19 Lost Hope Rosie

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When was it when people began calling me a psychopath...


Elrich took a Curwick arrow out of his quiver and placed it onto his bow.

"Look at you guys! Preparing to kill me like nothing ever happened!"

Rosie didn't look as if she was truly evil, I noticed small tears forming on her eyes, it was hard to notice, but they were definitely there.

A large amount of water orbited her like a barrier.

I took a few steps towards her.


"It's fine Elrich."

I could feel droplets of water splash onto my face as I made my way closer to her. Her ability didn't seem extremely strong. Not that that really mattered, I was going to kill her with my own hands.

"Hey Rosie, you weren't lying when you were telling me that story, were you?"

She shot another sharp stream of water right toward me. The blade of water cut my arm this time. It seemed that she was purposely avoiding my vital areas. As I looked at her, I noticed that her face had gone dark, she was hiding her eyes under her hair. The entire area was still illuminated by the intense fire that was rummaging in the background.

I continued walking closer to her—step by step.

She appeared to be annoyed by my movements closer to her, however, she didn't attack me.

As I made my way closer to her, the veracity of water splashing against me increased. It now felt like a hose, pouring water on me. I still hadn't even reached her main barrier of water which was orbiting her.

Ah, this sure was refreshing.

I plodded closer enough to her to finally be able to reach her water barrier. I stuck out my hand and caused a break in the barrier. The water splashed onto my arm like a permanent tide on a beach. It was an odd feeling, it was cold and crisp, like the water from the arctic ocean. She looked up at me, finally showing me her eyes.

"G-go away... don't look a-at me like... that..."

Suddenly, her mood changed. She raised her arm and began gathering water in the palm of her hand. This was going to be annoying.

If the water blades from earlier were any warning, this attack was likely going to hurt. I wasn't just going to take it sitting down. I quickly opened my crafting menu and crafted a stone shield.

As the water was released from her hand, I summoned the [Lesser Stone Shield] and blocked it. The force of the water was enough to cause cracks to form on the shield. It would likely only be strong enough to take two blows.

Ah, I was going to need something stronger.

Almost like we could communicate telepathically, Chloe threw a shield toward me. I didn't really need it but since she was giving it to me I guess I'd use it.

"This is my shield, take good care of it~"lightsnovel

I picked up the [Wise Diamond Shield].

Rosie began charging another water attack in her palm. This time, I simply raised the diamond shield and easily blocked the water blast.

Rosie kicked the ground in anger.

"Ahh! Why do you have to be so annoying!"

She was like a child having a tantrum. Something about this still didn't seem right. Her actions, her personality, something was off. I knew it from the beginning.

Suddenly, the barrier of water around her was released. I could now see her plainly, standing out in the open, hair swaying in the breeze.

Her attacks pushed me back a little, and once again, I began walking toward her.

"Rosie, you and I are alike."

Well, I was lying but whatever.

She charged a different water attack in her hands. This time, water gathered in her hands like a ball, a levitating ball of water.

"We can work together."


She acted as if she couldn't hear me.

Suddenly, she released the ball of water, shooting it straight toward me. The blue, liquid ball flew through the air, travelling towards me, water dripped onto the ground as it glided through the air.

I raised my shield once again. The ball of water suddenly exploded as it hit my shield, the shockwave was strong enough to send me crashing into the ground.


I slowly pulled myself up, however, as I looked towards her, I realised that she was charging her water blade attack again. The moment she released it, I quickly rolled to the side in order to dodge it, the dirt beside me was shot up like it was hit by a grenade. The area around had already practically all become mud from all the water.

I quickly heaved myself up and faced her. She was charging more attacks on her hands and she showed no sign of stopping. I was going to have to accept a few more attacks. I readied my shield as she fired another water ball toward me.

It crashed into my shield, forcing me to the ground once again. It was incredibly hard to keep on my feet after being hit by such a violent explosion. The shield was strong enough to sustain most of the damage caused by the shockwave, however, just the force was enough to send me falling to the ground.

Once again, I got up on my feet and raised my shield again. However, it looked like she was using a different attack. Instead of hitting me with a strike of water, she instead relentless poured water onto me. The volume was so great that I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I could hardly see anything as my entire view was blocked by the water.

Behind the blanket of water, I noticed that she was charging another explosive water ball attack in her palm. With all my strength, I heaved up the shield whilst being drenched with water.

Suddenly, I felt a pain in my arm. The water ball had crashed into my shield again. I couldn't even see it coming.

The flow of water was relentless, I did not get an opening for a single second.