest on my couch, I began writing a note.

After giving it to the messenger pigeon, I sent it off to the royal palace.

With that, I left the city, I would have to find somewhere else to live.




"And that's about it." Said Elrich.

No way...

"That's so sad..." responded Rosie.

"Don't worry about it, I've always wanted to come out and explore the rest of this world."

"But you're life was so good back there..." Rosie continued.

"Ah, don't mind that, I've met you guys now so it's not like my life is bad."

"Are you still being targeted by them?"

"I don't think so, I'm pretty sure due to my sister's position, they've decided that just my banishment is enough, although I can't be sure."

Suddenly, we were interrupted by one of my Minions.

[Alert. Minion health has dropped below 30%]


We all hurried to the front door of the hut to see our camp completely surrounded by various zombies.

"This must be because of the difficulty increase," I said.

I noticed that all of my Minions were hard in combat. Punching and kicking, swinging various weapons and tools. The disgusting feral zombies constantly latched onto them and tried to bite their heads. I was met by the sound of regurgitation and the squeals of mouldy lungs. The zombies were truly horrific creatures.

Suddenly, Elrich ran over and grabbed his bow and his quiver full of arrows.

"I'll help them."

He made his way outside and began aiming his bow at the zombies.

I quickly looked at my crafting menu.

I was going to craft a stone sword.

At my command, it was crafted and appeared in my inventory.

"Rosie, no offence, but you're not very good at combat... so you can stay inside."


I ran outside and looked around. My combat abilities were lacking at best so there was not much I could do. The sword was only a last resort and the main purpose of my coming onto the battlefield was to more efficiently control and organise my Minions. I ordered them individually to target specific high-danger zombies and work together to cull crowds.

Elrich was quite proficient with a bow despite his self-deprecation. One by one, he shot the zombies with very high accuracy. Not a single arrow of his missed a target. The arrows stuck into the zombies as they fell to the ground before disappearing.

"I don't have very many arrows left." He said.

I noticed that he used a very particular type of curvy-metal pointed arrows. They looked very unique, unlike anything I'd ever seen before.

"I can craft you some more arrows but they won't be like the ones you're using."

"Yes, that will work, but I won't be as accurate with them."

"That's fine, we're just killing zombies after all."