25 Long Nights and Tiresome Fights

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"Eugh, these guys smell terrible" Her face scrunched up as she walked past the slowly-evaporating corpses of spoiled flesh.

Sighing, she approached the zombies that managed to break through the front line of minions. Managing to slip in between two of the zombies, she slid past them whilst hacking at their disfigured legs, causing them to collapse as they desperately swiped into the air. She quickly pivoted her momentum by plunging her sword into the ground and approached the zombies who sat in a pool of their own blood.

With a sharp glint in her eye, she swung her sword in a flash and decapitated the struggling zombies.

She looked back at me with a playful smile, beaming as she cut down the crawling zombies.

"Hey, stop looking at me like that~"

So annoying.

I shook my [Silver Sword] and blood splattered on the ground, the edge of the blade gleaming with a murderous glint.

Ugh, I guess I had no choice.

Zombies were slowly sneaking through my line of Minions. For some reason, the number of zombies tonight seemed to be much denser than the previous night. My Minions were enough to take out all of the zombies, granted Elrich was keeping watch the previous night but I doubt that he really did that much. There must be some difficulty gradient that I didn't know about.

It was probably around time to start building my army. I had already built plenty of resource gathering Minions and the people around me appeared to be quite belligerent as well. I would probably need to send out escorts with my resource gathering Minions.

Oh well, that can wait until tomorrow morning.

The slight stream of zombies which broke past my front line wasn't exactly that much of a problem. Even with my quite-lacking sword skills, it wasn't too difficult to cut them down. If anything, the fatigue I felt in my arms was the worst of it. Once the two of us took care of the stragglers, I focused my attention back on the main battle and remotely controlled my Minions.

I controlled them in groups and focussed on cutting down the density of the zombies. At the moment, the main issue was not the actual attacks of the zombies, but if we do get overwhelmed, my Minions simply wouldn't be able to cut them down fast enough. They had relatively tough flesh and even for strong Minions, it takes a lot of strength to cut through huge piles of bodies.

I carefully manoeuvred them, I made sure to cut holes in the zombie's advance and force them to not be able to push with too great of numbers all at the same time.

Eventually, the number of zombies got smaller and smaller. They were no longer coming in like a broken dam, instead, they slowly walked into my wall and got cut down. After a little while, there were only a few zombies coming at a time which could be easily taken care of by my Minions. I took this opportunity to have a rest and look over the area.

Chloe was standing beside me. She had just put her weapons back into her inventory.

"Aaa... that was tiring, wasn't it?"

"I guess so."

"Hehe, your face is like a doll, never changing." She teased.

Now that I thought about it, did I appear cold to everyone else?

Oh well.

"By the way, Chloe..."


"What were you before you were transported here."

"A human of course~"

Oh my.

"My mistake for asking such a poorly worded question, take two, what was your life like before you were transported here?"

"Ehehe, aren't we getting intimate?"

"Just tell me."

"Not just yet, I want to get to know you a little more~" She took a deep breath, the air was filled with a melancholic tension,

"...once I feel like it, I'll tell you everything."


I was able to get a decent night of sleep with my Minions on guard. Several of my Minions took significant damage in the main fight and a few were even completely destroyed, however, the number was small enough so that I could easily replace them.

As I pulled myself up, I was met with a message.

[You have levelled up!]



<Level Up!>

Level-5 -> Level-6


- [Unlocked!] Elite Minion Positions

- [Unlocked!] Minion Leadership

- Advanced Warrior Minion x 1

- More Crafting Recipes

- Inventory space [+3000]


Elite Minion Positions?

Suddenly, I was prompted to another screen.

[You have 3 positions to assign.]


<Elite Minions>lightsnovel

[All Elite Minions are capable of [Minion Leadership] and all Elite Minions will have priority when it comes to automatic resource allocation. You may freely change the allocation of the positions, however, there is a two-day cooldown.]


[Rook] - Unassigned

(Increase strength and attack of Minion by 300% and give them [Overload] skill.)


[Bishop] - Unassigned

(Increase stamina of Minion by 400% and give then [Desperate Defense] skill.)


[Knight] - Unassigned

(Increase speed of Minion by 75% and give them [Far Sight] skill.)


From what it looked like, I could assign a Minion to each of the positions and they would receive the subsequent buffs. I decided to have a look at my Minion menu to see which ones I would assign. All of the positions were somewhat combat-related so I was most likely going to just put my Warrior Minion and my other combat-related Minions in.

Only when I opened my menu did I realise how many Minions I actually had.


<Advanced System Controls>


[Resource Division] (37 Minions)

- 3x Woodcutter Minion

- 2x Scout Minion (Mining)

- 10x Scout Minion (Woodcutting)

- 6x Scout Minion (Resource Gathering)

- 6x Scout Minion (Hunting)

- 1x Scout Minion (Farming)

- 8x Basic Scout Minion


[Combat Division] (30 Minions)

- 1x Advanced Warrior Minion

- 1x Warrior Minion

- 4x Scout Minions (Swordplay)

- 4x Scout Minions (Archery)

- 12x Scout Minion (Combat)

- 8x Basic Scout Minion


[Utility Division] (5 Minions)

- 3x Builder Minion

- 2x Basic Scout Minion



I thought about it for a little while before I assigned all of the elite roles to the Minions.


<Elite Minions>

[Rook] - Advanced Warrior Minion [Level 1]

[Bishop] - Warrior Minion [Level 9]

[Knight] - Scout Minion (Archery) [Level 4]


The Archery Scout Minion wasn't really a great choice but I didn't have enough specialised Warrior Minions to fill all the positions so I figured that a [Far Sight] skill would be best utilised with an archer-type Minion.

There were a lot of different systems I had to consider now.

I would need to make sure that I keep track of all of them.

Anyways, time to take care of these kidnappers.