14 Kill the Dangerous Zombie

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The swarm of zombies continued trying to break through my Minions.

I crafted a big stack of arrows for Elrich so he could continue shooting them down from a distance. I noticed that it was working quite well, the density of zombies was getting smaller and smaller, eventually, we were getting th upper-hand.

Suddenly, all the of the zombies turned around and ran back into the forest.

"What is going on?" I asked.

"When this happens, a special zombie appears." Elrich replied

"A special zombie?"

"There are zombies who have special abilities called Zen. These zombies are much stronger than the others, so much so that all the other zombies flee whenever they show up."

"No way, that means we'll have to face it?"


"How strong are they?"

"They vary in strength but all I can say is that this fight is going to be a tough one."

I called in my Minions to form a tighter circle around us. They were slowly healing from the wounds they received during the fight. I looked out into the dark abyss that was the forest, as the area went eerily silent after all that commotion.

Suddenly, I felt goosebumps all over my body. I felt as if there was some sort of presence crashing down towards me. Like I was being watched by a hunter, like I was being looked down on by an overwhelming strength. I couldn't help but feel sweat drip down my forehead. I looked over at Elrich who also appeared to be tense.

"What's the plan?" He asked.

"I really don't know, I'll sacrifice my Minions until we can find a way to defeat it, do you have any idea how to?"

"I might be able to with my Curwick Arrows, however I only have a few and these zombies have regenerative abilities. I need to shoot it right at its weak spot."

"So you're saying you want me to distract it until you can get a clean shot."

"I suppose so."

"Alright, luckily I've got a lot of meat shields."

I positioned my Minions in a formation that would allow for the most amount of stalling. I would manoeuvre them in order to keep the zombie locked for as long as possible.

[Seismic Hold]

Suddenly, I felt as if gravity had increased strength ten-fold. My legs were being crushed under the weight of my body. It was like there were a boulder on my head, pushing me into the ground. I noticed that the movement for many of my Minions was also heavily disrupted, as they struggle to even make the most basic movements.

I looked ahead as a very large, fat zombie appeared from the forest. However, for one second, the ability stopped and I was able to quickly make some movements before the ability reactivated and I was unable to move again.

I see what was going on. The zombie's ability was one that could somehow increase the pressure on everything around it, like a crushing grip. However, it had to be reactivated every few seconds, meaning we would get an opening to make precious movements.

It slowly ambled closer to us, it lifted one of its massive arms and smashed one of my Minions, causing it to fall, crashing into the dirt.lightsnovel

I noticed that one single attack from the zombie was almost enough to kill one of my Minions. Once again, the ability was released and I was able to quickly make some positional changes. As quick as I could, I spread my Minions apart to avoid multiple being caught in a single attack, I also tried to engage the zombie with my Minions one at a time to avoid any one Minion being killed.

I looked at Elrich beside me and he had pulled out one of his Curwick arrows.

The pressure was suddenly reapplied and I was no longer able to move.

"Can you get a clean shot from here?" I asked.

"I would be able to, but I don't know where that zombie's weak point is."

"How are you meant to find out?"

"The best way would be for me to just shoot at all the possible weak spots, special zombies only have three possible weak spots, their heart, their head or their stomach."

"Can you do that?"

"I only have two Curwick arrows though, I used the others against the other zombies and their strewn around the area."

"Are their any other ways to figure out their weak spots?"


"Generally, zombies try to protect their weak spots, if we observe them for long enough when they're in battle, we can deduce where it is."

As the zombie continued bashing my Minions one-sidedly, the pressure was released and I was able to make some more small adjustments.

I sent a few of my Minions forwards to attack the zombie and the two of us observed the zombie's movements. There was only a tiny window of opportunity for an attack and my Minions did not manage to move fast enough in order to get a significant response from the zombie.

It then continued its rampage, slamming its thick, rotten arm into my Minions. Luckily it seemed to lose interest after hitting a Minion a single time, so my Minions would be able to live on a slither of health every time.

We would be able last a few minutes at this rate, however, one its knocked down a significant number of my Minions, it is likely to target us next.

"Have you been able to spot its weak point?" I asked.

"I feel like its either his head or his stomach, however, I still can't really tell and its best not to risk it just yet."

A few seconds later, the pressure was released once again and I was able to send my Minions in again to attack the zombie.

I carefully examined its movements and noticed that it was very subtly protecting its head as my Minions rushed in to engage it. The ability then activated again and we were once again practically frozen.

"I think the weak point is its head." I said.

"How sure are you?" Elrich asked.

"Not a great deal, but I think it's a worth a gamble."

As we waited for the next time we would get an opportunity to strike, Elrich slowly pulled a Curwick arrow out of his quiver.