28 Demonic Weapons

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There were a very large number of weapons recipes that had been unlocked.

I looked at some of their descriptions.

They appeared to be split into three main categories, Standard, Magical and Demonic. Each weapon had different requirements to be crafted. From extremely large amounts of resources to contracts to sacrifices. However, each weapon had its own unique abilities and effects. I scanned through them one at a time, having a look at what I was going to get.

I decided to look at the swords first.


<Crafting> [Standard Weapons]


[Diamond Sword]

[1x] Hardened Diamond

[200x] Wood


[Platinum Sword]

[4x] Platinum

[50x] Iron

[10x] Gold


[Obsidian Sword]

[5x] Obsidian

[10x] Ultra-hardened Stone


All of the standard weapons didn't have any special effects, however, they all had stats that were significantly higher than the weapon I was wielding. Some of the items needed such as [Hardened Diamond] was crafted from another material. For example, [Hardened Diamond] was crafted from 50 diamonds and [Ultra-hardened Stone] was crafted from 1000 rocks each.

Further down, I reached the Magical Weapons.


<Crafting> [Magical Weapons]


[Fire-breathing Sword] - (This sword can produce fire that covers the entire blade. The fire cannot be extinguished unless the user commands it to)

[1x] Flaming Ember

[10x] Hardened Iron

[5x] Platinum


[Blood Blade] - (The sword gets permanently stronger the more blood it consumes. It favours human blood over animal blood.)

[10,000x] Meat


[Knife of Electromasters] - (Can conjure thousands of volts at the blade. Can be turned on and off at will.)

[10x] Hardened Copper


[10x] Hardened Zinc


There were even items that required several different materials to craft. The [Flaming Ember] required 10 hardened coal and a [Flame Rod] which apparently requires 100 coal, 50 iron and 1000 wood.

It was a significant investment.

However, the best weapons were still to come. Reading the description of the Demonic Weapons, they sounded incredibly strong.

[Each Demonic Weapon contains a demon. The demon can be summoned to perform various actions or to strengthen the weapon. Only the user of the weapon and other users of Demonic Weapons are able to see a summoned demon. If your willpower gets too weak, the demon may escape out of the weapon, resulting in the weapon becoming obsolete. To seal a demon within a weapon, you must complete a contract.]

The crafting recipes seemed somewhat esoteric.


<Crafting> [Demonic Weapons]


[Mayuri-Luc-Ei] (Sword)

[1x] Mayuri Contract

[100x] Ultra-hardened Stone


[Azazel-No-Yo] (Sword)

[1x] Azazel Contract

[5x] Flaming Ember



[1x] Nija Contract

[50x] Hardened Iron


There weren't any descriptions next to each of the weapons but it was implied that they all had unique special abilities. From what I saw, I decided that I would try to get [Mayuri-Luc-Ei] because rocks were something that I could easily train my Minions to gather and it was simple enough to just constantly gather rocks. I wasn't exactly sure what the contract entailed but I could get it whenever I was ready.

I looked at my Minions and contemplated how I would begin grinding for these weapons.

I would get the majority of my Scout Minions to become Mining Scout Minions in order to efficiently grind for this weapon. With my new Elite Minions, I didn't really have to worry about the combat side of things as much, although if I did want to raid the settlement, I likely would need a significant army. It would be somewhat awkward to try to organise my Minion in this way but it should be doable.


<Advanced System Controls>


[Resource Division] (61 Minions)

- 3x Woodcutter Minion

- 2x Scout Minion (Mining)

- 10x Scout Minion (Woodcutting)

- 6x Scout Minion (Resource Gathering)

- 6x Scout Minion (Hunting)lightsnovel

- 1x Scout Minion (Farming)

- 32x Basic Scout Minion


[Combat Division] (30 Minions)

- 1x Advanced Warrior Minion

- 1x Warrior Minion

- 4x Scout Minions (Swordplay)

- 4x Scout Minions (Archery)

- 12x Scout Minion (Combat)

- 8x Basic Scout Minion


[Utility Division] (5 Minions)

- 3x Builder Minion

- 2x Basic Scout Minion



For the time being, I would begin training my Minions in Mining. Aside from that, I wrote a line of code for my Minion Manager.



when [rocks] > 1100,

craft [Ultra-hardened Stone]


There was no way I was going to fit all of the rocks in my inventory so I was practically forced to craft the rocks into [Ultra-hardened Stone] whenever I had a pretty large number. With that, I decided to have a look in my inventory.


<Inventory> 3012/6350

[1x] Lesser Stone Axe (Durability 52%)

[1x] Silver Sword (Durability 94%)

[1x] Lesser Stone Sword (Durability 79%)

[15x] iron

[7x] gold

[3x] diamond

[2998x] wood

[156x] apples

[500x] leaves

[209x] meat

[504x] rocks

[Token Balance]: 29.872


I realised that I didn't need the stone short sword anymore so I decided to sell it to the shop.



[1x] Lesser Stone Sword = 0.5 Tokens


It wasn't a great deal but I had no use for it anymore.

At this point I had over 30 Tokens, I decided to look in the shop and see what I could spend it on.


<Shop> (Refreshes every day)

[Miner Minion Recipe] - 25 Tokens

[Permanent Minion Efficiency Buff] - 10 Token

[Spear Minion Recipe] - 7 Tokens


That's perfect.

Conveniently, the Miner Minion recipe was just sitting in the shop, this way, I didn't have to constantly train Scout Minions into Mining Scout Minions and I would be able to work with more efficiency. The [Permanent Minion Efficiency Buff] was also quite tempting but at the moment, I really needed Miner Minions.

With that, I purchased the recipe and had a look at it.

To craft a single Miner Minion, it was 500 rocks and 20 meat. It wasn't actually as expensive as I expected it to be, although I did have to claw into my rock supply in order to make more, it wasn't too bad of an investment, I already had enough to craft one so I decided to craft it. With that, I had my first Miner Minions.

Slowly but surely, I'll grind enough resources to craft the weapon.




Author Note: This is just in case you forgot how some things worked. I'll probably include a short index at the end of every chapter. It'll explain some new things as well so it is recommended that you read it.




[Overload]: Whenever this Minion destroys an entity, it gains a temporary passive strength buff. The more enemies and the stronger the enemies are, the greater this Minion scales in terms of strength and speed.

[Desperate Defense]: The lower the health of this Minion, the stronger and fast it becomes. When it detects that it is being overrun, it will invoke the [Overload] skill and also the [Vampire] skill.

[Far Sight]: The Minions is able to zoom in its vision like a camera. The further away from an enemy it is, the stronger its attack becomes.

[Vampire]: Whenever this Minion damages an entity, it regains a portion of health and stamina dependant on the amount of damage inflicted.